Kansas City was a small favorite in that matchup, and the new-look Brady Buccaneers proved worthy opponents for perhaps the hottest team in professional football.The Chiefs’ offensive abounded from the start, and in In the first quarter, Patrick Mahomes had an insane amount of passing yards in wire-to-wire


For the last five weeks of their season, the team looks indomitable with the defense themselves performing like they did this week Kansas City is an improvement on the past few weeks and will make a lot of noise in the playoffs, when they play like this later in the season this week

In a game completely dominated by the Chiefs’ unstoppable offensive, Kansas City mined the Buccaneers defense all four quarters at the breakneck pace they set in the first quarter resulted in a blowout, and from the opening run it was clear that this would be a signature win

All the usual suspects on the offensive helped make the Chiefs their 10th Leading season win, but solid defensive game was especially refreshing after poor performances in recent weeks. This game will be just another feather in the cap of a team with Super Bowl ambitions

Aside from Tyreek Hill’s amazing performance, the Chiefs came out on their first run to score first and set the pace of the entire game, scoring half of their offensive runs Kansas City was at no point close to taking that lead lose, and keeping that lead helped the defense play their signature bend don’t break style.Tom Brady is a tough nut to crack, and if he didn’t play from behind for 56 minutes in the game it could turn out to be a very different one End come

Everyone contributed to the attack in this game, and their collective efficiency enabled Kansas City to play such a dominant game as the team averaged 43 yards per carry, and Patrick Mahomes completed 75 percent of his passes for 94 yards per try, and of course, Tyreek Hill had one of the best games of any recipient.It doesn’t often happen that a team gets this hot When you watch the Kansas City crime in a game like this, you literally see history being made weekly

The Chiefs have proven they could do long drives and run the clock a few times this week, but ultimately it was their ability to play the big offensive games that made the biggest difference with touchdowns from 75, 44 and 20 yards they managed to hit Tampa Bay deep for the entire game without neglecting anyone in Buccaneers high school

Kansas City iced that game up with a grind-it-out drive at the end of the game, with Tampa Bay running out of time out two Patrick Mahomes scrambles, one of which included a clutch slide to both convert a first down and do Keeping the clock going also set the stage for another series of downs that saw him make a crucial pass to Tyreek Hill to seal the deal

Though the big games scored all the points, it was the team’s ability to win the difficult yards as the game was in the final minutes. Their game-clinch ride was one of their most impressive accomplishments of the year They didn’t even give Brady a chance to change the outcome

Nobody had more influence on this game than Tyreek Hill, and without his elite speed, Kansas City would have gotten into trouble in the shootout.Its 203 yards in the first quarter and three touchdowns a day were the main drivers of the offense, with a volume of 13 Aiming and 12 receptions, this was perhaps the best game of his career so far. With one or two more appearances later in the season, Hill could find himself in even more places in the record book by February

The Chiefs franchise quarterback continued his run of excellence 400 yards and a handful of touchdowns without causing an interception Mahomes benefited from the presence of Sammy Watkins, who returned after a few weeks of injury, and the Kansas offensive City slowly returned to full health, their playoff push is fully in effect.The team relies on a Steelers defeat to secure first place in the AFC It does appear to be able to win at the end of the season with an exceptionally simple schedule, however

A tough stretch of games for defense eventually gave way to positive momentum, with a solid performance from the Chiefs defensive stars in particular Mathieu looked back on form, with a pressure that forced an interception and his own pick for good Measure The defense had to be reinforced for weeks, and a performance like this was exactly what the doctor ordered in December

Kansas City to play Denver at Arrowhead Stadium Sunday night on Week 13 The high-octane crime is doing its best on the big stage, and with such a productive game played this week, the Broncos could be even more prepared

Denver has been in an awkward position due to a COVID-19 outbreak that no longer quarterback attended this week Therefore, there is a chance that the game could be postponed or otherwise influenced by non-footballing circumstances, in any case it is a rivalry game and should be a fun matchup

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