ONTARIO (CBSLA) – Many unanswered questions remained unanswered after two people were killed on Tuesday when a large cache of fireworks exploded in a house in Ontario rattled the neighborhood and prompted an evacuation order that came on Wednesday remained in force

The multiple explosions occurred in the San Antonio area and Maple Avenue from approx 12:30 p.m. and sent debris covering 80 properties

“There was a large explosion within about two properties, and that debris field went to about 80 properties that we need to review today,” said Ray Gayk, chief of the Ontario Fire Department, at a news conference Wednesday,

Gayk reported Tuesday that two people were killed in the blast and three others were slightly injured but did not have to be hospitalized

At the briefing on Wednesday, Ontario Police Chief Mike Lorenz announced that two cousins, 38-year-old Alex Paez and 20-year-old Ceasar Paez, were missing and couldn’t immediately confirm if they were the two people who were originally reported dead

A dog was also found dead on the property. Two more horses were rescued. It is unclear how many animals could be missing

Two houses were destroyed, both on the same property On Wednesday morning, investigators were unable to even enter the house where the explosion occurred as it may contain fireworks that have not yet exploded

“I’ve been with the fire department for 30 years I’ve never seen an incident like this before I’ve never responded to an incident like this, “Gayk said on Wednesday

An evacuation warrant has been issued for dozens of residents who live in the area bounded by West Francis Street and West Maple Avenues and between Fern Avenue and San Antonio Avenues

Two dozen bomb technicians from multiple federal and local agencies, including the FBI and ATF, combed the field of debris Wednesday, which may contain unexploded fireworks, necessitating the need to maintain evacuation orders for possibly several days. p>

“After clearing the area of ​​unexploded ordnance, fireworks and dangerous ammunition, we will begin the investigation part of this incident,” Gayk said on Wednesday

A temporary care and reception center has been established at De Anza Community Center, 1405 S Fern Ave Displaced persons received hotel vouchers

A CBSLA employee who lives nearby said his entire house was shaking and smoke was in the air. A Twitter user posted a video of the explosion saying, “Somebody’s fireworks in Ontario shook our entire neighborhood ”

AUDIO UP: More video of the fireworks explosion by Chino High Junior Samatha Soliz @cbsla #cbsla #ontario #explosion picTwittercom / tl18eDVUc0

Stunned residents captured the frightening scene on Tuesday afternoon when fireworks exploded into a ball of black and then white smoke

“My leg caught fire,” said Arlene Fiero, a neighbor of the house. “Part of my house fell on me, part of the door and part of the wall, it just collapsed from the explosion”

Fiero filmed her cell phone after the first explosion to make sure her family members were okay. Then the second, larger explosion occurred

“It just shook everything,” said Samantha Soliz. “It shook the house, it shook me, that’s for sure we were just so scared we wanted to go”

The Ontario Police had received numerous calls about illegal fireworks in the neighborhood, but not in that particular house, neighbors said fireworks would go off at any time of the day or night, which would set off car alarms

“It sounded like explosions or something and then it shook our whole house,” said witness Ally Conant. “It was like an earthquake, I thought. And then she came running to the bathroom and we just said,” What’s the matter ? ” And just freaked out of total fear ”

“I’ve already tidied everything up inside, but it was worse than that, “said Ontario-resident Allyssa Boroluzzi as she showed the broken glass on the floor in front of her apartment

Boroluzzi was in her unit with her three young children at the time of the explosion

She and other neighbors said they complained to the police about constant neighborhood explosions that sound like bombs

“We were sitting inside and all we heard was an explosion that wasn’t that big at first, but it felt like an earthquake because everything was shaking,” she said. “It was about a minute or two long calm, but then the big explosion happened and then all the windows shattered ”

Detectives interviewed a group of people who were leaving the security area, including men, women and children Local and federal investigators searched for unexploded material Tuesday night and Wednesday morning
Evacuation orders are in place in Ontario after two people were killed, three injured and one house was destroyed in a series of explosions yesterday, authorities say a huge supply of fireworks has ignited, fearing further possible explosions 45 people have been displaced @CBSLA BildTwittercom / uJqYCo4K9g

Explosion in Ontario

World News – US – 2 killed in massive fireworks explosion that rocked Ontario neighborhood; Dozens evacuated

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