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Rep. Eric Swalwell’s job as impeachment manager is to convince at least two-thirds of the Senate to convict former President Trump of inciting insurgency However, a number of leading Republicans remain unconvinced that he is a member of the House’s Intelligence and Homeland Security Committees

“This is an interesting choice someone who is effectively part of a Chinese spy ring, so it’s a provocative choice,” Sen said Josh Hawley told a pool reporter about Swalwell’s selection as impeachment manager while on trial

In this image from the video, House Impeachment Manager Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif, speaks during the second impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump in the U SenateS. Washington Capitol, Wednesday, February 10, 2021 (Senate television via AP)

Swalwell had after Jan Posted on Twitter 6 Capitol Rebellion to criticize Sens Hawley and Ted Cruz as “Coup Klux Klan” “They were part of a group of Republicans who opposed the confirmation of the victory in a joint session of Congress that was punctuated by the chaos President-elect Joe Biden protested at the Electoral College

And other prominent Republicans have also made fun of Swalwell’s role in the trial, including Sen. Rand Paul, who has stated that he doesn’t even believe the impeachment process is constitutional since the president stepped down

“We were given a lecture this afternoon by Eric Swalwell, a man accused of teaming up with a Chinese spy,” the Kentucky Republican tweeted. “How fitting!”

“What our Commander-in-Chief did was completely different from what anyone in this room was doing to raise election concerns,” said Swalwell, speaking to the chamber. “This was a deliberate, deliberate call to his base, our Capitol to attack while counting continues “

And he argued that the riot allegations were not just about the speech Trump gave at a rally shortly before the riot broke out

“He built this mob over many months of repetitive messages until they believed they had been stripped of their voice and would do anything to stop the certification. He made them believe their victory was stolen and donated it so he could use them to steal the choice for himself “


The congressman has yet to delve into his past relationship with a suspected Chinese spy who stayed in touch with his relatives and other lawmakers for years, even after the congressman learned of the allegations against them and broke off himself

Current and former intelligence officials said he should have used the reveal to expose Chinese espionage and warn the public about the operation

A number of past and current members of the Republican House have urged Swalwell to resign or be removed from the House Intelligence Committee

House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat, has refused to remove the congressman from his sensitive post – even adding him to the Homeland Security Committee after the China story surfaced

He allegedly first met the spy after she arrived under the guise of an exchange student in 2011. He cut ties with her in 2015 after the FBI informed him of her alleged activities, but his father and brother showed up by December On her Facebook friend list in 2020, at least two California mayors and other officials as well, she was also accused of having had sexual relations with two Midwestern mayors

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Eric Swalwell

World News – USA – Eric Swalwell, the Congressman linked to Chinese spy, is impeaching Trump in the Senate process