In 1984 audiences were enchanted by the radiant and idiosyncratic Punky Brewster Abandoned by her parents, the original NBC iteration of “Punky Brewster” followed the title character, played with charm by Soleil Moon Frye when she and her dog led life with their foster father, the quirky but loving Henry (George Gaynes)

The original “Punky Brewster” only ran for four seasons and was abruptly canceled in 1988. Although popular in the way most nostalgic 1980s series are today, the show never has a huge following like “Full.” House, “which came to mind more to audiences because of its memorable title and” very special episodes, “including one about the dangers of being trapped in the refrigerator. That being said, the series was linked to fans who had gone through the grooming system, and remained one of the few sitcoms discussing foster families

That being said, the question arises as to which audience “Punky Brewster” – Peacock’s new restart / revival of the show – is actually targeting. Much like its original incarnation, the show follows a now-grown Punky (played again by Frye) who Lives with her three children in Henry’s rent-controlled and amazingly boho apartment.She is newly divorced from her rocker ex Travis (Freddie Prinze, Jr) and bonds strongly with a little girl named Izzy (Quinn Copeland) who is very reminiscent of her punky as a kid


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“Punky Brewster” will remind sitcom fans of the previous reincarnations of classic shows, particularly Netflix’s “Fuller House” “Like that series,” Punky “relies on both mother’s humor (complete with jokes about her not in touch and growing up in the 80s) as well as the nostalgia of the original series, with just enough tweaks to avoid screams of direct copying from its predecessor

Oddly enough, the elements of “Punky Brewster” that work best are those who feel like they have been directly transplanted from 1984, particularly Izzy’s integration into the family Copeland’s accomplishment points to a bright future your Izzy is naughty, with always ready with a snap and a one-liner, but if the script gives Copeland a chance to be dry, it’s pure comedy An episode of working on a junk shop in the house she used to live in culminates in her found a man guilty of giving more money or deciding “which of these two kids will be allowed to eat tonight”

When the series raises more dramatic issues like homelessness, Copeland’s reactions feel authentic and emphasize the seriousness of the situation far more than Punky’s mother’s routine of forcing her kids to sleep in the family SUV – complete with leather seats and a sunroof – for them to appreciate how good they have it

Frye has spoken of loving punky to this day, and her multiple attempts to bring this series back to your admiration for the character shines through; She sure hasn’t lost an ounce of her “punky power” but when you watch this series – especially if you only have an occasional interest in the original – it’s difficult to understand how this series is specifically “punky” or just another mom trying to connect with her kids The entire series, especially in Punky’s plot, just feels so general

That’s not to say that Frye isn’t fully immersed in the role, but you’re wondering what makes this series punky specifically – right before the actress who plays the character who constantly references and exclaims the late Henry Her catchphrase, “Saint Mackinoli,” any situations she sees herself in – aside from her back and forth about reconnecting with her mother – are stocks of the sitcom trade.After her divorce, she wades back into the dating world and culminates in a rocky one Date a geeky dad who is lovingly played by Seth Green

The main focus of the narrative, however, is her relationship with her ex, Travis, whether she likes it or not. In addition to Copeland, Prinze Jr He’s not ripped straight out of the Rock 101 manual, he’s a modern day dad with a rock star job who struggles to find a way to balance the two.His chemistry with Frye is sweet, but Prinze finds his Really Power Over Child Actors An episode about Punky’s search for a joint in the room of Hannah (Lauren Lindsey Donzis), a teenage daughter, is an opportunity for Prince’s character to see how he’s changed and possibly no longer into the rock world fits

The rest of the supporting cast work for the format, but they have about as much development as any typical sitcom character Cherie Johnson returns as Punky’s best friend, Cherie, who will be the sounding board for Punky’s troubles Donzis, Noah Cottrell and Oliver De Los Santos are also solid as Punky’s three kids, De Los Santos in particular gets a unique episode as Punky and Travis wonder if he might not be binary or trans

There are certainly some of these “Issue” episodes in “Punky Brewster”, and all of them are treated with tact (except for the Homeless episode mentioned above) There are also moments that feel like bad attempts at the audience through synergies, like when Punky brings Izzy to a WWE convention, including a five-minute showdown between Charlotte Flair and Alexa Bliss, underneath which is practically a Chyron “Only on USA”

In the end, “Punky Brewster” definitely has an uphill battle to stand out from the endless reboots Compared to Peacock’s other revival, “Saved By the Bell,” this makeover feels toothless and safe when you’re after family entertainment with however Looking for a reliable cast, this works

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