It would be hard to come up with a crazier NCAA tournament than we saw this weekend. Another crazy basketball day on Sunday ended with another surprise, this time courtesy of the Pac-12 No. The 12 seed Oregon State took the lead, settling for an 80:70 win over Cade Cunningham and the highly competitive No. 1 by Oklahoma State Cowboys with 4 seeds rising to their first Sweet 16 since 1982

That was before Hall of Famer Gary Payton, and this is the last time the State of Oregon would ever win an NCAA tournament game. One of college basketball’s worst high-major programs is only two wins of the Final Four located in a wide open region of the Midwest – yes, you read that right

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Ethan Thompson scored 26 points for the State of Oregon, and Cunningham did his best with 24 points, four rebounds, three assists and five steals The Beavers move on and the Pac-12 is now an unlikely 6-0 in the NCAA tournament Here’s how college basketball reacted to Oregon State’s big disgruntled win
The Conference of Champions, indeed, the Pac-12 was looked down upon by many college basketball experts during the regular season and redeemed itself and some in the NCAA tournament Bill Walton, to whose Final Four all five – yes, five – Belonged to the tournament’s Pac-12 teams has been officially confirmed The four other teams in the league will play for places in the Sweet 16 on Monday, but it’s probably a good sign that the team with the lowest starting value from the conference Now advancing to the second weekend The state of Oregon was not talked about at all until this weekend, but the beavers are a real story now

Victory didn’t come without drama Oregon state led most of the way, and it looked like the beavers were going home.But then Cunningham was activated by putting up a 3-pointer from Keylan Boone, a steal stole and then nailed another 3 of its own to late Oklahoma state to 70-67 One of the big problems was that Oklahoma state just couldn’t get enough free throws – it went 26 for 38 and missed several important late ones – , which saved the state of Oregon several times at crucial points

Cunningham had moments when he absolutely dominated the game and began to take over. In the final minutes, however, Oklahoma State didn’t bring him the ball as often as one would expect Cunningham eventually got his hands on the ball when the Cowboys 74-67 and fell less than two minutes from time, but he drove into traffic and missed a difficult, competitive shot on the rim. The Cowboys’ offense in the late game was confusing at times, and it gets them a foray into the Sweet 16 cost – maybe even more

Bill Walton doesn’t understand the rules for parentheses and yet his parenthesis is the only one that won’t break in the first three days of the tournament https: // tco / gKRsaUXOYF

Of course, there were roughly a million upsets in the first three days of March Madness, which means all the brackets are in ruins when he puts one more team in the Final Four than he is allowed to – this tournament doesn’t follow the rules, so why should Bill?

Healthier Walton Content He certainly enjoyed watching this game from his San Diego tipi

How many Pac-12 teams can realistically make it to the Final Four in an emergency? USC and Oregon are both in the Gonzagas region, which will make things difficult.UCLA could be despite its No. Have a shot 11 seed No 5 seed Colorado seems to have a very real chance, but the Buffs have a big game against No. 4 Florida State on Monday. If this tournament proves anything, neither of us knows anything

Oregon State was only 11-11 and 7-9 in the Pac-12 after a home loss to Colorado in February 20 At the time, nobody would have expected the Beavers to sniff the NCAA tournament at all – let alone get the Sweet 16 Of course, coach Wayne Tinkle has to take responsibility for the team’s bad start to the season. But he’s done an incredible job since late February, perhaps the best coaching job in all of college basketball Tinkle might have been in the hot seat; This is now out of the window

The Big Ten seemed to be loaded all season long. The Big 12 looked extremely strong as always. Now every Big Ten team except No. 10 Seed Maryland was eliminated three days after the tournament started, and one of the top teams in the Big 12 drops out – along with its Player of the Year, Cunningham, fun to joke about the Pac-12’s rise to dominance, but the conference was clearly misjudged throughout the season, even if not the best in college basketball is

Wake up to the echoes of Steve Johnson and Gary Payton, this is getting real for the state of Oregon …

The state of Oregon has some basketball history it’s just that almost everything came a long time ago The Beavers competed in the NCAA tournament seven times in the 1980s and 1990, but were banned from March Madness until 2016, where they lost to No 10 Seed VCU in the second Round This is already one of the best Oregon State teams in modern college basketball history, despite the last time it was picked in the pre-season Pac-12 poll What a Story

Basketball fans may not see Cunningham in college, but he will be back on national television soon.Cunningham will almost certainly be No. 1 his 1 overall win in the 2021 NBA draft, and he will immediately be the front runner to win Rookie of the Year, injuries aside.While Cunningham may not have received much help on Sunday, Oklahoma state still had a memorable season and witnessed March Madness thanks to the appeal of his NCAA postseason ban, it’s a shame he couldn’t stay longer

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