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Apple seems serious about building a car again. Reuters reports that Apple is pushing the production of a passenger car by 2024, as well as the creation of self-driving systems and “breakthrough battery technology” “The report is vague about how it all comes together – it It’s not clear that all of these technologies will go into the first passenger car Apple hopes to build – but it does show Apple is considering car production after previously abandoning plans to make a vehicle”Auto

There have been rumors that Apple has been developing a car since 2015, but the project scaled down significantly in 2016 The development of a full car was scrapped, and the Apple team was once again focusing on providing software that could be licensed to automakers, according to reports at the time. It wasn’t until last year that around 200 people were laid off from the Apple auto team

Now it seems that Apple has focused again on building an actual vehicle – although there is great uncertainty about when (and even if) that will happen, according to Reuters, the 2024 production target for an Apple-made car is despite it Could Be Delayed “Through 2025 Or Beyond” Due To Pandemic Delays There is also still the possibility that Apple could attribute its efforts to autonomous driving, the report warns

The report says Apple relies on third parties to provide some components of its self-propelled technology, including its LIDAR systems, according to reports, Apple’s battery technology is based on a “monocell” design that allows more capacity into the whole Battery pack can be fitted by not dividing it into individual cells, Reuters reports that this could allow for “potentially greater range” and lower costs

If Apple plans to make a self-driving car, it may also have regulatory hurdles before it hits the road.There are no real self-driving vehicles today, although some cars, like Tesla’s, may have some level of driver assistance in certain situations offer

Earlier this month, Apple handed control of its self-driving car project to John Giannandrea, the company’s AI head Giannandrea was brought on board in 2018 to work on Siri after previously working at Google as head of search and artificial intelligence had

Just yesterday, another report in Taiwan Economic Daily News said that an Apple-made car could be released as early as 2021 in a surprisingly ambitious timeframe if it were true. Back in 2018, trusted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had loudly MacRumors predicted the launch of a car between 2023 and 2025 However, it was generally felt that Apple has been focusing on self-driving technology rather than producing an actual Apple vehicle in recent years

Apple car

World news – USA – Apple plans to build its first car in 2024, says Reuters

Source: https://www.theverge.com/2020/12/21/22194032/apple-car-self-driving-battery-tech