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Updated on: 6 January 2021 / 1:12 p.m.

CBS News Projects Democrat Raphael Warnock defeated incumbent Senator Kelly Loeffler in the Georgia Senate runoff election on Tuesday and made history as the first black Senator from Peach State The other race between incumbent GOP Senator David Perdue and the Democrat Jon Ossoff is Democratic from Wednesday morning

Gabe Sterling, a senior election official in Georgia, said that it was around 65 as of Wednesday morning000 votes not counted, mostly from areas where Democrats normally perform well. Ossoff has a lead of just over 17000 votes or 04% of the vote

If Democrats win both seats, there will be a 50:50 split in the Senate, with Vice President-elect Kamala Harris having the casting vote in her capacity as Senate President

“I’m just so grateful to the people of Georgia,” Warnock said on CBS This Morning on Wednesday. “They sent a strong and clear message last night when they sent a person who grew up in public housing to one of 12 children in my family I am the first college graduate”To be in the United States Senate in a few days goes against so many expectations. But this is America” ​​

Both Warnock and Loeffler turned to supporters late Tuesday. Warnock declared victory, but Loeffler had not yet conceded

“We were told we couldn’t win this election,” said Warnock. “But tonight, with hope, hard work and the people by our side, we have shown that anything is possible May my story be an inspiration to a boy To be a person trying to grasp and grasp the American dream “

Senator Chuck Schumer, who will be the majority leader if Ossoff is declared his race winner, said, “One of the first things he wants to do is 2Passing $ 000 stimulus checks”

Schumer said he spoke with President-elect Joe Biden. He said Mr. Biden and Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris will have a “partner” in themselves and the Democratic caucus “who is willing and able to do a forward-thinking Reaching the Agenda and Bringing Bold Change to the American People “

If Democrats take control of the Chamber, it means Mr. Biden will find it easier to implement his agenda in the first two years in office

Schumer said he saw the results from his Brooklyn home and spoke to Ossoff several times when he discovered that the areas with the remaining votes tended to be highly democratic

Schumer congratulated Ossoff and Warnock on “first class campaigns” and also called on Stacey Abrams and Fair Fight

CBS News Projects Democrat Raphael Warnock will beat Senator Kelly Loeffler in Georgia while votes are still to be counted in the runoff between Jon Ossoff and GOP Senator David Perdue Political contributors Leslie Sanchez and Antjuan Seawright spoke to CBSN about the future the Democratic and Republican parties and the efforts of some GOP lawmakers in Congress to object to the votes of the electoral college

Gabriel Sterling, Georgia’s top electoral officer, said on Wednesday that Democrat Jon Ossoff is likely to claim a victory over the 0 5% needed to avoid a runoff, CBS News has yet to forecast a winner for this race

Ossoff had a lead of 17 on Wednesday morning000 votes in front of Senator David Perdue, and thousands of votes remained to be counted, many of them from highly democratic areas

Sterling called the turnout an “impressive feat” “Sterling, a lifelong Republican, said Democrats were” knocking on doors “while Republicans were” busy attacking my boss “

When asked what was responsible for the Republicans’ poor performance, Sterling said, “Donald J Trump “

“Between him and a few other people running for office not really considering what the results might be,” Sterling said, apparently referring to candidates who shared the November vote and forced the election to run out ” It all comes from that. If you say your vote doesn’t count then you have people who have put your hands on people, these are my people, who say don’t come and vote, then solve a civil war between the GOP out who must be united in a fight like this “

Democrat Jon Ossoff won the Georgia Senate runoff race against Republican Senator David Perdue as the votes were still being counted CBS News has yet to forecast a winner for the race, but Ossoff was a razor-thin lead over Perdue See, Wednesday morning refer to Ossoff’s remarks

President-elect Joe Biden issued a statement on Wednesday morning to congratulate Warnock on his victory and expressed confidence that Ossoff will be declared the winner of his race today

“I congratulate the people of Georgia who, like in November, have again achieved record numbers electing two new senators, calling for action and urging our elected leaders to end the deadlock and move forward as a nation” Mr. Biden said he also thanked the organizing efforts of Stacey Abrams and Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms

Mr Biden argued that Georgia’s voters gave him a mandate to act “on COVID-19, economic relief, climate, racial justice, voting rights and much more”

“It looks like we will emerge from yesterday’s election with the Democratic leadership in the House and Senate, and of course I am delighted to work with Spokesman Pelosi and a majority leader Schumer,” said Mr Biden said

However, he also renewed his call for bipartisanism, saying, “I am as determined today as yesterday to work with people from both parties – federal, state and local – to do great things for our nation “If the Democrats win both seats, they will have the closest possible majority in the Senate, with Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris casting a groundbreaking vote, which means most major laws will likely need Republican support.””

“After the last four years, after the election, and after today’s election certification process on the hill, it’s time to turn the page The American people are demanding action and wanting unity I am more optimistic than ever that we can deliver both,” said mr Biden said

Warnock told CBS This Morning that he was “very grateful” to the people of Georgia He said he “sent a strong and clear message” by handing him a victory over Loeffler

“You have a public housing person, one of 12 children in my family – I am the first graduate – who I am serving in the United States Senate in a few days, against the grain of so many expectations” he said on Wednesday morning

The Georgia Democrat will be the first black Senator to represent its state Loeffler, the incumbent Republican and ally of President Trump, was appointed to the seat in 2019 after former Senator Johnny Isakson resigned on health grounds

Gabriel Sterling, a Republican serving as electoral systems implementation manager in Georgia, told CNN in an interview with Mr Trump who was to blame for the loss of the GOP in Peach State
When asked who he attributes the turnout of Democratic voters who drove Warnock to defeat Loeffler and left Ossoff with an advantage over Perdue, Sterling said, “President Donald J Trump “

“While he may inspire people on the Republican side, he infuriates people on the Democratic side,” he said. “If you can have a believable bad guy, it helps Democrats cast their vote”

Sterling said Mr. Trump’s repeated claims in the weeks since Jan. November 11th that the elections were stolen and ballots thrown away hampered Republican efforts to hold Georgia’s two Senate seats and maintain their majority in the upper chamber

“If you tell people your vote doesn’t count, this is all part of a crazy town and people steal things, you undermine people’s trust in the vote, then you create a civil war on one GOP at a time When the GOP probably wanted to unite their vote to emerge, “he said,” Those are the things the president is solely responsible for “

Sterling said that about 65 left000 ballots to count, though most are from areas where Democrats typically do well, predicted Warnock and Ossoff’s leads would increase as the morning wore on

Sterling also spoke to Mr Trump’s unsubstantiated claim on Twitter that he was 50 last night000 ballot papers were found

“This is part of his intention to continue creating chaos as we go into his final act today as they challenge the results from Georgia and other states,” he said

Spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi, like Schumer Warnock and Ossoff, congratulated in a statement on Wednesday, pointing out that a “United Democratic Party” would be working on Mr Biden’s agenda. CBS News has not yet looked at the race between Ossoff and Perdue the race, however, as democratic

“In the elections, the people of Georgia went to the ballot box to vote for transformative, democratically led change. Because of the courageous leadership of Georgians, America will now have a Democratic Senate, hand in hand with our majority in the Democratic House and President-elect Joe Biden and Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris, “Pelosi said

“Together, in less than two weeks, when we inaugurate the new Biden Harris administration, a unified Democratic Party will make extraordinary progress for the people. We will have a science and values-based plan to fight the virus and To help families in trouble secure the right to quality, affordable health care and to initiate a reconstruction plan that is driven by fair economic growth, “Pelosi continued

Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer, ready to become majority leader if the Democrats control the Senate, declared victory in both races in Georgia, saying the Democrats are determined to aggressively pursue their agenda

“It feels like a brand new day for the first time in six years, Democrats will run a majority in the United States Senate – and that will be very good for the American people,” Schumer said in a statement of the greatest crises we have ever faced, and the Senate Democratic majority is committed to bringing about the bold change and helping the Americans who need and demand it”Senate Democrats Know America Hurts – Aid Is On The Way”

CBS News Projects Warnock will win his race against GOP Senator Kelly Loeffler, but Ossoff’s race remains too close to call it Ossoff was a slight lead on Wednesday morning Democrats must win both seats to take control of the upper chamber to attain

Schumer said he was “so proud of both campaigns and excited to see them in the Senate”

“As majority leaders, President-elect Biden and Vice-President-elect Harris will have a partner who is ready, willing and able to achieve a forward-looking agenda and provide help and bold change to the American people,” the New said York Democrat added “For too long, much-needed aid has been blocked or watered down by a Republican-led Senate and President Trump that will change with a Democratic Senate, Democratic House and Democratic President We will work every day to reward the trust that the American people have put in us “

Democrat Jon Ossoff declared victory over incumbent Republican Senator David Perdue in a statement practically delivered on Wednesday morning, despite CBS News not predicting a winner in the race, but Ossoff has a slight advantage over his GOP opponent

“This campaign was about health, work and justice for the people in this state, for all the people in this state, and they will be my guiding principles as I serve this state,” he said

Noting the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Ossoff urged Georgians to “unite now to defeat this,” pledging to support economic relief for both the state and the American people. He also thanked Georgia for that Had cast ballot in the runoff elections

“Everyone who has cast your vote, everyone who has put your trust in the ability of democracy to deliver the representation we deserve, whether you were for me or against me, I will be for you”, said Ossoff

Polls on the exit show Raphael Warnock has received strong support from black and young voters The 92% of the vote among black voters is slightly higher than the 88% that President-elect Joe Biden received in November, and during Mr. Biden won 56% of voters under 30 in Georgia in November, with Warnock two-thirds of that vote

And more than half of the voters who had financial difficulties due to the coronavirus supported Warnock through Loeffler

CBS News has predicted that Raphael Warnock won his race against incumbent Senator Kelly Loeffler

BREAKING: CBS News Projects Raphael Warnock defeats Kelly Loeffler in Georgia Senate runoff This is a Democratic pickup https: // tco / KjUGN77KG8 image Twittercom / TZDVCHC6T0

Republicans can keep a majority in the Senate if they can keep the other seat, while Democrats must win both

Senator Kelly Loeffler spoke to the supporters late Tuesday, despite the fact that there has been no call in her race against Raphael Warnock. CBS News has characterized the race as being Warnock-centric

“We still have to do something here,” said Loeffler. “This is a customs clearance We will win this election “

Loeffler also referred to Wednesday’s joint congressional session counting state-certified electoral college votes. Loeffler, a close ally of President Trump, said she would continue to “fight”

Votes continue to be counted in two Senate runoffs For the first time in decades, Democrats have become competitive in Peach State, which passed to President-elect Joe Biden in the general election. South Carolina representative Jim Clyburn meets with Elaine Quijano from CBSN on “Red & Blue” to discuss his party’s future in Georgia and across the country – and possible criminal charges against President Trump if he leaves.

Warnock, who became Georgia’s first black Senator to declare victory in his race against Loeffler, spoke of his legacy and those who came before him Warnock said his “roots are planted deep in Georgia”

“We were told we couldn’t win this election,” said Warnock. “But tonight, with hope, hard work and the people by our side, we have shown that anything is possible May my story be an inspiration to a boy To be a person trying to grasp and grasp the American dream “

CBS News characterizes the race as leaning towards Warnock, but has not yet projected it as the winner. Early on Wednesday morning, his lead over Loeffler was less than 1 point

Warnock promised to “work for all of Georgia” regardless of whether or not someone voted for him. He spoke directly to those who did not necessarily support him

“I hear you, I see you and every day when I’m in the United States Senate I’ll fight for you I’ll fight for your family,” he said

CBS News predicts the race between Loeffler and Warnock is now democratic, with Warnock Loeffler narrowly leading with 97% of the vote, and Warnock leading Loeffler with just over 30000 votes to

Meanwhile, the other race in the Senate is still a problem Perdue leads Ossoff with just a few hundred votes

As the runoff ballots for both seats in the Georgia Senate slowly start to be tabulated, CBS News has characterized the races as failures Democrats Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff hope to win and give the party control of the Senate, while Republicans Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue hope to win and maintain a slim majority of the GOP, Mark Strassmann, senior national correspondent for CBS News, and Nancy Cordes, chief correspondent for CBS News, join the moderator and editor-in-chief on this CBS News special report from “CBS Evening News”, Norah O’Donnell, at

If both Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff prevail in Tuesday’s runoff, the Democrats would take control of the Senate. Nikole Killion, CBS News correspondent, meets with Elaine Quijano, the “Red & Blue” – Anchor from CBSN to discuss how the outcome of those races could affect President-elect Joe Biden’s chances of getting the legislation through Congress

Georgia has long been considered a Republican stronghold, but in the 2020 presidential election it got democratic LaCrai Mitchell, associate producer of CBS News, discussed with Elaine Quijano, presenter of CBSN “Red & Blue”, about how Democrats run the state turned into a battlefield

Democrats Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff hope to knock Republican Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue off the pitch in Georgia runoff elections The GOP only needs one win to keep control of the Senate Mark Strassmann reports

Although Loeffler and Perdue had a narrow lead as of 10:30 am, mCBS News still rates both races as errors.The total number of votes from several strongly democratic countries has yet to be counted, which could lead the races back in favor of Warnock and Ossoff These counties include DeKalb County, which includes some of the suburbs of Atlanta. Warnock and Ossoff have performed well in metro areas to date and are expected to perform well in DeKalb County
The polling officer for Fulton County, which includes Atlanta, told reporters Tuesday night that more than 70 as of Tuesday000 people personally voted Richard Barron said that of the 156375 postal ballots sent out by post, 108 for the county so far159 received with no incoming mailboxes or late mail

Barron said there were more personal primaries on Tuesday than in the November election, in part due to fewer primaries days. He expects almost all ballots to be processed on Tuesday evening and there will be a 11pm session of the Voting Committee will be there at 9 am on Wednesday

Elaine Quijano of CBSN will anchor a special episode of “Red & Blue” starting at 5 pm. CBSN will also be broadcast live from 7 pm. When the polls are over, reports CBSN political reporter Caitlin Huey-Burns from Georgia

CBS News Director of Elections and Polls Anthony Salvanto will appear throughout the evening, as will CBS News Washington Chief Correspondent Major Garrett, CBS News Chief Correspondent Nancy Cordes, CBS News Political Correspondent Ed O’Keefe, Nikole Killion and CBS news reporters LaCrai Mitchell and Adam Brewster

CBSN will also speak to local Georgia reporters as part of the Local Matters series

Republican Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue hope for a strong performance in the Atlanta suburbs Jason Shepherd, chairman of the Cobb County Republican Party, debated the Georgia Senate runoff election with CBSN’s “Red and Blue”

Democrats need a lot of turnout in Cobb County, a suburb of Atlanta, to win the Georgia Senate runoff. Jacquelyn Bettadapur, chairwoman of the Cobb County Democratic Party, discussed why she was with CBSN’s Red and Blue believes Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock will win

Voters in the two runoff elections in the Senate in Georgia who decide which party controls the US Senate for the start of the Biden Administration CBSN Political Reporter Caitlin Huey-Burns, CBS News Congressional Correspondent Nancy Cordes, CBS News Political Correspondent Ed O’Keefe, and Wall Street Journal National Political Reporter, Josh Jamerson spoke with the presenter of “Red and Blue”, Elaine Quijano, about when to expect a clear decision picture of the result

Georgia Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler Says She Will Support President Trump’s Objections to the Electoral College Vote Loeffler is fighting to keep her place in Georgia’s runoff election on Tuesday, Adam Murphy, an investigative reporter with the CBS Atlanta subsidiary, WGCL, joins CBSN’s “Red & Blue” with the latest from Loeffler’s Election Day

Polls on the exit show that voters are divided over which party they want to control the Senate When voters were asked, 49% said the Republican Party should control Congress and 48% want the Democrats to control Congress check

Black voters make up roughly the same percentage of voters in the runoff elections, according to polls Black voters make up 29% of the eligible population in the special elections, compared to 28% in the Senate races in November Ossoff and Warnock are slightly ahead of black voters President-elect Joe Biden In November, 88% of Black Georgia voters voted for Biden, but 93% of Black Georgia voters cast their votes for Osoff and Warnock

The runoff electorate is older than it was in November, which isn’t surprising. Older voters are more likely to support Republicans

The initial results of CBS News polls on the two Georgia Senate runoffs show that the electorate is almost evenly split between Republicans and Democrats, with a quarter of those polled identifying as independent from CBS news correspondent Nikole Killion and the CBS – News reporter Adam Brewster and Elaine Quijano, presenter of CBSN “Red & Blue”, discuss what the first numbers reveal

Polls in nearly all Georgia counties closed at 7 p.m. This means election officials can now count Tuesday’s votes, as well as the postal vote.Although officials could not count the postal vote until after the polls were completed, officials could prepare it for evaluation

The state’s chief electoral officer, Gabriel Sterling, tweeted Tuesday night that over 2201,000 postal ballots outstanding Sterling also told reporters that certain polling stations would remain open due to long lines

Georgians could make history on Tuesday: If Rev Raphael Warnock wins his Senate runoff election, he would be the first black Senator of the state Jim Clyburn, a Democrat from South Carolina, discusses with CBSN’s “Red & Blue” what these elections mean for the South and how the Democrats will proceed in the next few weeks want

Most Georgian voters (more than 7 out of 10) are confident that the votes cast in this election will be counted accurately, but that number is lower than the 84% who received this in relation to the early November votes Exit polls felt so show, mainly due to a loss of confidence among Republican voters

President Trump’s challenges to the presidential election results could help reduce Republican voters ‘confidence in the number of votes, and President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in Georgia may have boosted Democrats’ confidence in an accurate number of votes. p>

Republicans voting in this election are less “very” confident than Republicans who are voting in the November presidential electionOnly about one in five are now “very” confident, compared with nearly half (46%) who voted About 7 out of 10 Democrats who vote in this election are very confident the results will now be counted accurately, compared to a quarter who felt this way in November

In the 2020 presidential election, a majority of Georgian voters believe that the presidential election in their state was conducted fairly, but Republican voters are different from Democrats and Independents in this regard – about three-quarters of Republicans do not believe the presidential election in Georgia were carried out fairly

Previous polls on the exit show that self-identified Republicans have a similar percentage of the vote as in November.While many of them are skeptical about whether the votes are counted exactly, they make up a similar percentage of voters at this point as in November

The coronavirus pandemic and its economic ramifications continue to preoccupy many voters More than half (54%) voters in Georgia voted because they had financial difficulties due to the coronavirus pandemic

As we have seen through the coronavirus pandemic, more Democratic voters than Republican voters are concerned about themselves or a family member getting the coronavirus

Loeffler and Perdue released a joint statement Tuesday afternoon expressing optimism about the outcome of the race and urging the Georgians to step out and vote while the polls remain open

“We are encouraged by reports of high voter turnout across the state – particularly in northern Georgia, where President Trump gathered Republicans last night. But make no mistake: this is a very close choice and could mean the difference of just a few Votes can be traced back to some counties in the state, “said the couple’s statement

“We continue to encourage every Georgian to get out and vote and call, write, and email their friends, family, and neighbors to do the same. This generation choice will be decided by the votes cast over the next few hours – no one should sit on the edge. Go Vote! “continued the explanation

In Georgia, votes are in progress for the runoff elections that determine which party has the majority in the US Senate CBS News Political Correspondent Ed O’Keefe and CBS News Political Director Caitlin Conant came to CBSN to see what to expect

Georgian Foreign Secretary Brad Raffensperger said in a statement Tuesday afternoon that the elections “went smoothly,” contradicting President Trump, who has tried to sow doubts about the voting process, Raffensperger said the wait for elections across the state is around one Minute

“After a waiting time of only 2 minutes on average on the 3rd On November 17th, the Georgian electoral administration reached a new milestone in terms of effectiveness and efficiency, “said Raffensperger.” I have always said that after every election half the people will be happy and the other half disappointed, but everyone should be able to rely on the reliability of the results “

The statement went on to say that the only reported issues in Columbia County were fixed at 10 a.m. and the voting did not stop Mr Trump falsely alleged that voting machines were not working in certain areas in a tweet on Tuesday

“In Columbia County, a small number of the buttons used to start the paper voting scanners were programmed incorrectly. In addition, some election worker cards were incorrectly programmed, which means that some election workers were unable to start the touchscreen voting machines used to cast the paper Correct keys and voter IDs were delivered to the appropriate districts with a law enforcement escort. Problems were resolved at 10am, “the statement said
Voter turnout has already set a record for a runoff in the state due to early voting alone.Before voters went to the polls on Tuesday, over 3 million ballots had already been cast in the runoff, including roughly 2 million personal and one Million postal ballot

Some 1 4 million postal ballot papers were requested, including over 350000 that have not yet been returned The vast majority of voters – over nine out of ten – stick with the way they voted in November, but we’re seeing a small shift from postal voting in November to in-person voting this time p>

There is always a drop in turnout between general elections and runoff elections, but the pace of early voting in the runoff elections in the Georgian Senate has been tremendous, suggesting a very high turnout, maybe around 4 million votes in total, especially the black voters surpassed other groups of voters

Upon closer inspection of the demographics and voting history of early voters, both parties have reasons to be optimistic:

About a third are black – three points after the early vote in November, which benefits the Democrats

About a third are 65 or older – six points more than the November early vote, which is likely to help Republicans

About three out of ten voted in Democratic Elementary School, while two out of ten in Republican Elementary School voted

Another reason for hope among Democrats is the 100+000 early voters who did not vote in the general election It is a relatively small group – they make up only 4% of all early runoff voters – but they are disproportionately young (six in ten are under 40) and black (around four in ten )

Republican portions of the state lagged in early voting, which is evident at the district level, which likely contributed to a voting deficit for the Republican candidates, but it also indicates a possible upward trend today as there are many more potential ones out there Voters give While around 16% of voters voted for the runoff election early on election day, there are still over 900000 who voted in general on election day and may choose to do so again

Gabriel Sterling, a top electoral officer in Georgia, tweeted around noon Tuesday that it had been a “smooth election” so far “

“We have an average of 1 minute of waiting time, the longest time known to us is about 20 minutes. Go out there and vote It’s quick and easy,” tweeted Sterling

So far, smooth elections this morning across Georgia We have an average of 1 minute waiting time The longest time known to us is around 20 minutes Go out there and vote It’s quick and easy #gapol picTwittercom / 4sefazgK2U

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