In the Google Doodle issue of 24 The video Doodle, featured on the website’s home page, featured a mariachi serenade of the most famous of all time classical song known as “Cielito Lindo Born in the 19th century and since then this music has evolved in many different ways.It has also mingled with other genres, including jazz and reggae.Despite all this amalgamation between different genres, it has remained a strong representation of the culture and history of Mexico. Read on to get started today to learn everything about the google topic

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Mariachi is essentially characterized by a group of musicians (mostly a small group) dressed in traditional clothing. These people play a wide variety of Mexican songs, most of which are played on instruments with strings either on the music or on the musicians

This tradition of mariachi dates back to the western central part of Mexico at the turn of the 19th century Century back Mariachi is a powerful symbol of the history and culture of Mexico

to this day

The video Doodle from 24 November at Google showed a mariachi serenade of the classic called “Cielito Lindo” Cielito Lindo is a symbol of pride and community in Mexico. The name Cielito Lindo can be translated from Spanish into English as “beautiful sweetie”

Today #GoogleDoodle celebrates one of the most famous and beloved elements of CS culture & identity: Mariachi music 🎼🎺❗️
🔖 In 2011, @UNESCO inscribed “Mariachi Music” as the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity
Check out➕👉🏼 https: // tco / peZbkR9RkZ @ GoogleDoodles BildTwittercom / hkvhokRRz2

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World News – USA – Google Doodle from 24 November is a mariachi: do you know the classic ‘Cielito Lindo’