Donald Trump’s allies try to argue that the president is on track to win Arizona, a state the PA and Fox News have previously called Joe Biden

🚨 That’s big @FoxNews and @AP should immediately drop their AZ call @realDonaldTrump will go to the state🚨 https: // tco / kBII2i5MQy

Fox News said its ruling office is upholding its Arizona appeal, saying the state’s latest batch of votes would not divide the way the Trump team insists it does. will

Baier also now says Fox’s decision-making office still stands behind his Arizona appeal, and doesn’t think the latest batch of votes will split like the Trump camp thinks (and needs). p>

Even election analysts who have yet to make a definitive appeal to Arizona have expressed skepticism that Trump could win there

But – in general, the postal ballots were decent for Biden – even Republicans – late ballots can also be quite young – it’s possible these Republicans just voted in person, and we didn’t. don’t know yet

It should be noted that Joe Biden’s current Wisconsin margin of victory, in terms of gross vote tally, is almost identical to Donald Trump’s in 2016

Biden has therefore reclaimed at least one state from the Democrats’ ‘blue wall’, but Wisconsin looks destined to have more extremely tight presidential races in the years to come

With Wisconsin in Joe Biden’s column, the Democratic candidate could win the election only by keeping his lead in Nevada and Michigan

If Biden won both Nevada and Michigan after securing Wisconsin, his electoral tally would be 270, the exact number needed to capture the White House

Michigan officials continue to count valid ballots, though Donald Trump’s re-election campaign says it has taken legal action to “stop the count” in the state

Donald Trump’s re-election campaign has already announced that it will “immediately” call for a recount in Wisconsin

However, with Joe Biden ahead of more than 20,000 votes in Wisconsin, a recount is unlikely to change the end result in the state

Even the president’s allies, like former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, have said they think the state is definitely lost for Trump

After the 2011 WI Supreme Court race recount, there was a swing of 300 votes After the 2016 WI presidential race recount, @realDonaldTrump’s numbers increased by 131 As I said, 20,000 is a big obstacle # Election2020 https: // tco / CEr82eiCWH

The PA called on Wisconsin and its 10 constituencies voting for Joe Biden It is the second state to switch from Republican to Democrat, following Arizona’s call for the Democratic candidate early this morning (Biden also reversed Nebraska’s only 2nd Congressional District electoral vote)

Meagan Wolfe, administrator for the Wisconsin Election Commission, said in a briefing that the state believes it got all the unofficial results except for a small town of 300 people (Biden currently leads with around 20,000 votes)

Wisconsin’s announcement matches Biden campaign statements that they are optimistic about the race in their leadership Biden’s electoral vote tally now stands at 248, which means he will win the election s he can maintain his leaders in Nevada and Michigan

Donald Trump’s re-election campaign has already announced that it will demand a recount in Wisconsin ‘immediately’, but given the margin of the race, a recount is unlikely to change the end result

Earlier today, Democratic state president Ben Wikler had a deceptive tweet via Twitter when he claimed the state was won by Biden around 7:20 a.m. ET

Incidentally, Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said she expected an unofficial vote count by the end of the day The state, she said, still has “tens of thousands” of ballots

CNN SCREENING: Joe Biden wins Wisconsin, marking a setback on President Trump’s path to re-election by overthrowing a state Trump won four years ago https: // tco / itLz6p6Nwo #CNNElection picTwittercom / jD6VSWIE2u

The Guardian is going through AP’s race calls, so we are yet to declare a winner in the State, but the news is certainly a good sign for Biden’s chances of victory

Advisors to Donald Trump’s re-election campaign – including the president’s son Eric Trump – will hold a press conference in Philadelphia in about an hour, with Pennsylvania too close to call

“Donald J Trump for President, Inc will host a press conference in Philadelphia, Pa with Eric Trump, Trump 2020 Senior Advisor Lara Trump, Former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and Senior Campaign Advisor Corey Lewandowski at 3:30 p.m. EST, ”the campaign said in a press release

The campaign made no mention of Rudy Giuliani, the president’s personal lawyer, joining the press conference, but he said he was also traveling to Philadelphia

Heading to Philadelphia with the Legal Team Massive Cheating @ realDonaldTrump 550,000 with 75% counted I won’t let the Democratic hacks in Philly steal it!

Quick fact-check on Giuliani’s tweet: There is no evidence of “massive cheating” in Pennsylvania or any other state on the battlefield

There is also no indication that Pennsylvania Democrats are trying to ‘steal’ the race State election officials continue to count valid ballots cast on Election Day

Donald Trump’s re-election campaign has announced that it has taken legal action to stop ballot counting in the swing state of Michigan

“President Trump’s campaign did not have meaningful access to many counting locations to observe the ballot opening and the counting process as guaranteed by Michigan law We have brought action today in Michigan Claims Court to suspend counting until meaningful access has been granted, ”Campaign Manager Bill Stepien said in a statement

“We also demand to review ballots that have been opened and counted when we did not have meaningful access President Trump has pledged to ensure that all legal votes are counted in Michigan and everywhere else “

Joe Biden was narrowly ahead at Michigan, giving him the advantage in key swing state, but plenty of ballots have yet to be counted

And it’s official: Republican Susan Collins of Maine has been re-elected to the US Senate, the PA has announced

BREAKING: Republican Susan Collins wins re-election to US Senate of Maine #APracecall at 1:51 pm est # Election2020 #MEelection https: // tco / lGfinjTqT4

Democrats have virtually no path to a majority in the Senate at the moment They are expected to win at least three of the remaining five un-called races and take the White House to overthrow the chamber

Of the five remaining unnamed races, Democrats have a very small advantage in Michigan, and Republicans lead in Alaska and North Carolina

At least one of the Georgia Senate races is heading for a second round in January, but Democrats would likely have to force the other Georgia Senate race to a second round to have even the slightest chance of win the majority

Donald Trump won Maine’s only 2nd congressional district electoral vote, while Joe Biden won the state as a whole

President Trump wins 2nd Congressional District of Maine, garnering District Electoral College single vote against Joe Biden Biden won statewide vote Full coverage of # Election2020: https: // tco / Ygrm6VvWYIhttps: // tco / SnZtJZuPaG

While the victory is obviously positive for the president, it matters a little less because Biden reversed the single electoral vote in Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District

Susan Collins announced that her Democratic challenger, Sara Gideon, conceded the race by addressing supporters in Bangor, Maine

Sen Susan Collins (R-ME) declares victory after opponent Sara Gideon called her to concede the race # Election2020 picTwittercom / STXlRztThc

“I have news for everyone,” the Republican Senator told the crowd “I just got a very kind call from Sara Gideon to concede the race”

Collins will serve another six years in the Senate, making her the first senator in this cycle to win re-election as her state votes for the opposing party’s presidential candidate

Republican incumbent Susan Collins has said her Democratic opponent Sara Gideon called on her to concede in the Maine Senate race

The PA has yet to make the official race call, but a Collins victory would essentially ensure Republicans retain control of the Senate

Gideon’s defeat is particularly difficult for Democrats, given that the party viewed the Collins seat as a relatively easy pickup opportunity

Minority Parliamentary Leader Kevin McCarthy downplayed concerns over Donald Trump, baselessly alleging presidential “fraud” and declaring victory with no results to back it up

@GOPLeader: “The American people have a voice I know the pollsters were wrong, just like they were wrong four years ago” Full video here: https: // tco / cg0Q4DYS5W picTwittercom / FzjUAiTwDt

“What the president wants to make sure is that every legal vote is counted,” McCarthy said

The California Republican then expressed his concern about the votes after election day, although there is absolutely no evidence that this is happening

“The American people have a voice I know the pollsters were wrong, just like they were wrong four years ago,” McCarthy said

The House leader also expressed confidence that Trump would be re-elected even if results in Michigan and Wisconsin drift away from the president

“I think at the end of the day the president will be re-elected for another four years,” McCarthy said

Donald Trump’s re-election campaign demands a recount in Wisconsin, as results show Joe Biden leads there by around 20,000 votes

“Irregularities have been reported in several counties in Wisconsin, raising serious doubts about the validity of the results,” Campaign Manager Bill Stepien said in a statement “The president is well within the threshold to request a recount and we will do so immediately”

There is no evidence of widespread fraud in the presidential race, and Meagan Wolfe, the administrator of the Wisconsin Election Commission, applauded the state’s handling of the election during a briefing a few moments ago

While Trump may call for a recount, he’s unlikely to change the end result in Wisconsin by as high as 20,000. Even Trump’s allies, like former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, have said a recount likely wouldn’t overthrow the state

After the 2011 WI Supreme Court race recount, there was a swing of 300 votes After the 2016 WI presidential race recount, @realDonaldTrump’s numbers increased by 131 As I said, 20,000 is a big obstacle # Election2020 https: // tco / CEr82eiCWH

As battlefield states continue to count their ballots, the president continues to voice his baseless grievances on Twitter

“They are working hard to get back 500,000 votes in Pennsylvania – ASAP. Also Michigan and others! Donald Trump said in a new tweet

Just to repeat, there is absolutely no evidence of fraud or collusion between election officials in the presidential race

Results move away from Trump because states like Wisconsin and Michigan count mail-in votes, which lean towards Joe Biden, after tallying votes in person

Twitter quickly added a disinformation tag to Trump’s tweets, as the social media giant has now done to several of the president’s posts today

We still expect more results from Pennsylvania, but here’s some good news for Joe Biden: he seems to have bet on Hillary Clinton’s advantage in 2016 in Scranton

Note from Pennsylvania: Lackawanna County (Scranton), an ancestral dem stronghold, swung violently towards Trump in 2016 Clinton carried by just 3 points This year, with 99% of reports, Biden carried him by 8 points

The Democratic candidate was born in Scranton and has visited the city several times in the last few weeks leading up to Election Day

This is Joan Greve in Washington, taking over from Martin Belam after trying (and failing) to sleep for a few hours

The PA has yet to call Wisconsin swing state, but Joe Biden stays ahead of Donald Trump by around 20,000 votes

The president could call for a recount of Wisconsin’s results, but that would be unlikely to change the result with that kind of margin, as Scott Walker, the former Republican state governor noted.

After the 2011 WI Supreme Court race recount, there was a swing of 300 votes After the 2016 WI presidential race recount, @realDonaldTrump’s numbers increased by 131 As I said, 20,000 is a big obstacle # Election2020 https: // tco / CEr82eiCWH

The President of the United States of America tweets again complaining about the vote count

They find Biden votes everywhere – in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan So bad for our country!

In an election in the United States, it is customary to continue counting until every legally deposited ballot is counted

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