A stronger version of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) has been strengthened to protect women from armed stalkers and to increase funding for domestic violence survivors is becoming a test of the appetite for judicial reform in the country Biden EraA VAWA re-approval bill first passed in 1994 with the then Sen. Joe Biden as a sponsor has passed away in the Democratic-controlled House, but faces an uphill battle in the Senate The main sticking point seems to be a clause called the ” Closing the friendship gap “that would prevent anyone convicted of stalking from obtaining a firearm,” Vox reports. “We have encountered hiccups on some gun problems and that is a big problem for some of us We shouldn’t be touching people’s constitutional rights, “Sen said Joni Ernst (R-IA), a lead writer on the GOP version of the bill, said

The reauthorization move would empower VAWA at a time when cases of violence against women, including domestic violence and most recently the deadly gunfight in Atlanta, have attracted growing attention in a recent report by the National Commission on COVID-19 and Criminal Justice an 8 percent increase in reports of domestic violence since the stay at home order was passed.Other new elements of the bill include measures to protect indigenous women by ensuring that non-tribal criminals are held accountable in tribal areas Funds for housing vouchers to enable survivors to move quickly to government-sponsored housing if necessary, and guarantees that victims of violence can remain eligible for unemployment insurance if they have to leave their jobs for safety reasons

With over 200000 women and girls imprisoned in the US, the National Council for Imprisoned and Ex-Imprisoned Women and Girls calls on the Biden government to correct the flaws of a criminal justice system it has supported

Moyers was named a Justice Media Trailblazer by TCR in 2018 February 2018 to

Police agencies have achieved more reforms than they were trusted, but too many departments still have “old-school thinking”, writes the Executive Director of the Police Executive Research Forum. Instead of following a checklist of what not to do, managers should tell the cops what to do

During the US. According to terrorism expert Seamus Hughes, author of Homegrown, a new book about ISIS activity in America, the FBI still has 1000 open and active investigations against ISIS supporters in all 50 states

A report from US-secret services warn of future violence as police whistle white supremacists who target critical infrastructures such as cell phone towers

Texas lawmakers remain at odds with the benefits and risks of a bill that aims to reduce penalties but can overwhelm prosecutors offices across the state with commutation requests

Robert Aaron Long was charged Wednesday with eight murders for the murder of three spas and told detectives he had visited massage parlors in the past and carried out the attacks to dispel temptation, investigators said they had not ruled out a racist motive although the 21-year-old white male suspect denied being driven by fanaticism

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