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Two competitors at their respective conferences attended when the Denver Nuggets hosted the Philadelphia 76ers on Tuesday night. The game was the second of two meetings between the teams this season when the Nuggets hit an extremely understaffed Sixers squad back in January defeated On the way to the second match, the Nuggets finished fifth in the Western Conference playoff picture, while the Sixers took first place in the east

In a competition between the Nuggets and Sixers, the two best centers in the game, Nikola Jokic and Joel Embiid, usually battle it out but this time it wasn’t as Embiid falls by the wayside with a bruise on his knee The Sixers hope to get him back soon, and they certainly should have been on Tuesday night with no Embiid on the line-up, Denver faced little edge resistance and they could capitalize on the competition as the nuggets shot 48 percent off the ground and 38 percent off Afar and eventually walked away with a 104-95 win. Jamal Murray led the Nuggets with 30 points and six rebounds, and Michael Porter Jr added 27 points and 12 rebounds of their own Rookie Tyrese Maxey led Philadelphia with 13 points

In case you just watched the score and couldn’t see the game, here’s what you need to know: The end result makes the game look a lot closer than it actually was, and in fact it was for the vast majority of the 48 minutes just the opposite Denver dominated the game from the start and then never really looked back. The Nuggets doubled the Sixers in the first quarter and were leading by 44:22 after 12 minutes. At halftime the score was between 68 and 45 and it was clear that the Nuggets In fact, Jokic, Murray and Porter Jr prevailed against the Sixers in the first half with 48: 45

The Sixers made some important advances in the second half to make the score respectable. Philadelphia even beat Denver 50-36 in the last 24 minutes, largely thanks to a solid banking game. Ultimately, the hole was that the Sixers dug for themselves in the first half just too big to beat The Sixers have blown leads in the past but that was the opposite situation They came strong late but were doomed by their slow start, when Denver scored a wire-to-wire victory

Michael Porter Jr had a game against the Sixers third-year striker finished with 27 points, 12 rebounds, four assists, a steal, and a block while shooting 11-on-16 from the ground and 5-on-7 from long range one such productive play has been a trend lately by Porter Jr In his last 20 games, Porter Jr has an average of 19 points and 88 rebounds per performance when shooting 57 percent from the field and 50 percent from depth

Porter Jr emerging as a legitimate third option for the nuggets that will play a huge role after the season as Jokic and Murray can’t do all the heavy lifting, the addition of Aaron Gordon should help in that regard too, despite having a relatively quiet night against had the Sixers and was done with just six points and four rebounds in 25 minutes

In the ranking at the top of the Eastern Conference it is very close. In fact, so close that with the loss to the Nuggets on Tuesday evening – their second loss in a row after the fall against the Clippers in LA Saturday night – Philadelphia lost sole control of first place in the East In 47 games, the Sixers and Brooklyn Nets are now record breaking between 32 and 15. The race between these two teams over the course of the season will be extremely interesting as both teams appear to be one Wanting home advantage during the conference playoffs In the struggle for positioning, every game really begins to play a role at this point in the season

Anyone who has heard a few Doc Rivers press conferences can tell that even with defeat, he has a pretty solid sense of humor. When asked if he’d made the harsh loss the Sixers just suffered from the Nuggets, could draw something positive, the response from Rivers met a giggle from the media members “The clock is finally up,” he said

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76ers vs Nuggets

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