REUTERS – US. President-elect Joe Biden plans to withdraw approval for the $ 9 billion Keystone XLpipeline project as one of his first acts and possibly on his first day, according to a source familiar with his thinking

President Donald Trump, a Republican, had made the construction of the pipeline a key promise in his presidential campaign. Biden, inaugurated on Wednesday, was Vice President of the Obama administration when he opposed the project to his efforts to combat it Climate change rejected

The words “Rescind Keystone XL Pipeline Approval” appear on a list of executive actions expected to be scheduled on the first day of Biden’s presidency This comes from an earlier report by Canadian Broadcasting Corp. forth

Biden, a Democrat, had previously vowed to cancel the President’s permission from the oil pipeline if he became President

Canada’s Ambassador to the United States said she would continue to sponsor a project that she believes fits in with both countries’ environmental plansS. on climate change as Canada as we work together for the green transition, ”said Ambassador Kirsten Hillman in a statement

The project to move oil from Alberta to Nebraska was slowed down by legal issues in the US

It has also been rejected by environmentalists who wanted to control the expansion of Canada’s oil sands by opposing new pipelines to bring the crude to refineries

Construction in Canada is in full swing, international border crossing complete. In the United States, TC has started building pumping stations in each of the states the route will pass through, but legal setbacks are costing it much of the construction season 2020

Keystone XL Pipeline

World News – US – Biden may terminate approval for Keystone XL Pipeline once his first day is in office: Source