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* DFP requires several purposes listed below:
* ‘Purpose’: ‘Purpose ID’
* [
* ‘Memory’: 1,
* ‘Personalization’: 2,
* ‘ad_selection’: 3,
* ‘Measurement’: 5
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* @see https: // supportGooglecom / dfp_premium / answer / 7673898 # personalized
* @see sites / all / modules / athlon / amg_consent_management / assets / config / configjson
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ConsentManagerregisterPurposeHandler ([‘Memory’, ‘Personalization’, ‘Display selection’, ‘Measurement’], function () {
var dfpMoreSlots = [];

Function attachDfpMoreSlotEvent ($) {
$ (Document) on (‘dfpMoreSlotAdded’, function () {
$ each (dfpMoreSlots, function (index, element) {
if (typeof element === ‘function’) {

if (DokumentaddEventListener) {
Window addEventListener (‘load’, function () {
attachDfpMoreSlotEvent (jQuery);
} else if (Document AttachEvent) {
Window attachEvent (‘onload’, function () {
attachDfpMoreSlotEvent (jQuery);

The NFL has another Christmas present for their fans with three games for Saturday, December 26th with only two weeks left of the regular season For teams with playoff ambitions, every game is a must

So, if you’re wondering, “What NFL games are there today?” know this: For today, Saturday, December, three are planned 26

The Buccaneers can get one step closer to ending the NFC’s longest playoff drought by facing the Lions in Detroit. Tampa has won two in a row while the Lions have lost two in a row and really have nothing left to play than to be proud and impress whoever the next head coach will be, in fact, interim coach Darrell Bevell won’t even be on the sidelines of this game due to COVID-19 protocols

Arizona goes for their NFC West rivals’ season with a win that not only guarantees the Cardinals a win record but improves their chances of making the playoffs, Kyler Murray has a career high as the 49ers move to third Access quarterback C J. Neither do Beathard and Raheem Mostert or Deebo Samuel

Miami is aiming for its 10th Victory on while Las Vegas spoilers after two straight defeats Tua Tagovailoa may move the Dolphins one step closer to secure a playoff spot while the Raiders have some insecurities with the quarterback going into this game

NFL Games Today

World News – USA – NFL Games On TV Today (Saturday, December 26)

Source: https://athlonsports.com/nfl/nfl-games-today-tonight-tv-december-26-2020