The bill, which President Biden is expected to sign on Friday, sends direct payments to many Americans, expands a child tax credit, and extends a $ 300 weekly jobless allowance. The Senate confirmed Merrick B Garland as Attorney General and Marcia Fudge as Secretary of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development

Collins has argued with Schumer about his comments on the Great Recession, calling him an “obstacle to bipartisanism” ’

Biden will announce that he plans to secure an additional 100 million doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine

Congress on Wednesday gave President Biden final approval to nearly $ 1.9 trillion stimulus packages as the Democrats cracked down on the unified Republican opposition to impose an emergency chemicals relief program that would vastly expand the country’s social safety net included

With a vote of 220-211, the House passed the measure, approving it for Mr Biden’s signature cementing one of the largest injections of federal aid since the Great Depression Mr Biden is expected to sign the bill on Friday, all but one Democrat, Representative Jared Golden from Maine, voted for

It would mean another round of direct payments for many Americans, an increase in federal unemployment benefits, and billions of dollars to distribute coronavirus vaccines, and schools, states, tribal governments and small businesses struggling during the pandemic. to relieve

The vote was the culmination of a swift push by Mr Biden and Democrats, who now have control of both houses of Congress and the White House, want to tackle the aftermath of the pandemic and begin building their broader economic agenda. It contains a number measures that are expected to reduce poverty by a third this year and potentially cut child poverty in half, including expanding tax credits, food aid, and rent and mortgage aid

“With the stroke of a pen, President Biden will lift millions and millions of children out of poverty in this country,” said Connecticut Democrat Representative Rosa DeLauro. “It is time to invest boldly in the health and safety of the American people – a turning point ”

While Republicans argued the plan, the final cost of which was estimated at $ 1, according to a poll by the Pew Research Center released Wednesday, $ 856 trillion is bloated and unaffordable Surveys show that it has widespread support 70 percent of Americans are in favor of the package

“The House Democrats have given up any claim to unity,” said Republican Kevin McCarthy, Republican of California and minority leader. “This is not a bailout bill, it is not an auxiliary bill. It is a pre-pandemic pre-pandemic laundry list”

Mr Biden and Congressional Democrats planned an elaborate effort to promote them across the country to avail of coronavirus aid and a number of provisions they want to make permanent in the years to come, and politically punish Republicans for doing that they haven’t supported any of them

The last passage came less than two months after Mr. Biden took office about a year after cities and states across the country began shutting down to help contain the spread of the coronavirus

The move will provide $ 350 billion for state, local and tribal governments and $ 10 billion for critical government infrastructure projects $ 14 billion for vaccine distribution and $ 130 billion for elementary and high schools The bill also includes $ 30 billion for transit agencies, $ 45 billion for rental, utility and mortgage assistance, and billions more for small businesses and live venues

It would allow another round of direct payments to American taxpayers and checks of up to 1Send $ 400 to people who are 80Earn $ 000 or less, single parents who are 120Earn $ 000 or less, and couples with household incomes no more than 160000 USD

The federal unemployment benefit of $ 300 per week would be extended through September 6 and up to 10Last year’s $ 200 unemployment benefit would be for households with an income below 150$ 000 tax-free It would also offer a benefit of $ 300 per child for those ages 5 and younger – and $ 250 per child ages 6-17, adding to the value of what is known as the child tax credit

The legislation also includes a significant, albeit temporary, increase in health care subsidies that could cut monthly insurance payments for those who purchase insurance under the Affordable Care Act, and for six months it would be the Cobra- Completely cover health costs for people who have lost a job or whose hours have been cut and who buy insurance from their previous employer

The American bailout plan, passed by the Senate over the weekend and now back in front of the House of Representatives, would bring $ 1.9 trillion into the economy

The New York Times’ personal finance experts Ron Lieber and Tara Siegel Bernard looked through the bill to explain to real people what this really means. Here are some of the questions they’ll answer:

The Senate voted to reaffirm Merrick B Garland to serve as attorney general on Wednesday, entrusting the former prosecutor and widely recognized federal judge to lead the Department of Justice at a time when the nation is facing extremist domestic threats and a reckoning is exposed on civil rights

Mr Garland was confirmed at 70-30 by the Senators, with 20 Republicans joining all 50 Democrats in support of him. He is expected to be sworn in at the Justice Department on Thursday

Judge Garland has vowed to restore public confidence in a department embroiled in political controversy under former President Donald J Trump, who sought both to undermine federal law enforcement and to scrutinize him and his staff took as well as used his power to help him personally and politically

At his confirmation hearing, Judge Garland, 68, said that becoming an attorney general would be “the high point of a career in making sure our country’s laws are fairly and faithfully enforced and the rights of all Americans are protected.” ”

Judge Garland has gathered decades of legal credentials. He was an employee of the Supreme Court William J Brennan Jr.worked as a federal attorney for years and led extensive investigations into the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing and others before being retried in the District of Columbia Court of Appeals in 1997. He was selected by President Barack Obama to join the Supreme Court in 2016 just for his sake Sustained nomination in a bold political maneuver by Senator Mitch McConnell, Republican of Kentucky and then majority leader at the time, for eight months The move allowed Mr. Trump to elect his own candidate to fill the seat
Department staff have said that Mr. Garland’s performance in his verification hearing, a largely consensual matter, made them hopeful that he would return the agency’s honor and make their 115000 employees demoralized by the Trump-era rancor

Restoring confidence inside and outside the Justice Department will be vital as Judge Garland will immediately oversee the politically charged investigation, including a federal fraud investigation against President Biden’s son Hunter and a special lawyer investigation into the investigation against Russia

The department will also be involved in civil and criminal cases related to issues that have bitterly divided the country, including systemic racism, policing, regulation of large tech companies, LGBTQ Rights and other civil liberties are important

Judge Garland will also grapple with the emergence of domestic extremism as law enforcement officials continue to investigate the January 6 attack on the Capitol His first briefings this week should be with the FBi director Christopher A Wray to discuss the threat and speak to Michael R Sherwin, the top outgoing Washington prosecutor who led the Justice Department investigation

Marcia Fudge was confirmed as Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development on Wednesday, becoming the first black woman in decades to head an agency that will be at the forefront of government efforts to combat racial inequality and poverty. p>

Ms. Fudge, a Democratic member of Congress representing the Cleveland area and former mayor of Warrensville Heights, Ohio, received the endorsement of all of the Chamber’s Democrats and many top Republicans, including Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell, the leader of the minority The final vote was 66 to 34

For a fleeting moment on Wednesday, her two jobs overlapped in two branches: Ms. Fudge voted by proxy for the $ 1 amount of the administration’s $ 9 trillion stimulus bill

Ms. Fudge was confirmed by the Senate Banking Committee last month with 17 votes to 7 Two key Republicans – Tim Scott from South Carolina and Rob Portman from their home state – backed her nomination despite concerns about her progressive agenda
Her predecessor, Ben Carson, oversaw a massive exodus of career workers, gutted fair housing enforcement, and did little to address a nationwide affordable housing crisis exacerbated by the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic

Mr Carson, a former surgeon with no prior housing experience, did “stupid things” in the department, Ms. Fudge said in an interview last December

If the agency is not at the helm of Mr. Trump’s political initiatives became a focus of his political messages, and the former president attacked the Obama-era efforts to eradicate local zoning regulations that discriminated against black and other prejudiced groups, and advocates of the program criticized Mr. Trump’s actions as a racist

Ms. Fudge has announced that she will be using her time at the HUD to address long-term issues such as racism, the urban affordability crisis and homelessness, but her immediate priority is preventing evictions caused by income losses during the pandemic

The administration’s pandemic bill includes $ 21, $ 5 billion in emergency rental assistance, $ 5 billion in emergency shelter vouchers, $ 5 billion in homelessness programs, and $ 850 Millions of dollars in tribal and rural housing

In the past, Dr The black fudge has complained that the top position at the HUD has been used too often to give the wrong impression of diversity rather than driving politics forward

“You know, it’s always’ we want to get the black person into Labor or HUD,” she told Politico shortly after last year’s elections

“If you look at what African American women specifically did in these elections, you will find that a lot of the reason this Biden-Harris team won was because of African American women,” she added / p>

According to Mr. Biden was elected, she publicly campaigned to be appointed Minister of Agriculture, an agency overseeing food aid initiatives and farm subsidy programs, but that job was offered to Biden’s ally Tom Vilsack, MS Fudge, which was a surprise late on his list of nominees, ousting Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, who had been an early favorite to run HUD

A long smoldering feud between Senator Susan Collins and Senator Chuck Schumer became public on Wednesday when the moderate Maine Republican accused the New York Democrats and majority leaders of standing in the way of non-partisanship

In remarks to reporters on Capitol Hill, Ms. Collins suggested Mr. Schumer for comments he made about her on Tuesday night on CNN saying Ms. Collins deserved some of the blame for an insufficiently large economic bailout that the Democrats pushed through in 2009 amid the great recession

“We made a huge mistake in 2009 and 2010 – Susan Collins was a huge part of that mistake,” said Mr Said Schumer “We drastically reduced the incentive and stayed in recession for five years”

His remarks were then shared on Twitter by Ron Klain, the White House Chief of Staff

Ms. Collins, one of only three Republicans to back the 2009 incentive after insisting on reducing his size, dumped Mr. Schumer for the comments suggesting he harbored a political grudge against her / p>

“President Obama asked me to vote for an economic stimulus plan that passed this year and then called me to thank me for voting,” said Ms. Obama Collins, recalling “For Chuck Schumer, the when the vice chairman was closely involved in the negotiations, it is just bizarre to criticize me for taking the same position as him ”

“I think it regrettably reflects his inability to accept the fact that, despite spending $ 100 million in defeat, the people of Maine said ‘no’ and re-elected me to a historic term,” added they added

The bitter back-and-forth reflected the temperate Republicans’ anger at being expelled from the stimulus negotiations and how difficult it will be for Mr. Schumer to persuade them to cross party lines and join him on other proposals, who need 60 votes to overcome a filibuster

It also highlighted an angry rivalry between the two senators that has lasted for years as Mr Schumer sought her vote on key laws while repeatedly – and unsuccessfully – attempting to recruit a candidate who would turn them into one Could increasingly settle blue state It became particularly toxic last year after Mr. Schumer attacked her during her last re-election race.She rarely misses an opportunity to remind him of her victories

“Chuck Schumer has tried three times now to get me out,” said Ms. Schum Collins said in a recent interview with the New York Times in which she called ads he ran against her in 2020 “deceptive” and “shameful “” I know he’s a baseball fan”I hope he remembers three strikes and you’re out”

She also noted that she has a close relationship with President Biden, with whom she worked in the Senate, and that she is open to a bipartisan compromise, but sees Mr Schumer as an obstacle

“I will continue to work with President Biden and his administration,” she said on Wednesday, citing a major infrastructure initiative as a common goal “I just hope Senator Schumer continues to not be an obstacle to bipartisanism”

Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming, the No. 3 Republican in the Senate, said Mr. Biden should speak out against what Mr. Schumer had said about Mrs. Collins

“It doesn’t help to be bipartisan when Chuck Schumer takes action against Anderson Cooper like last night and attacks the most bipartisan member of the US Senate, Susan Collins, “he said,” This is not a way of working with people or finding common solutions “

Foreign Minister Antony J Blinken and President Biden’s National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, will meet two senior Chinese government officials next week, the Biden government’s first face-to-face diplomatic encounter with its main foreign rival

In a statement on Wednesday, a State Department spokesman said that Mr. Blinken and Mr. Sullivan would meet on Jan. China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi and top diplomat Yang Jiechi meet in Anchorage on March The announcement comes days after a speech by Mr Blinken and a national security strategy document from the White House identified China as the greatest threat to the United States

In his speech, Mr. Blinken named China the only country that “can seriously question the stable and open international system” US. Officials expect to compete with Beijing on areas ranging from technology to trade to political influence – but also aiming to work together on issues like climate change, the coronavirus and the global economy

On Wednesday testifying before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Mr. Blinken said the meeting was an opportunity to “highlight the many concerns we have about Beijing’s actions and behavior, including the economic impact on American workers, to be very open “

But he said that he and Mr. Sullivan would also “investigate if there are other ways to work together”

Mr Blinken added that the meeting was not the beginning of a strategic dialogue and that follow-up meetings would depend on “tangible progress and results” on Washington’s concerns

US. Officials did not describe a specific agenda for the meeting. Mr. Blinken said on Twitter that he looked forward to including Chinese officials “on a number of issues, including those on which we have deep disagreements.”

Mr Blinken will be on his way back to his first overseas trip to Asia, which the State Department also announced on Wednesday March with planned stops in Tokyo and Seoul Return to Washington March from Anchorage

In a statement on the Asia trip, Ned Price, a State Department spokesman, said Mr. Blinken would “reaffirm the United States’ commitment to strengthening our alliances” and highlight “working together” with allies in the region

“Today, President Biden will instruct Jeff and the Health and Human Services team to procure an additional 100 million doses of the Johnson &amp Johnson vaccine This arrangement allows the President to plan for the future in the second half of this year. This is wartime and with facts still emerging, we have maximum flexibility for our upcoming needs. “We are at a critical point in this pandemic and are on the verge of having enough vaccines to protect every adult in the United States”We ask for your patience as you continue to practice proven preventative measures for a while. We ask that you participate by rolling up your sleeve when it is your turn to be vaccinated. And we ask for your guidance in helping others.” to do both With the above actions we are so close we can turn the tide on this pandemic ”

President Biden will announce on Wednesday that he intends to procure an additional 100 million doses of Johnson & Johnson’s single Covid-19 vaccine by the end of this year with the aim of having enough available to vaccinate children and falls If necessary, give booster doses or reformulate the vaccine to control emerging variants of the virus

Mr Biden will make the announcement during an afternoon meeting with executives from Johnson & Johnson and pharmaceutical giant Merck, according to two senior administrators.The competing companies are working together to ramp up production of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine under a White House-brokered contract

When announcing this agreement last week, Mr. Biden said that by the end of May the United States would have enough vaccines to vaccinate every American adult – about 260 million people – the senior officials who are on the condition spoke anonymously to preview the president’s announcement, but said the government was trying to prepare for unpredictable challenges, from creating dangerous virus variants to production outages that could disrupt vaccine production
Officials said they expected the doses to be dispensed sometime in the second half of this year but couldn’t be more specific.They said Mr Biden would direct officials from the Department of Health and Human Services to clarify the details with Johnson & Johnson to negotiate, and the announcement on Wednesday would be a first step

The White House originally intended to hold the event on Wednesday at the Baltimore manufacturing facility of Emergent BioSolutions, another company that works with Johnson & Johnson to make coronavirus vaccines, but Mr. Biden canceled his trip after the New York Times published an investigation into how Emergent used its Washington connections to gain oversized influence on the Strategic National Stockpile
White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has since announced that the administration will conduct a full inventory review

Aspiring officials will not attend Wednesday’s meeting. When explaining the plan change, Dr Psaki said the government considers the White House to be a “more appropriate place to meet,” which it bills as a celebration of what Mr. Biden has named the “historic” partnership between Johnson & Johnson and Merck

In August last year, Johnson & Johnson signed an agreement with the government to supply 100 million doses of his coronavirus In a statement emailed Wednesday, the company said it was “on track to meet that commitment, the government has the option to purchase additional cans under a later agreement.

The government says working with Merck will increase the manufacturing of the vaccine itself, as well as strengthen the packaging capacity of Johnson & Johnson, known in the vaccine industry as “Fill-Finish” – two major manufacturing bottlenecks the company is behind Have left schedule

Wednesday’s announcement corresponds to Mr Biden’s aggressive efforts to get as much vaccine as possible as soon as possible Day in office to get “100 million shots in the arms” of the American people – a schedule that seemed aggressive at the time but looked tame more recently. He has since tried to speed it up

By that time, two vaccines – one from Moderna and the other from Pfizer-BioNTech – had been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for emergency use. In January, Mr Biden said the government would have enough vaccine to keep every American up Insure for End of Summer Last month, the president announced that his government had received enough doses from these two companies to have enough for every American by the end of July

The recent addition of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which received emergency approval in late February, opened up an opportunity for the administration to improve the schedule again.But Johnson & Johnson and his other partners, including Emergent, were behind schedule, which led the administration to contact Merck

President Biden’s candidates for senior positions in the Justice Department pledged at their confirmation hearing on Tuesday to crack down on domestic extremism, racial inequality and other sensitive issues under the law to order a department affected by political attacks restore during the Trump administration

Lisa Monaco, a Justice Department veteran and national security expert appointed Assistant Attorney General, and Vanita Gupta, a civil rights attorney known for her criminal justice overhaul 3, told the Senate Judiciary Committee that she was up for it advocate that the department achieve equal justice under the law

Ms. Monaco, 53, who, if confirmed, would oversee the ongoing operations of the ministry, the country’s federal prosecutor and the FBIn her opening certificate, she said that as an “independent investigator and prosecutor,” it was important that the department “acted free of any political or partisan influence”

Ms. Gupta, 46, who was appointed assistant attorney general, would oversee prosecutors advocating the Biden government in court, officials granting state and local governments, and federal law enforcement agencies overseeing civil rights of the department she headed under the Obama administration

“We will follow the President’s political agenda as long as it is compatible with the law,” said Dr Said Gupta

The Republicans on the committee have reserved their toughest questions to Ms. Gupta, who loudly criticized the Trump administration’s immigration policy, the appointment of judicial officers and the civil rights work of the Trump administration

Republicans also squeezed Ms. Gupta over the policing, who sometimes repeats a Conservative charge of assault claiming she supports defusing the police. She said this was not her position, adding that she supported Mr. Biden’s commitment to additional To allocate $ 300 million to community police initiatives

“I do not support defusing the police,” said Dr Said Gupta, “I advocated more police resources, they have the support of dozens of police organizations and high-profile conservative groups, including Koch Industries, for their bipartisan efforts to bring about a criminal justice overhaul.”

Ms. Gupta was also asked about previous comments about implicit bias; She said everyone, including herself, has prejudice that needs to be addressed to ensure more fairness in the workplace and other institutional settings. Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton asked her who she was biased against

Refusing to name a specific group, Ms. Gupta said, “I know I have stereotypes that I have to deal with. I am a product of my culture”

The Pentagon announced Tuesday night that more than 2200 National Guard troops would stay in Washington for at least 10 weeks to help federal law enforcement agencies protect Congress and resumed an operation that began in the January 6 attack on the Capitol by supporters of former President Donald J. Trump

Secretary of Defense Lloyd J Austin III Said the guards until 23 May remain on Capitol Hill, and approved a request from US. The Capitol Police are extending a mission that is due to expire on Friday

“This decision was made after a thorough review of the application and after careful consideration of its potential impact on readiness,” said John Kirby, a Pentagon spokesman, in a statement noting that the number of soldiers who were in Would remain in the Capitol under the new agreement, was roughly half the contingent currently serving there

Mr Kirby said the Department of Defense will work with the Capitol Police to further reduce the number of guards guarding Congress “if conditions permit.”

The Acting Chief of the Capitol Police, Yogananda D Pittman officially asked the Department of Defense on Thursday to keep thousands of National Guard troops on Capitol Hill beyond their scheduled departure as the reason for requesting the extension resulted in threats against lawmakers increasing 93 percent in January and February year-over-year an

Last week, on April 4, the heads of state and government A meeting canceled on March 23, in response to warnings from federal officials that militia groups inspired by the pro-Trump conspiracy theory, QAnon, might attempt to attack the Capitol on that day, such an attack failed

Two Republicans raised in defense of President Trump have taken on a new topic – the battle for legal guardianship of Britney Spears, the former teen pop star who has suffered a number of personal, professional, and financial crises

Representatives Jim Jordan of Ohio and Matt Gaetz of Florida asked the Democratic chairman of the House Justice Committee on Tuesday to investigate the role of Ms. Spears’ father, Jamie Spears, in controlling her property / p>

“Given the constitutional freedoms and the opaqueness of these rules, it is up to our committee to convene a hearing to see if Americans are wrongly trapped in conservatories,” the couple wrote in a letter to Representative Jerrold Nadler of New York

Mr Gaetz later told Fox News that he thought Ms. Spears would make a “great witness” at such a hearing

Ms. Spears’ situation suggests major guardianship-related issues, the couple wrote, citing concerns about their use for the elderly and the disabled raised by the American Civil Liberties Union

Mr Gaetz even posted a tweet with the hashtag #FreeBritney that was used by her supporters, the subject re-attracted attention after the New York Times released a documentary about the case

Ms. Spears’ output is not particularly biased A wide range of critics – including Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Kardashian – have called for the removal of legal restrictions on Ms. Spears, 39, imposed by a court in 2008 when she was in her mid-twenties

But Democrats have accused House Republicans of being bitter about Mr. Trump’s role in Jan 6 riots that were overridden by the Democratic majority for desperately trying to stay in the news by choosing a topic that would buy them airtime or allow them to score points with Trump supporters

Mr Gaetz himself has said in the past that he has to constantly “reinvent” his image in order to meet a public attention span that he compares to that of a “goldfish” ”

On Tuesday, Democrat Tim Ryan, an Ohio Democrat, beat up Republican House leaders for addressing another popular culture issue – Dr Seuss, on the writing that contained racist topics and images – instead of helping pass a majority law to help unions

“Heaven forbids us to do anything that will help the damned workers in the United States!” Mr. Ryan thundered on the floor of the house in a video that quickly went viral, “Stop talking about Dr Seuss, and start working with us on behalf of the American workers! “

The moment Chuck Schumer realized his long-standing dream of becoming Senate Majority Leader, he was in a safe room hiding from a violent pro-Trump mob raging through the Capitol

When rioters roamed the halls looking for top lawmakers – Mr. Schumer, Democrat of New York, later heard that someone had looked for his desk and said, “Where’s the great Jew?” – He was evacuated with other guides to a safe room in an unknown location

Back then, the news outlets confirmed that Democrat Jon Ossoff had won the last Georgia Senate race in which the party won a majority, and presented top-job Senator Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Republican, to Mr. Schumer the man who had caused his defeat and offered a brief concession and congratulations

That made Charles Ellis Schumer, 70, the Brooklyn-raised son of an exterminator and housewife, the first New Yorker to ever head the United States Senate

“Jan 6 was the best time, “said Mr Schumer said in a recent interview in his office where he was opening a Diet Coke, “And it was the worst time”

His dream job involves great challenges and a virtually non-existent error rate. Mr. Schumer rose to power because of his skills as a party bot and relentless campaign strategist, not because of his talent as a legislative tactician

Now it’s up to him to maneuver President Biden’s ambitious agenda through a polarized 50:50 Senate without losing a vote and, in the face of more determined Republican opposition, navigate between his party’s progressive and moderate factions ever

Mr Schumer passed his first test over the weekend and hit Mr. Biden’s win of $ 1 trillion in Senate stimulus measures along the party lines – an effort that almost fell apart when Senator Joe Manchin III, Democrat of West Virginia and a key facilitator, on Sept. For an hour Mr. Schumer negotiated a concession, and the law passed, paving the way for emergency relief and the most far-reaching poverty reduction efforts in a generation

“I have never seen anyone work so skillfully, so skillfully and so patiently, with the determination to deliver such a consistent law,” said Mr Biden said of Mr. Schumer

The effort forced the Senate chairman to sit on the centrist and progressive wings of his party, a trick he must master in keeping the president’s agenda on track and the Democrats in control of the chamber as well as a possible one Defense wants to fend off the primary challenge of representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the top-class progressive from the Bronx

in 2024

Asked what he would do with her, Mr. Schumer shrugged his shoulders and said he had spoken to Ms. Ocasio-Cortez “all the time”

“What I’ve done during my career,” he added, “I’m doing my job well and everything works out”

House Vote on Stimulus

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