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On Tuesday, millions of voters will go to the polls, joining the more than 97 million Americans who have already voted early, and will make their choice in one of the most controversial presidential elections in recent memory On the ballot in front of them, Democratic candidate former vice-president and incumbent Republican President Donald Trump

For many their choice is clear In a recent poll, a majority of over 15,000 readers, when asked whether the final presidential debate had changed their minds, said no Throughout the electoral cycle, we asked readers what they thought of the candidates, their debate and their performance as mayor, and how they saw the election going We also asked readers how they intended to spend their election night, many of which included a lot of alcohol.

While experts say we may not know the results of Tuesday night’s election, due to more mail-in ballots states must count, readers have already picked a winner and shared what they thought the outcome would be

Of 4,765 responses, 535% said Democratic challenger Joe Biden would win the presidency over Donald Trump at 465%

Slight lead predicted by readers echoed national polls which showed Biden to beat Trump on election day Many readers have suggested election results would be challenged, especially if Trump loses and refuses to concede Others said they thought the results would be final, but believed civil unrest could follow 165 responses mentioned “disputed” while 132 mentioned “final” Several also commented that one “silent majority” could appear in favor of Trump

“Biden will win overwhelmingly because the American people are good and decent and reject Trump’s narrow, bitter and self-serving attacks on the people and democratic institutions of our great nation”

“I think the polls are wrong, this election will play out much like the last one President Trump will challenge the results if he loses, Biden won’t, but wait for members of Congress to challenge him”

“I think the traditionally Republican states will remain Trump, but the Midwest will return to Biden, leaving Trump with a cap that’s not enough to win I think Trump will be between 200 and 200 with EC votes, and the Biden’s margin of victory will be enough for them to call the race the day after Election Day No court involved, but I’m predicting a level of national bitterness we haven’t seen in my lifetime “

“We won’t know the results for at least three days, maybe more And the lame duck session, assuming Trump loses, will be painful – filled with excuses, complaints and name-calling [by] l ‘current commander-in-chief “

“Young people will vote in higher percentages than four years ago – and that favors Biden Suburban women will overwhelmingly vote for Biden – as they voted overwhelmingly for Democrats in 2018 And even people seniors will vote for Biden – because Trump’s failure to fight the coronavirus pandemic puts their lives at risk – which is a big change from four years ago “

“I think it will be close and honestly I couldn’t have chosen until Trump dealt with the pandemic [COVID-19] I would never vote for him in a million years, but I was worried he couldn’t get a win a few months ago I think he untangles himself and makes a fool of himself at the most crucial moment of the election “

“As in 2016, polls are inaccurate and out of date Many Trump supporters would not admit it to a pollster Seeing that many states are tight, I expect the enthusiasm and turnout make Trump move, like in 2016 It will be close however And in an ironic twist of fate it will be Biden / Democrats who will not accept the election results and this will go on for one to two weeks until all the results state are certified”

“Polls Show Big Favorite Biden Even though turnout swings in Trump’s favor like he did in 2016, it’s still a significant win for Biden Given the already positive turnout and the motivation that drove young people to the polls, we have a significant chance of seeing a change in function “

“President Donald Trump will be reelected He is a clown as a person but as president he is possibly the best we have ever had 4plus”

“Donald Trump will win with a sizeable majority in the Electoral College to the point where the courts or a recount will not be necessary to determine the winner”

“I think it will be a decisive victory because all the third and undecided voters, whether they voted for Trump or not in 2016, will see the results of his four years and vote for Biden, not wanting to ‘Waste’ their vote again “

“Silent Trump supporters will prevail Most, myself included, are afraid to support Trump publicly for fear of being attacked or of being killed for not conforming to the left-wing mob”

“I believe Joe Biden will unite the country and help rebuild better after the virus is destroyed. He trusts the experts and listens to the opinions of others without degrading them”

“I think there will be unrest after the vote is over I don’t think it will reach extreme levels of violence, but there will be, I’m afraid”

Another voter said he would move to the moon if Biden wins (Last week, NASA announced it had discovered water there)

Do you agree with the predictions listed? Let us know in the comments below. We’ll be watching the election results closely and determining whether or not this reader will need to purchase a ticket to the moon

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