According to forecasts by experts, the demand for electric vehicles should increase by 21% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) by 2026

The extraordinary demand forecast for electric vehicles over the next five years has now started to cause a massive disruption in global energy markets

As the demand for electric vehicles continues to grow, the demand for lithium – the critical component needed for the batteries that power all of these electric vehicles – is also expected to rise

According to Roskill Information Services, “The demand for lithium chemicals from the end-use sector is projected to be around 280 year over year000 tons of lithium carbonate equivalent increase ”

These projections are already having a profound impact on the price of lithium in the market

Lithium prices decreased from 2018 to the end of 2020, but since Jan. By December 2020 the price of lithium rose 7124% – and could be ready to climb even higher

Given rising lithium prices and rising forecast demand, what’s the best way for investors to play this high EV / drive trend for maximum upside potential?

One company under the radar, United Lithium Corp. (CSE: ULTH; OTC: ULTHF) seems like it might be in the right place at the right time

United Lithium’s flagship project is a recently discovered lithium deposit in central Sweden The company has agreed terms to acquire the project The graduation is expected in April

This project is a near-surface, near-market lithium property in the exploration stage that appears to be helping the company capitalize on Europe’s growing demand for electric vehicles and the strong EU pressure on lithium self-sufficiency

The Bergby Project is a recently discovered lithium-rich pegmatite deposit in central Sweden that offers an ideal location

This property is near the world famous Woxna graphite mine, the new Northvolt lithium battery gigafactory, and close to major mining and transportation infrastructures, workers and equipment suppliers

If the Bergby project has proven to be a commercial storage facility, it is optimally positioned to benefit from access to the EU market and its growing demand for vehicle manufacturing using alternative energy, high-tech equipment and grid storage systems

In addition, the project’s proximity to next-generation lithium-ion battery production facilities is vital, as is access to nearby EU educational institutions and low electricity costs for the low-cost processing of lithium-containing minerals from hard rock / p>

The location of the Bergby Lithium Project, however, is only part of the story of its potential

Mapping and Sampling by United Lithium Corp.The Bergby Property (CSE: ULTH; OTC: ULTHF) defined an extensive field consisting primarily of boulders with abundant lithium-containing minerals

The test results of 41 boulders show mean Li2O (lithium oxide) values ​​of 106% in a range of 003% to 456% Li 2 O; and Ta2O5 (tantalum pentoxide) assays averaged 168 ppm, ranging from 1 ppm to 499 ppm Ta2O5

Further mapping of localized lithium mineralization in outcrops 15 samples from three outcrops returned Li2O values ​​averaging 171% in the range of 001% to 465% Li 2 O; and Ta2O5 values ​​averaging 133 ppm in a range of 16 ppm to 803 ppm Ta2O5

In this drill program, 28 of the 33 holes drilled on the property intersected lithium mineralization along strike length of approx 450 m

The deepest holes, tested with mineralization just 65 meters below surface, are open in both directions along strike and down

Three widespread types of lithium mineralization have been observed in widespread boulders and outcrops on the Bergby property, promoting the potential for extensive mineralization

Homogeneous fine-grain to medium-grain Leukogranite / Aplite: Complex boulders where the aplite material appears to penetrate into coarse-grained pegmatite This style is rich in tantalum, with an average grade of 31 boulders at 208 ppm Ta2O5 The lithium mineralogy of this style has not yet been confirmed however, the measured specific gravity of the highest quality samples was relatively low and suggests that petalite is a dominant mineral (LiAlSi4O10)

Petalite dominated extremely coarse-grained pegmatite: found in both outcrop and boulders; This style is relatively rich in lithium and poor in tantalum

Spodumene-containing, very coarse-grained pegmatite: Coarse spodumene crystals (LiAl (SiO3) 2) were recognized in boulders with crystals up to 30 cm long

The European Union has sounded the alarm about critical raw material shortages and estimates that by 2030 it will need up to 18 times more lithium and five times more cobalt than it currently consumes in order to achieve its goal of climate neutrality

By 2050, it is estimated that the EU will need 60 times more lithium than is currently in demand

This is why the EU has added lithium to its list of critical materials and launched a billion dollar fund to accelerate the production of raw materials for the European battery market

This means that for projects like United Lithium Corp. Potential for considerable capital is available The Bergby project as a project scope is brought into focus

After a discovery is made at Bergby, United Lithium’s (CSE: ULTH; OTC: ULTHF) next task is to define the overall size and quality of the lithium and tantalum resource on the property

The Bergby deposit is open along the strike to the north and south, and there are other known pegmatites in the area that have never been tested for lithium mineralization

A simple drill program on the property for an additional 25 to 40 holes could have a huge impact on the company in a relatively short period of time

It is possible that such a modest drill program – one the Company has the funds to undertake – could be completed within the year to uncover a multi-million ton discovery on the property

One of the most important factors in evaluating an exploration company is the quality of its management

In the case of United Lithium (CSE: ULTH; OTC: ULTHF), the company is led by an experienced leadership team with geological expertise and a history of leading successful exploration companies

With over 20 years of experience in the mining industry, he worked as an exploration geologist and later as a senior geologist at Goldcorp Inc Michael has served as a director and executive with listed and privately owned junior mining companies

His expertise lies in the basis for the extraction of advanced minerals as well as in the marketing and financing of junior companies and Mr Dehn has extensive experience in the exploration and processing of lithium and cobalt

Mr Lalani is an accounting and finance professional with over 10 years of experience in auditing, financial reporting, corporate finance and operations management Mr. Lalani previously served in the audit and insurance group at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, Canada, where he earned the CPA, CA designation and during During his tenure gained extensive accounting experience in the public and private sectors

Mr Lalani has also been a Senior Accountant for PortLiving, a Vancouver-based real estate development company, since 2016 From 2014 to 2016, Mr. Lalani was a Senior Accountant at Century Group, a real estate development company in Vancouver.Mr Lalani is currently the Director and Chief Financial Officer of Soldera Mining Corp.and a director of IMC International Mining Corp.

* Demand for lithium is growing – and the price of lithium is up 7124% in the past two months With the global shift to electric vehicles in full swing, the world is desperate to bring new lithium supplies online and the markets are likely to get any Reward companies that do this well

* United Lithium is a company whose main lithium mineralization component is in the right place at the right time, as the Bergby project in Sweden is located near Northvolt’s new lithium battery giant factory and close to transportation infrastructure

* Drilling at Bergby Project has shown extensive lithium mineralized surface boulder field 28 of the 33 holes drilled on the property as part of a 2017 drilling program intersected lithium mineralization and the project showed potential high grade near-surface lithium potential

* The Company plans to conduct an additional drill program in 2021 that could potentially reveal a discovery of the lithium deposit on the property. Positive results from this drill program could mean real change for the Company in Europe – and for battery companies – as it is desperate to do so is to get new lithium sources up and running as soon as possible

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) leads Big Tech’s sustainability push But it’s more than just that From the products themselves, to the packages, to the data centers that power them, Apple has done everything possible to reduce its environmental impact

But now it’s even getting into the transportation business “We’re focusing on autonomous systems It’s a core technology that we consider very important We see it as the mother of all AI projects It’s probably one of the toughest AI projects ever that you can actually work on “Apple boss Tim Cook on Apple’s plans for the car dealership Electric vehicles are not likely to be left out either

Apple’s rumor about car design means that more active material can be packed into the battery, potentially giving the car a longer range.Apple is also exploring a chemistry for the battery called LFP, or lithium iron phosphate, which is inherently less likely to overheat and therefore is safer than other types of lithium-ion batteries

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) is a technology giant that creates everything from software to hardware to more.This is important as it not only helps businesses with mineral exploration, but also relies on Microsoft is a company which also exceeds its emissions targets and aims to be carbon neutral in the next ten years An achievement that will not be an easy task for such a large technology company Why is this so important in the lithium race? Because the green energy boom will be destroyed without the vital metal

That’s why Bill Gates tech giant has made numerous investments in clean energy around the world From Ohio to the Netherlands, Microsoft is investing millions in solar and wind projects to not only reduce its carbon footprint, but also to help neighboring communities to do the same

In addition to its investments and green activities, Microsoft is also stepping into the automatic game Microsoft’s cloud-based Azure infrastructure and edge computing will be vital in this new industry, allowing automakers to do more than just analyze data and theirs Optimize products, but also run advanced tests and simulations to optimize their software in risk-free environments. It even works with leading companies in the auto industry such as Renault and Audi

Mark Everest, Information Systems Development Manager for the Renault Sport Formula 1 team, explained: “There are so many factors that are constantly changing and can influence the racing strategy: track temperature, tire performance, what the other drivers do, and the simulation helps us to quickly understand how the car is configured for a particular route “

Nvidia Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA) has made great strides toward a more sustainable future. As a chipmaker, it relies on the production of key metals and minerals like copper and lithium, but what makes NVIDIA even more special is the fact that it is addressing the ESG trend on all fronts, in fact, it has been ranked one of the top 100 companies in the world for its incredible working conditions, hiring practices and professional development programs in addition to being ranked as one of the world’s top companies to work for Also listed on MIT Tech Review’s 50 Smartest Companies and Human Rights Watch’s Corporate Equality Index

Not only is Nvidia a role model for businesses in its social and governance stance, but it’s also firmly committed to a greener future. From the demand for renewable energy in daily operations to the innovative technological advances in chip manufacturing that drive the To reduce energy consumption for the power supply of devices, Nvidia is reviewing all criteria for impact investors

This year, Nvidia did something that many other companies have been trying to do, and not only has it stayed afloat in one of the most difficult years in recent history, it has thrived as of January 2020, Nvidia’s share price is $ 293 risen to $ 525, a remarkable 80% appreciation

While electric vehicles are currently the talk of Wall Street, autonomous vehicles are on the horizon, too, and they too will rely on a number of critical metals and resources, and the leader in this push is Waymo, a subsidy from tech giant Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ: togetL) Waymo may be the de facto leader in the burgeoning autonomous vehicle industry.Cars have been around for several years now that drive themselves through the U.S. In Arizona alone, Alphabet’s self-driving cars have signed up over 6.1 million miles in perspective, that means that Alphabet’s autonomous cars have traveled the distance between New York City and San Francisco over 2,100 times, or, as the company explains, “over 500 years of driving for an average licensed US driver. Even more impressive, however, is that the vehicles only took 47 “Contact events” were involved and the vast majority of collisions were due to human error and none of the parties involved resulted in serious injury

While these tests are extremely promising for Alphabet’s Waymo, there are still some hurdles to overcome.First of all, these lengthy trials took place in Phoenix, a city not exactly known for extreme weather.Second, a problem that can frustrate many drivers, the vehicles operated in a kind of overcautious mode, slowing down and sometimes taking unnecessary precautions to avoid conflict

While Alphabet’s Waymo is gaining a lot of recognition for these massive accomplishments, it’s centered around a widespread and hugely popular chip maker, Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC) and Waymo partnered back in 2017 and have been working together to optimize their technology together since then Their mutual knowledge of hardware and software have made the technology giants great strides in building the car of the future

In addition to its efforts with Waymo, Intel led the development of its own artificial intelligence and image processing hardware. Back in 2017, it acquired MobileEye, a provider of camera-based chips and software for the global wireless industry, and now Intel is positioning itself in a new one Contract with Luminar, another up and coming tech company at the forefront of this movement, as its own giant in this new sector

Canada’s Silicon Valley is also taking part in the sustainability race Shopify Inc (TSX: SH) Canada’s own e-commerce giant is helping users build their own online stores It has big customers – everyone from Tesla to Budweiser is on board, and so is the company Loved by Millennial Investors Alongside its revolutionary approach to e-commerce, Shopify is playing an increasingly active role in creating a greener future – with a pledge to spend at least $ 5 million annually on combating climate change, with even cuts across the board Owned operations, shut down data centers, and sourced renewable energy for buildings Thanks to these efforts, Shopify has achieved a 137% return on investment this year alone and is showing no signs of slowing

The Descartes Systems Group Inc (TSX: DSG) is a Canadian multinational technology company specializing in logistics software, supply chain management software, and cloud-based services for logistics companies. Descartes recently announced that it has successfully implemented its advanced capacity matching solution, Descartes MacroPoint Capacity Matching offers more transparency and transparency within the network of carriers and brokers This step could consolidate the company as a key player in transport logistics, which is essential in reducing rising CO2 emissions and which is often overlooked

Another way to get into the booming tech, EV, and mineral industries indirectly is through AutoCanada (TSX: ACQ), a company that operates car dealerships across Canada.The company stocks and stocks a variety of new and used vehicles All Kinds of Financial Options to Meet Every Consumer’s Needs While sales have declined this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, AutoCanada is likely to see a recovery as both purchasing power and demand for electric vehicles increase with more new ones As exciting electric vehicles hit the market, AutoCanada will surely be able to ride the wave

Burcon NutraScience Corporation (TSX: BU) is a Canadian tech company redesigning our diet.While this doesn’t seem exciting to mineral investors, it’s an important stock to watch as the sustainability boom continues with a focus on high purity, sustainable, aromatic and affordable products, Burcon has ticked every box in the consumer book, founded in 1998 and has been at the forefront of the movement for over two decades Since then it has only been refined

According to its mission statement, Burcon aims to “improve the health and wellbeing of global consumers through the discovery and development of sustainable, functional and renewable plant-based products for the global food and beverage industry”

Mogo Finance Technology Inc (TSX: GO) is a new twist on Unsecured Loan, a burgeoning sub-segment of FinTech Mogo, offering credit management, the ability to track spending, hassle-free mortgages, and even tracking credit scores, and is at the forefront of an online movement, to assist users with their financial needs

Mogo’s software analyzes borrowers instantly and significantly reduces the traditionally cumbersome loan underwriting process. It’s only online so the overhead is very low and there is a ton of money spent on marketing Mogo is referred to as the “Uber of Finance” by CNBC and is definitely a real eye-catcher

As membership growth and revenue lines continue to improve, and a platform that many banks haven’t offered, Mogo could become an acquisition target in the near future

The technical information in this article has been reviewed and approved by Robert W Schafer QP, PGeo, as defined in NI 43-101

This article contains forward-looking information that is subject to a number of risks and uncertainties and other factors that could cause actual events or results to differ from those projected in the forward-looking statements. The forward-looking statements in this article include that the Demand for lithium will increase in the future as currently expected United Lithium’s business and plans, including making further acquisitions, completing the Bergby acquisition, acquiring additional mineral properties in the vicinity of Bergby, complying with the terms of the Bergby acquisition and conducting exploration activities in relation to its mineral projects ; that most of the lithium can be reached near the surface; that they can lower costs compared to many similar projects; that ULC can produce a PEA by Q3 2021; and that they can quickly accumulate $ 4 million. These forward-looking statements are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties and other factors that could cause actual events or results to differ materially from those projected in the forward-looking information regarding the risks entailing in these statements include that the Company may not be able to fund its intended drilling programs, aspects or overall development of the property may not be successful, and their methods of mining the lithium may not be effective; the risks that the acquisition does not complete as intended or not complete at all; that United Lithium will not make any further acquisitions; that they will not acquire the additional mineral deposits in the region of the project until Dec. March 2021; that United Lithium does not 1000Spends $ 000 on exploration on the Project; The company may not be able to carry out its business plans as expected Change in mining and processing costs; Permits for mining projects cannot be granted; increased cost of capital; the timing and content of upcoming work programs; geological interpretations and technological results based on historical or even current data, which can change with more detailed information or testing; Potential mineral reclamation assumptions based on limited testing with additional testing may not be feasible Competitors can offer cheaper lithium; More lithium production could bring the price down or fall for other reasons Alternatives to lithium have been found in battery technology the availability of labor, equipment and markets for the products manufactured; and despite the presently anticipated viability of its projects, the minerals on their properties cannot be economically mined.The forward-looking information contained herein is as of the date of this publication and the author assumes no responsibility for updating or revising this information to reflect new events or circumstances unless required by law

PAID ADVERTISING This announcement is a paid advertisement and is not a recommendation to buy or sell any security. Safehavencom, Medtronics Ltd and their owners, managers, employees and agents (collectively, “the Company”) have been sponsored by United Lithium for this item and certain banners In addition, United Lithium has granted the company stock options to purchase shares that are exercisable for 2 years at a price of $ 086 per share.This compensation is a grave conflict with our ability to be impartial. This announcement is for purposes only Entertainment Purposes Never invest based solely on our communications

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Dow Jones futures were higher early Tuesday after tech stocks sold off, with Tesla stock hitting critical support levels

(Bloomberg) – Albemarle Corp. has earmarked nearly all of the proceeds of a $ 1.5 billion stock offering to expand lithium capacity in the wake of the global battery boom, the Charlotte, North Carolina-based company is already the world’s largest supplier of lithium and will provide about 90%, or $ 1, according to Kent Masters , Chief Executive Officer of 35 billion, a raise of capital above plans to expand operations in Chile and Australia, as well as processing operations in China, major component manufacturers of rechargeable batteries are starting amid signs that the market is finally moving from overload Recovering, To Rise Chinese spot prices for the soft, fragmented white metal have rebounded this year as a wave of green vehicle targeting improves demand outlook for Ford Motor Co announced last week that its passenger car range in Europe will be fully electric by 2030 General Motors Co plans to sell only zero-emission models by 2035 “It’s hard to predict, but we’re pretty confident that demand will exceed supply by the end of the year,” Masters said in an interview, BloombergNEF expects the supply of lithium hydroxide or battery-grade lithium This year will be scarce and prices will rise along with battery consumption.Lithium demand is also expected to increase almost eightfold by 2030 compared to last year’s level, Albemarle raised its demand forecast by 14% and now expects to exceed 11 million tons 2025 from currently around 300The electric vehicle manufacturers’ proclamations, coupled with the existing cheap subsidies and regulations in Europe and China, mean “the demand side is very encouraging,” said Eric Norris, Albemarle’s head of lithium, which plans to run bromine and catalyst operations to spend the money from the capital increase over the next three to four years to get 150To create 000 tonnes of lithium carbonate equivalent capacity, mostly for conversion plants and mostly for hydroxide Mined lithium must be converted into chemicals before battery cathodes can be made, According to Allan Ray Restauro, analyst at BloombergNEF, the construction and expansion of the in-house capacity for conversion chemicals cut costs and CO2 emissions by eliminating the need to transport bulk materialsFor more items like this, please visit us on BloombergcomSubscribe now to stay ahead of the game with the most trusted business news source © 2021 Bloomberg LP

Technology Is Changing Our World, And Results Are Visible In Real Time If you grew up in the 1980s watching reruns of Star Trek, think for a moment about fantastic devices that have slipped into our lives off the screen: wearable communicators , portable computers, voice activated systems, to name a few Scotty even automated the spaceship Enterprise so that the ship could travel with only five people on board.We don’t have a Star Trek transporter, and quantum physics tells us we probably don’t will come soon, but autonomous technologies are changing the way we commute Artificial intelligence systems – thinking computers or AI – are coming into production and online and shaping the entire spectrum of the transport experience. On the roads they use, we are gradually seeing autonomous vehicles and AI-powered support services with this in mind, we have Used the TipRanks database to track two transportation-related stocks that are heavily involved in AI technology, both recently recognized by 5-star analysts who each see double-digit growth potential for Cerence, Inc (CRNC) Cerence develops AI Tech as the brain behind an autonomous vehicle system The company’s technology focuses on voice activation and enables the creation of “voice assistants” for what Cerence calls a “state-of-the-art in-car experience”, while Cerence uses voice recognition on vehicle control systems uses VR technology – and its connection to AI – for several years now.Cerence can boast of having installed its AI-powered voice systems in over 325 million vehicles that are already on the move. And the company has more than 1400 patents – so there are many more ideas pending. Cerence’s customers include names from the entire spectrum of automobiles, from famous Detroit stalwarts such as Ford and GMC to international names such as Volkswagen, Toyota and Hyundai Cerence also has the newer names in the global market Automotive scene not shunned – India’s Tata Motors is a customer, as is China’s Great Wall of China earlier this month, Cerence announced its results for the first quarter of 21, reporting results that were above expectations for both sales and earnings. The bottom line was those reported $ 95 million a year-over-year profit of 23% – and a company record EPS was a solid 59 cents per share, a 103% profit year-over-year. In addition to strong earnings, CRNC stocks have been steady over the long term Gains Made Its stock is up an impressive 362% over the past 12 months. Among the bulls is Needhams 5-Star Analyst Rajvindra Gill Who Followed Cerence and Is Impressed “With automotive manufacturing recovering from COVID-19 shutdowns and Cerence’s continued success in capturing market share, Edge sales per shipping unit are increasing Management continues to see penetration rates soar regardless of what happens to short-term auto production, “noted Gill. The analyst added,” Introducing our 10-year model [and] extending our forecast from 2025 to 2030 since we are building our confidence in the company’s ability to execute and the recurring nature of its revenue. Our model predicts revenue of $ 1B in 2030 and free cash flow of $ 367 million To this end, Gill is pricing CRNC shares as a buy, and his target price of $ 155 shows his confidence in an uptrend of ~ 26% for the year ahead. (To view Gill’s track record, click here) Among Gill’s colleagues, Apple has a consensus rating of moderate buys based on 5 buys and 3 holds with an average price target of $ 12438, analysts believe CRNC should remain range bound for now (see CRNC stock analysis on TipRanks) at Rekor Systems (REKR) Maryland-based Rekor is in an interesting niche that you probably don’t think of often – but one that brings huge benefits through the application of AI technology. Rekor focuses on security solutions for traffic control, particularly license plate recognition , but also on automated payment systems that promise to revolutionize toll roads and drive-through windows for restaurants. Rekor bases its products on AI-supported recognition technology or the ability of computer-controlled cameras and sensors to recognize and recognize individual vehicles in the flow of traffic. The volume of data is enormous; AI is required for the systems to be able to sort out the relevant vehicles. Rekor uses an open software platform in its applications and markets the know-how in a variety of niches, including the fast food and toll road industries mentioned above, but also the state-owned transportation and toll road industries public safety departments Once installed, various applications of Rekor’s AI system are helping customers improve their revenue by increasing efficiency in part, but also enabling rapid collection of tolls and fees, for the past 12 months, the REKR shares have seen tremendous growth, adding 285% Rekor’s earnings have grown with stock value. The company’s final quarter of the report, the third quarter of 20, saw gross sales increase 40% year over year to $ 2.1 million. By the end of the third quarter, the company had booked $ 6 million in total sales for 2020, 60% more than last year Northland Capital’s 5-star analyst Michael Latimore describes Rekor’s expansion potential as “performing multiple shots on goal,” “he writes,” Oklahoma has just launched its uninsured motorist program with Rekors technology in this one Year started and this model is excellently repeatable in other, larger states Texas has just passed a committee bill approving such a program, and Florida will soon follow suit. MasterCard is talking to several fast food restaurants to use Rekor technology to enhance customer experience improve (by using license plate information et to speed up customer transactions) Tollways wants to replace older RFID services with better and faster detection. In line with these bullish comments, Latimore rates the stock as an outperform (i.e. Buy) and sets a price target of $ 24, implying an uptrend of ~ 44% for a year (To see Latimore’s track record, click here) Rekor has just started to grab Wall Street’s attention and only two reviews are known so far – but both are buys.The average price target is $ 25, suggesting that of the $ 16 ~ 50% Have place67 trading price in the coming year (see REKR stock analysis on TipRanks) To find great ideas for trading AI stocks at attractive ratings, visit TipRanks ‘Best Stocks to Buy, a newly launched tool that brings together all of the insights into TipRanks’ stocks Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are for exclusive use those of the featured analysts The content is intended for informational purposes only. It is very important that you conduct your own analysis before making any investment

Shares fell on Monday as commodity prices rose as rising government bond yields and expectations of higher inflation weighed on share prices

Rep Tom McClintock discusses the latest momentum with Jessica Smith of Yahoo Finance and the Yahoo Finance Live panel

Lucid, led by a former Tesla engineer, is the youngest company to enter the IPO market Investors are rushing into the EV sector, buoyed by the rise of Tesla Inc and tightening emissions regulations in Europe and elsewhere.The deal has a transaction capital value of $ 1175 billion, including a $ 2.1 billion cash contribution from CCIV and a PIPE investment ( Private Investment in Public Equity) of 25 billion investors Reuters reported last week for the first time that Michael Klein had launched a financing operation in support of the Lucid deal

‘The reality is that nobody knows the value of this pseudo-asset.It has no value because it has no income, has no use, has no use, so it’s a speculative game with a bubble itself fulfilled ”, says Roubini

Shares of Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) are well on their way to hitting yet another market cap milestone, according to Wedbush Securities Apple Analyst: Daniel Ives has an outperform rating and a price target of $ 175 for Apple shares, with a bull-case price target of $ 225 The Apple Thesis: After Apple’s staggering performance in the December quarter reported in late January, the company’s shares have taken a breather, Ives Die said Weakness, the analyst said, is a short-term slip on the stock’s uptrend. The positive sentiment is based on Wedbush’s Asia supply chain reviews, which suggest robust strength in the iPhone 12 super cycle through the remainder of 2021, “given the fundamental strength we have for this super cycle, coupled with another re-rating on the horizon, we believe Apple will have a market cap of $ 3 trillion by year-end. Ives wrote in the Note Related Link: 10 Things Apple Investors Might Want In 2021 Based on current developments and in a bull-case scenario, Apple has the potential to do more in fiscal 2021 selling than 240 million units of iPhones, the analyst estimates this is above the current consensus forecast of 220 million units and is likely to slightly exceed the previous annual record of 230 million units set by the company in fiscal 2015, at around 350 million of the 950 million iPhones worldwide that are currently on an upgrade cycle, Ives believes this will lead to an unprecedented upgrade cycle for Apple, and the ASPs are also shifting as the product mix shifts towards the more expensive iPhone Pro, which is a is good sign for the sales numbers and goes into the March and June quarters. According to the company, Apple’s is EV Endeavor the Right Strategic Move at the Right Time “If Apple only gets a 5 to 10 percent stake, it could be another major growth pillar within Cupertino and add $ 30 per share to Apple’s SOTP rating,” said Company AAPL Price Target: Apple shares retreated 24% to $ 12664 Monday after losing about 2% year-to-date (Photo by Angus Gray on Unsplash) Latest AAPL Reviews DateFirmActionFromTo Feb 2021RBC CapitalAssumesOutperform Jan 2021DA DavidsonMaintainsBuy Jan 2021German BankMaintainsBuy See More Analyst Ratings for AAPL Check out the latest analyst ratings For more information on BenzingaClick, see Self-Driving Car: Report Why Wedbush Expects Apple to Find an EV Partner in 2021 © 2021 Benzingacom Benzinga Does Not Offer Investment Advice All Rights Reserved

The S&P 500 and Nasdaq fell on Monday as rising government bond yields and the prospect of rising inflation sparked valuation concerns and hit the stocks of soaring growth companies

Here’s the latest news from China’s growing electric vehicle sector. Nio Begins Testing Second Generation Power Swap Station: Nio Inc – ADR (NYSE: NIO), their battery swap station at the Nio Day event in January the second generation presented 9, is making good progress on the project The EV startup has completed the review and started testing the new battery swap station Formal deployment is expected as early as April, reported Chinese media company Autohome CEO William Li and President Qin Lihong were reportedly in attendance at the tests XPeng, Nio Report Chinese New Year Statistics: Xpeng Inc – ADR (NYSE: XPEV) vehicles were driven 17267 million cumulatively Kilometers across China during Chinese New Year’s week on February 11 through Feb 17, the company said in a press release it resulted in a 1 reduction in carbon emissions086 tons, said XPeng XPeng found that its XPILOT autonomous driving system had been operating a total of 25 during the weekWas used for 326 hours, with 353010 km under Navigation Guided Pilot Highway driving introduced in January and 2,171 million km under Adaptive Cruise Control in the same week, Nio users covered a total of 30 million km, a 318% increase over the previous year, the company said Company in a WeChat post with Nio Pilot, the company’s autonomous driver assistance system, has been used for more than 4 million km The batteries have been used on the power-swap stations for more than 38000 changes Related link: Oil giant Sinopec chairman visits Nio battery swap station Geely confirms EV plans: Chinese automaker Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd (OTC: GELYF) confirmed it will set up a separate all-electric vehicle company, cnEV Post said citing an internal memo from Chairman Li Shufu Geely and Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) Foundry Hon Hai Precision Industry Co, GmbH-ADR (OTC: HNHPF) supplier announced a 50:50 joint venture in mid-January to offer OEM production and comprehensive, bespoke consulting services to global automakers Baidu Taps Mobike Co-Founder for Geely JV: The Chinese Search Engine Baidu Inc ( NASDAQ: BIDU) has named Mobike co-founder Xia Yiping as CEO of his EV company with Geely, reported Reuters Mobike is a bike sharing system and was acquired by food company Meituan in 2018 Xiaomi is downplaying rumors: Following widespread rumors of a potential EV Company, Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi said in a message to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that it had not initiated a formal project to investigate the electric vehicle manufacturing business, the company added that it is monitoring developments in the electric vehicle industry and relevant industry trends It advised shareholders un d potential investors to exercise caution in dealing with the company’s stocks and other securities following the rumors Related Link: Xpeng Begins Launch of Highly Anticipated NGP Autonomous Driving Features Photo courtesy of Nio For more information from Benzinga, click here for option deals from BenzingaWhy Wedbush expects Apple to find an EV partner in 2021Chairman Of Oil Giant Sinopec visits Nio Battery Swap Station © 2021 Benzingacom Benzinga does not offer investment advice All rights reserved

Tesla Makes $ 1 Billion in Profits on Bitcoin Dan Ives, managing director of Wedbush Securities, joins Yahoo Finance Live to weigh Tesla’s growth amid a pandemic

With Pfizer and Moderna vaccines available in the U.S.and others on the horizon, doctors explain if and when you might have a choice

Bitcoin fell below 50 on Tuesday$ 000 as investors got a little nervous about the digital currency’s high valuation and some leveraged gamblers took profits as the cryptocurrency fell more than 10%, its biggest daily decline in a month, to 48575 USD

The “MyPillow Guy” Has Been Hit With A $ 1.3 Billion Lawsuit For His False Voting Claims Dominion Voting Systems filed a defamation lawsuit against MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell and his company on Monday, citing his false claims that the Dominion’s voting machines were involved in a conspiracy to change the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, reports the Wall Street Journal The lawsuit, which seeks $ 1.Lindell alleges 3 billion in damages, “knew there was no real” evidence “to back him up Claims made “and is aware of” the independent audits and paper ballots that definitively refute the big lie, “but he” continues to sell the lie to this day because The Lie Sells Pillows “Lindell rolled out his false election fraud claims earlier this month Documentary released that aired on the One America News Network after a long disclaimer He Was Gone Permanently banned from Twitter in false allegations Dominion previously filed similar lawsuits against attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell over their electoral conspiracy theories, and Lindell had welcomed the company to sue him, too. “I want you to sue me,” Lindell said in January To CBS, “Please Because I Have All the Evidence, 100 Percent” In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Dominion attorney Megan Meier said, “Even though some of his allies have begun to calm down a bit, Mr. Lindell has doubled and tripled “Meanwhile, Lindell told the Journal he was” very, very happy “to learn that Dominion had sued him. More stories from the week Michael Cohen predicts Trump’s tax investigation will result in jail time will end What’s next in New York’s criminal investigation into Trump and his business design, Andrew Cuomo?

Former US. President Barack Obama and rock music idol Bruce Springsteen are the new co-hosts of a Spotify (NYSE: SPOT) podcast. What Happened: The new podcast, Renegades: Born in the USA, is slated for and will be an eight episode run Introducing co-moderators who discuss political, socioeconomic and personal issues in the first two episodes, which went live on Monday, Obama and Springsteen recall their respective founding years as outsiders and consider the state of racial relations in America today Obama and Springsteen were while of the 2008 Presidential Campaign Friends 2016, Obama presented Springsteen with the Presidential Medal of Freedom and praised the entertainer, noting how “his songs capture the pain and promise of the American experience. Why It Matters: The new podcast is the latest production between Spotify and Higher Ground, the production company founded by Barack and Michelle Obama Your first company, “The Michelle Obama Podcast”, launched last summer. “It’s a personal, in-depth discussion between two friends exploring their past, their beliefs and the country they love – the way it was and as it should be, “Spotify said in a statement See Also: Michelle Obama Launches Instagram Series The podcast is Obama’s first public company after the inauguration of former Vice President Joe Biden as 46 President of the Country This is also Springsteen’s first public outing after news from earlier this month that the performer was arrested for drunk driving in New Jersey last November.This news leaked, a television commercial for Jeep starring Springsteen was published during The Super Bowl’s premiere had been abruptly taken from the air by the vehicle’s parent company, Stellantis ((NYSE: STEL)) Bruce Springsteen and Barack Obama in a promotional photo published by Spotify More information on BenzingaClick here for option deals from BenzingaThe9 is acquiring Crypto Cloud Mining Blockchain SaaS for activist investors who want to wrap up Kohl’s board of directors © 2021 Benzingacom Benzinga does not offer investment advice All rights reserved

The online bank backed by Alibaba’s fintech giant Ant Group joined China’s digital yuan pilot program on Monday as Beijing trials expand the adoption of electronic currency for mass use, the ants-backed MYBank said it is one of the parties involved in China’s e-currency research and development plans to “advance the process under the collective agreement of the People’s Bank of China (PBOC),” a bank spokesman said

Ken Jennings made his six-week guest appearance on “Jeopardy!” Who’s next and how will the show replace Alex Trebek?

Since the bear market low on 23 By March, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite are down a cool 70%, 76% and respectively 104% increase Many of the theses that bulls have been praising for years are driving the rise of Bitcoin.For example, fans still see the limit of 21 million tokens as a hedge against the long-term devaluation of the US Dollars when the money supply rises

Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ: AMD) was in ruins six years ago.Processors had massive failures compared to what Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) was offering, leaving AMD almost no market share in the server space and a failed business with PC chips had. For example, the Bulldozer-based FX-8150 processor was 40 to 50% slower than the comparable offering from Intel at the time

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World News – US – Lithium prices soar as Tesla, Apple and Google battle for supplies