SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – Jan. MARCH: Jade Raymond, Head of Google Stadiums, speaks at the GDC [] game developer conference on Jan. March 2019 in San Francisco, California.Google announced Stadia, a new streaming service that allows gamers to play online games without a console or computer (Photo by Justin Sullivan / Getty Images)

It was announced yesterday that Stadia is ceasing its first party-building gaming operations, laying off numerous in-house developers, and releasing industry legends that Google has hired including Jade Raymond

According to the official release, Stadia will now focus on working with third parties to bring games to Stadia, which it has been doing all along, but there was always a promise that Stadia would have its own must-have at some point have AAA games, including some that were “only possible with the cloud”, with big dreams of a thousand players, battle royales and so on. Now none of this is apparently going to happen

While this may not technically be the end for Stadia as a streaming service, it has decimated confidence in the future of Stadia even among longtime hardcore fans, even if it’s just the idea of ​​a first-party studio that killed will fans

as the service continues to operate

This is best felt on r / Stadia, a generally positive community about the platform that recently celebrated a huge win when Stadia was one of the best places to play Cyberpunk 2077 on launch due to its solid performance. p>

NEW YORK, NY – Nov. OCTOBER: The new Google Stadia gaming system controller appears during a [] Google launch event on Nov. October 2019 in New York City.The Google Stadia streaming service will be launched on October 19 Launched November (Photo by Drew Angerer / Getty Images)

“I’m a founder and I believed in Google the whole time”, says u / LambKyle “The service worked great for me I loved the games with Pro The distribution worked for me But that doesn’t look promising at all and I hesitate to buy more games on Stadia ”

The general thought is that if Google can shut down its entire sprawling first-party game development team, what’s stopping them from retiring Stadia in a year or two more if subscriptions don’t pick up? And why should you invest in buying games for a service that may not exist soon enough, with clear precedent for this to happen in a graveyard with other pre-existing abandoned Google products?

Not that Stadia has been a massive industrial force or anything, but a lack of confidence in the service afterwards should draw even more people to xCloud as this continues to grow, and it’s 100% clear that Microsoft is making its many first-party Development teams would never give up, so Game Pass, and in turn xCloud, will always have lots of first- and third-party titles, and Microsoft is in the gaming space to stay while Google feels they are into that and their earlier statements that They are long-term investments in Stadia now seem hollow

Similarly, Microsoft has the same advantage over Amazon, which has similar problems developing first-party video games, although unlike Stadia, it has actually tried to get some out, Amazon Luna has a slightly more logical subscription model than Stadia (you have to don’t buy individual games, whatever the weirdest thing about Stadia was), and again, Amazon feels like another tech company that doesn’t really understand how to make its way into the market, so when I look at the future of streaming games it seems To be miles ahead of Microsoft without having real confidence in its competitors, regardless of which other areas Amazon and Google dominate

Streaming games still has a long way to go before it becomes accepted as a true mainstream game form, but Microsoft is in a position of power now and it’s not clear when its rivals like Google and Amazon will actually be able to will be to develop an impact in this area, despite all previous investments

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