While he has an admirer in Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, the general consensus is that the Jets head coach Adam Gase will be firing at the end of the season

A radio report in New York earlier this week showed that Gase had already been notified that he would be released from his duties after week 17 on Wednesday, Gase said it was not

“That was news for me. Nobody told me that,” Gase said of Ralph Vacchiano at SNY

Gase was also asked what he thought will happen at the end of the season. Gase responded by saying that while working for Nick Saban in Michigan, he learned that “you do your job until someone else gives you something else.” says “and that for the time being he will concentrate on Sunday’s game against the Patriots

Curious that the Jets suddenly played a lot better two weeks ago. Could it be that the players got wind of the decision around this time and have been playing for their own jobs since then?

He had a job getting Lawrence to NYC and he couldn’t even get this right Sunday will be his last game as head coach

That doesn’t change the result. As a Pats fan, I’m glad to see that you don’t get a T. Lawrence

Let me be the first to break it, Adam, you will be fired Monday

Well, there’s always a chance he, like Belichick, accidentally stumbles upon the GOAT franchise QB and has a 20 year run where everyone forgets their total futility without that QB

Unlike people laid off for poor performance, Gases will likely be paid in the millions to sit and vacuum at home for another two years
He should send Manning a check

Gase tried his best for 0-16 but the Rams and Browns played poorly and the Jets played those two games hard
You won despite gases

It is not a lie, you believe it
-George Costanza

Adam Gase

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