Jack Andrade and the NFL Media Research team compiled the best stats and records from the weekend’s schedule. Here are the 10 most notable stats and records from Week 17:

Derrick Henry took 223 rushing yards in week 17 to finish 2Reaching 000 for the season and looting the Texans with 250 rushing yards at career height Henry is the eighth player in NFL history to finish at least 2 in a single seasonHas accumulated 000 rushing yards, and his 17 rushing touchdowns only follow Hall of Famer Terrell Davis (21 in 1998) for most in a 2nd000-yard season Davis won the NFL MVP Award, and the Broncos won Super Bowl XXXIII that season

Aaron Rodgers tossed four TD passes as the Packers tied the Bears and bailed out in the first round. Rodgers broke his own franchise record with 48 pass touchdowns this season each of the last five times that have had a QB at least Throwing 48 TD passes in one season won the NFL MVP Award – Dan Marino had 48 touchdowns in 1984, Peyton Manning had 49 in 2004 and 55 in 2013, Tom Brady had 50 in 2007, and Patrick Mahomes had 50 in 2018
Josh Allen had three touchdowns when the Bills beat the Dolphins in Week 17, ending the season with 37 air touchdowns and another eight on the ground.Three previous QBs ended a season with at least 35 TD passes and at least seven quick touchdowns All three – Steve Young in 1994, Cam Newton in 2015, and Lamar Jackson in 2019 – won MVPs this season

With four touchdowns on Sunday against the Falcons, 43-year-old Tom Brady reached 40 for the season Brady is not only the oldest player to have at least 40 touchdowns in a season, but he is also Peyton Manning as the only player in the NFL History who threw more than 40 TD passes in a multi-team season

John Wolford started in place of the injured Jared Goff and had 231 yards and 56 rushing yards in the Rams’ win over the Cardinals in Week 17. 25-year-old Wolford is the first player in NFL history to have at least 200 yards and at least 50 Rushing Yards on his NFL debut

Lamar Jackson finished the season with 1005 rushing yards after scoring 97 of Baltimore’s franchise record of 404 yards on the ground against the Bengals Jackson had 2019 1206 rushing yards and now has two of the three 1Michael Vick had 1 000 yard seasons of a QB in NFL history in 2006039 rushing yards with the Falcons

Another Ravens player with a historic performance on site in week 17: Rookie runs back JK Dobbins Dobbins had a career height of 160 rushing yards and added a pair of points for the Ravens, making it the sixth straight game for Dobbins with more than 50 rushing yards and at least one rushing touchdown With Hall of Famers Franco Harris (1972) and Eric Dickerson (1983), this was the longest such series since the 1970 merger

Jonathan Taylor set a single game Colts record at 253 rushing yards as he led them to a victory over the Jaguars and a post-season spot, Taylor’s 253 yards on the ground was the second highest in a season finale, followed by Jamaal Charles (259) for the Chiefs against the Broncos in 2009 The only rookie in NFL history with more rushing yards in a game than Taylor is Adrian Peterson – his 296 rushing yards against the Chargers in 2007 are the most of any Players in a single game

A big ray of hope for the Vikings, even though they missed the 2020 playoffs: Justin Jefferson The rookie wide receiver had 133 reception yards in Detroit on Sunday, bringing his season to 1400 amounted to Anquan Boldin’s previous record (1377 yards in 2003) best surpassed by a rookie in the Super Bowl era

Lions running back Adrian Peterson scored a quick touchdown in week 17 – the first of his career against the Vikings. Peterson scored 102 TDs in 10 seasons with the Vikings from 2007-2016. He is the first to do so in the history of the NFL runs back and scored at least 100 touchdowns with a single team and scored a touchdown against that team later in his career

Panther’s trainer Matt Rhule said he needs to see more of quarterback Teddy Bridgewater this off-season

Monday brought good news for recipient Mike Evans from Tampa Bay, as an MRI showed no structural damage to his injured knee, Bucs trainer Bruce Arians says Evans is considered commonplace

Rams quarterback Jared Goff was not disqualified for Saturday’s wildcard game against the Seahawks, but conditions in Seattle are likely to make playing with an injured thumb very difficult

Cleveland Brown head coach Kevin Stefanski announced that Olivier Vernon tore his Achilles apart in Sunday’s win against the Steelers and that the veteran pass rusher is in need of surgery

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