The matchup between the Giants and Cowboys in week 17, which you absolutely have to win, will lack the heavier star power that the fans have got used to in recent years – at least on the field

The two teams will play in a CT game on Sunday lunchtime that will shape the image of the NFC East playoffs. The weight of the matchup is not only wonderful because the two teams performed below average this season, but also without them main offensive stars

The Giants lost the superstar who ran Saquon Barkley back against the Bears with an ACL injury at the end of the season in Week 2, while Dallas lost starting quarterback Dak Prescott to a compound ankle fracture in the first matchup against the Giants in Week 5

In addition to their groundbreaking talents, Barkley and Prescott have also been highly acclaimed leaders on their respective teams – an aspect of their worth that has not faded in their absence

Giants head coach Joe Judge has commended Barkley for inspiring and encouraging his teammates behind the scenes

“What you don’t really see behind the scenes is how he’s working right now,” Judge said recently, “This guy is here every day. He’s very active in the workout room, in the weight room and getting better. You see this guy so often can be in the locker room to really encourage his teammates to stay involved, stay engaged

“Look, this guy was chosen as captain by his teammates for a reason. The off-field lead has definitely taken hold since he got injured and was no longer on the field”

With Dallas, the devastation of losing their Prescott quarterback, who campaigned for the League MVP prior to his injury, forced veteran Andy Dalton into the starting place

“It’s been a tough moment for all of us,” said Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy of Prescott’s injury, “But commitment to your football team never changes

“We always have to find a way to win and that has been our mindset. We have done a lot with this injury since then and I hope we will continue to grow and learn from these experiences”

Prescott went out of his way to join team culture after injury McCarthy claims that Prescott has also been a visible figure in the team’s practices since returning on crutches earlier this month and that his leadership is jumping off the table

“It’s good to see him every day,” said cowboys running back to Ezekiel Elliott. “He’s always in the best of spirits do everything possible to elevate his team, although this is very limited only by the circumstances “

Prescott’s return to the facility preceded the team’s three-game winning streak, which is slated to extend to four games this weekend with the NFC East title although it is unknown whether Prescott will travel to East Rutherford for his Watching teammates in person, he will undoubtedly be involved in the game in one way or another, as Barkley likely will be

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