Denmark will slaughter its entire mink population – up to 17 million animals – after scientists found some carried a mutated strand of COVID-19 that the government fears it will’ revive ‘any the global pandemic

The new strain, which originated from mink farms, has infected at least 12 people, the Danish government said, citing research from the country’s infectious disease authority, the National Serum Institute

The country’s prime minister says the new strain could ‘undermine’ the impact of a future COVID-19 vaccine

Scientists have observed cases of the virus in mink farms in Jutland, northern Denmark, for several months, but cases are now spreading rapidly in humans

In total, nearly 400 human cases appear to be linked to the country’s mink farms, the government said

“Virus has mutated in mink The mutated virus has spread to humans,” Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen told a press conference on Wednesday

The mutated virus could mean that “the effect of a future vaccine will be weakened or, in the worst case, undermined,” she said

This is because the mutated virus can weaken the body’s ability to develop antibodies, according to a study by the National Serum Institute. As a result, this could render the COVID-19 vaccines currently in development ineffective

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Denmark to deploy police, army and home guard to slaughter animals As one of the world’s largest producers of mink fur, Denmark has more than 1,000 mink farms and up to 17 million animals

The slaughter could cost the country up to 5 billion crowns ($ 785 million), according to government estimates

“We have a great responsibility to our own people, but with the mutation that has now been discovered, we have an even greater responsibility to the rest of the world,” Frederiksen said

The new mutation “may have serious negative consequences for the global management of the pandemic”, she added,

In the “worst case scenario, the pandemic will restart, this time in Denmark,” said the country’s leading epidemiologist, Kare Molbak, director of the National Serum Institute

Scientists have found cases of COVID-19 in nearly 20% of Denmark’s mink farms, Frederiksen said, and added that he had already slaughtered thousands of animals since June

Denmark is not the only country slaughtering mink during the pandemic to curb the spread of the virus Spain killed 100,000 mink in July after the virus was found on a farm in the north of the country, and the countries -Bas also killed tens of thousands


News from the world – United States – Denmark says it will slaughter 17 million mink after discovering a mutated strain of COVID-19 that officials fear it can “ revive ” the entire global pandemic