Towards the end of the Free Agency welcoming press conference on Thursday, Executive Vice President / General Manager Howie Roseman was asked about his approach to rosters, in which the team was within the $ 182 only period Has limited room to maneuver 5 million salary cap Could the Eagles spend money? What would they look for when the first wave of signatures came and went?

“We’re looking for people who we think fit our plan, who fit our culture, and we believe that if we take this thing down, we will have the opportunity to be here,” said Roseman. “If there is one If there is an opportunity to improve our team, we’ll look at this Let’s go ahead I would say if the fit is right we will “

Two days later, the Eagles found the right “fit” in the safety position and agreed on a one-year contract with veteran Anthony Harris. He has a chance to win a significant season as Rodney McLeod rehabilitates a torn anterior cruciate ligament that caused the Victory over New Orleans on Jan. December last season was suffered, and the other starter, Jalen Mills, who signed with New England in the free agency

Harris is a baller who has started the last three seasons in Minnesota – the last nine games of the 2018 season, all 14 games he played in 2019, when Harris recorded six interceptions to take the standings, and 16 games in the 2020 campaign Harris is familiar with the concepts that Eagles’ Defensive Coordinator Jonathan Gannon will be adopting – Gannon was a Minnesota coach from 2014-2017 as a defensive quality control coach and assistant secondary coach, helping develop Harris – and he should be able to translate the defensive system to the rest of the defense

When he was released from Virginia in 2015, where he was a teammate with McLeod in 2011 and indeed embarked on a similar career path, Harris began his time in Minnesota on the training team before being promoted to the active squad in Harris worked with in December that season Gannon together after sustaining a shoulder injury in college, a likely reason Harris wasn’t drafted. For much of this rookie season, Harris built up his physical strength and delved into the scheme

Harris’ intelligence helped him learn to defend as he fully accepted the team culture and his versatility impressed the coaching team. Slowly but surely, Harris gained the trust of the coaching staff and worked with Gannon on his development
The 2019 season was Harris’ breakout year.He was in football all season with the six interceptions and the addition of 11 passes defended allowed9 points per game, fifth best in the league Minnesota finished fifth in the league with 49 quarterback sacks and fourth in the league with 31 food stalls Harris and his security colleague Harrison Smith have teamed up to create one of the best security duos in the League to become

Last season was different for Minnesota’s defense, the sack total dropped to 23, and without the pressure up front, the secondary was nowhere near as effective.Harris played under the franchise in 2020 and had the best 104 tackles of his career, according to Pro Football Focus He’s been one of the best security measures in the league for the past three seasons – he finished fifth out of 100 in 2018 and second out of 98 in 2019.His PFF grade of 906 over the past three years is the league leader among all securities

Gannon described his staff’s approach to players and stated that it is in everyone’s best interests for the coaches to put players in positions of strength

“A ‘serve’ mentality,” he said in a recent interview for Eagles Insider Podcast, “I want our players to know, and I’ve spoken to most of them That’s why we’re here – the staff, myself, the head coach, all the defensive coaches – we’re here to make these guys the best players”You can be and the reason is that it’s good for the team, good for our defense and good for them I don’t know what a ‘player-coach’ is but I hope we connect with them and them understand that everything we do serves them and makes them bump into their roof as gamers that is why we are here and every decision we make will take this into account “

With that in mind, it makes sense that the Eagles give Harris a chance to take the soccer ball, his nine interceptions in the past three seasons ranks sixth among all security and his 24 passes defended seventh, we have Gannon’s intentions not entirely sure, but he does speak of being heavily influenced working among recognized defenders Mike Zimmer in Minnesota and Matt Eberflus in Indianapolis, Gannon wants to be aggressive and take football away – something the Vikings did very well as Gannon was there, and something Indianapolis did so well in 2019 (23rd in the league at 23) and 2020 (fifth in the NFL at 25)) In three seasons at the Colts, Gannon’s secondary player had a total of 45 interceptions to the sixth most place in the league

Harris is a long-lived player, a team leader who is active in the community and will bring young players with him. His ability to process helps him be in the right place at the right time At 29, Harris Is Asked to Take Young Players to Defense Harris’ skills are described as “rounded” in any responsibility that Gannon requires of his safety precautions The idea is to postpone the security arrangements and not have them at one “fixed” point on the defense

This isn’t a headline, but it’s what Roseman and the Eagles are looking for – a good fit.To Gannon, putting his defense into action here, Harris means he has a player he knows is in the defense can move without skipping a blow or missing an order for a defense with some needs adding Harris for 2021 makes a lot of sense as the Eagles seem like a defense that gives offense a lot of looks, pressure, chaos and take away the football

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Anthony Harris

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