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In 1787 the founding fathers met at the Constitutional Convention, and the electoral college was born The practice of voting now a bit outdated but we are too deep selects the winner of the elections not by popular vote but by the electoral vote Which means that the candidate who was the most popular in that state gets all the electoral votes for that state (except Maine and Nebraska)

Each state has a different number of voters: California has 55, but North Carolina has 15 When you add up all the states and their voters, the total equates to 538 voters in all – but how many? votes do you need for the election?

The answer: it takes at least 270 electoral votes to win a presidential election

In 2016 Donald Trump won with 304 electoral votes, despite Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote It was the fifth time in American history that the winner of the presidential election has lost the popular vote

It’s important to note, however, that while a projected winner is usually announced on election night in November after your vote, the Electoral College voting takes place in mid-December, when voters meet in their state So while you might hear one thing in November, the official announcement of who won the election won’t come until later.

Now, if so many people think this practice is outdated, why haven’t they gotten rid of it yet? Since the practice is listed in the US Constitution, it would take a constitutional amendment to change the process, meaning it must be approved by a two-thirds vote of both houses

While in the current political environment this seems highly unlikely, there was a time in the past that it got any closer In 1969, the US House of Representatives voted by 338 votes to 70 to send a constitutional amendment to the Senate that would have dismantled the Electoral College – but just a year later it was shot down by the Senate

Even members of the same party have different opinions on the abolition of the electoral college Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden does not support the elimination of the electoral college, but his Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris thinks differently

Harris told Jimmy Kimmel, “I’m open to discussion I mean there’s no doubt the popular vote has been curtailed in terms of making the final decision on who the President of the United States is and we have to take care of it”

Whatever the electoral college, every vote counts If you are not registered to vote, register here

How many electoral votes are there, how does the electoral college work

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