Amanda Gorman conquered the nation with her reading of “The Hill We Climb” at the inauguration of President Biden

By 22, most young adults are busy finishing college or entering the world of work. At the same young age, poet Amanda Gorman stepped onto a podium to deliver the powerful prose of “The Hill We Climb,” a speech Gorman prepared for the inauguration of President Biden and Vice President Harris

Gorman made history when she was named the USA’s first National Youth Poetry Laureate. A graduate of Harvard University, Gorman was also remembered as the youngest inaugural poet after President Biden’s oath of office

The young poet has voiced in interviews the struggle she experienced while writing “The Hill We Climb” – an undoubtedly nerve-wracking undertaking, considering that she will soon be writing the poem with the newly inaugurated President of the United States and the nation would divide

“I had this big thing, probably one of the most important things I’ll ever do in my career,” she said in an interview. “It was like I was going to pass out trying to hit this mountain all at once to climb ”

Gorman said she was only about halfway through the poem when the Capitol Uprising on Jan. January 6 was when pro-Trump rioters huddled in the same building where she would soon deliver her poem

She stayed up late into the night, shocked yet inspired to finish her poem, adding verses about the disturbing scenes that played out that day

It was the poet’s intention to “not to gloss over in some way what we have seen in the last few weeks and, as I may say, in the last few years, “said Gorman.” But what I really strive for in the poem is to find a way on with my words that our country can still come together and heal. It does so in a way that does not obliterate or neglect the harsh truths that I believe America needs to reconcile with ”

Gorman’s intentions were clear in “The Hill We Climb” as she recited lines like, “When the day comes we wonder where we can find light in this infinite shadow” and “So let’s go behind a land that is better than what we left. With every breath from my bronze-colored chest we will turn this wounded world into a wondrous one ”

Her hopeful speech was well deserved recognition by icons like former first lady Michelle Obama and well-known actress Regina King, who wrote on Twitter

“You @TheAmandaGorman give me hope you are grace personified You recorded the history of this country and what democracy should mean Thank you for showing up for LA Thank you for showing up for this country”

In her strong and poignant words, @TheAmandaGorman reminds us of the power we all have in maintaining our democracy bills on, Amanda! Cant wait to see what you do next #BlackGirlMagicPhoto Photo credit: Rob Carr picTwittercom / C2cf0U5iEj

In a year that begins with an important milestone, with her appearance at the inauguration, Gorman’s work will reach a much larger audience. In September, Viking Books for Young Readers will launch their first collection of poetry, entitled “The Hill We Climb Your first children’s book “Change Sings” with illustrations by Loren Long will be released on the same day

. “Publish, which is aimed at young and adult readers and contains the opening poem

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