House Democrats awarded $ 1 9 trillion coronavirus relief bills on Wednesday sending one of the biggest stimulus plans in U.S. Story on President Joe Biden’s desk

The president hopes to sign the bill on Friday after Congress officially sent it to the White House, which may take days on big bills, and Biden will check off his first major piece of legislation as US tries to speed up Covid-19 vaccinations and stimulate the economy

The bill was passed by a 220-211 lead without a Republican vote as the GOP argues the labor market has recovered enough to warrant little or no new stimulus spending, one Democrat, Rep Jared Golden of Maine opposed The Democrats also approved the plan alone in the Senate as part of the special budget reconciliation

Biden celebrated the passage of the law in a statement Wednesday, saying he plans to include it in law on Friday

“This legislation is about giving the backbone of this nation – the essential workers, the workers who built this country, the people who run this country – a chance to fight,” he said / p>
The party believes that Congress needs to put more money into the economy to ease its suffering from a year of economic constraints and prevent future pain as normal activities slowly resume House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif , extolled it after its adoption as “consistent and transformative legislation”

Democrats passed the bill because an improving economy still shows cracks in the US In February 379 cameAdded 000 jobs better than expected as the unemployment rate fell to 62%

Even so, 85 million Americans had fewer jobs a month than a year earlier. Blacks and Hispanic or Latin American women have regained a lower percentage of prepandemic jobs than any other group, according to the government

“Help is on the way,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-NYsaid repeatedly on Wednesday at an event where he and Pelosi officially signed the legislation

Republicans have argued that the increasing pace of vaccination of the most vulnerable Americans, coupled with the gradual or even full reopening of many states, makes more stimulus spending unnecessary.They have accused the Democrats of having priorities unrelated to the health crisis to have included in the bill

Some economists and GOP lawmakers have warned of the potential of massive spending to increase inflation

“There is a real risk here that these kinds of massive incentives will overheat the economy. I just find it sad because we could have done it I think something a lot more targeted and focused on Covid-19, “GOP Sen Rob Portman of Ohio told CNBC on Wednesday morning
According to the February job report, Biden said that passing the stimulus plan would ensure the recovery doesn’t stall

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