Houston’s utility company has told customers who have lost electricity not to expect it to be restored on Monday, and potentially more than a million customers with no access to heat during what is expected to be the coldest of nights in the history of the city

Lia Ubidia (left) and her son Andrew Velarde carry groceries as they walk home through the snow [] Monday, February 15, 2021, in Houston. An icy blast of winter weather over the US. Texas plunged into an unusually freezing emergency on Monday that turned off electricity to more than 2 million people and shut down grocery stores and dangerously snow-covered streets (AP Photo / David J. Phillip)

A massive winter storm caused historically cold temperatures in much of Texas and affected the state’s electricity supply

According to Mayor of Houston Sylvester Turner (D), on Monday afternoon153000 CenterPoint customers without power, more than two8 million without power across the state, according to power outage

The National Weather Service has forecast a low of 10 degrees for Houston on Monday evening, very close to the coldest temperature the city has ever recorded: 5 degrees on Jan 18, 1930

Power outages across the state of Texas occurred Monday as the state works to maintain its power supply after the government Greg Abbott (R) said the natural gas and coal generators that powered the state were frozen >

A convention center that has been converted to thermal insulation reached capacity just before 2 p.m. central time Monday afternoon, Turner said

“Substantial damage has occurred in power plants, water systems, and emergency generator failures that freeze the fuel supply. Natural gas connections are also freezing and this is leading to natural gas outages in some areas,” said Jeff Lindner, meteorologist for Harris County Flood Control District. p>

A massive winter storm has a significant impact on much of the eastern United States, from southern Texas to the northern tip of Maine. Significant snowfall will fall on the north and west sides of the storm, while freezing rain will result in ice storm conditions on the eastern edge of most of the system US. The population was under some sort of winter weather recommendation from the National Weather Service on Monday, creating an exceptional situation across the state of Texas that was initially under a winter storm warning

Another major winter storm is expected to hit Texas Tuesday night through Wednesday, creating further concerns about what could happen to the state’s power supplies

A Harris County health camp lost power and its backup generator failed early Monday morning, causing Aug.400 doses of the Moderna vaccine spoiled if not given quickly.Since then, vaccines have been distributed to the county jail, Rice University and three local hospitals, although the doses are not being offered to the public as officials urge residents to refrain from frozen Keep roads out

I’m a New Orleans-based news reporter for Forbes covering the US South and Breaking News I previously wrote for The Times-Picayune | The New Orleans Advocate reports on

I’m a New Orleans-based news reporter for Forbes covering the US South and Breaking News I previously wrote for The Times-Picayune | The New Orleans Advocate for Local Government

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World news – USA – On one of the coldest nights in Houston, over a million people could be without electricity

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