Bryan Cranston caught up on the “terrible” experience he had while filming his new drama Your Honor as a result of the growing pandemic

The Breaking Bad star, who plays Judge Michael Desiato on the Sky Atlantic series, made an appearance on Graham Norton this week, where he admitted that getting back to the set was difficult after the coronavirus

“It was terrible and very difficult to work under COVID protocols,” he began. “I am 65 years old and have attended a lot of rock concerts I know I’ve lost a bit of my hearing So it’s a challenge to hear what people are saying through masks! “

The actor also shared his thoughts on the drama, which tells the story of Judge Desiato and his son Adam, who do their best to cover up the death of a local teen who tragically met Adam in one hit and one Escape kills

Bryan said to Graham and the other guests, “It’s a parent’s worst nightmare that something should happen to your child and it really gets under everyone’s skin. It’s a wild ride I just didn’t think it was enough today There is fear in our society, so I’ll give you more! “

Your Honor begins by detailing Adam’s involvement in a hit and escape while driving his late mother’s car.It then turns out that the victim involved, Rocco Baxter, the son of a local gang leader in the mob- Style, Jimmy Baxter, is

After Michael and Adam find out that Adam is connected to the infamous Baxter family, they decide to cover up the crime instead of getting clean They use Michael’s experience and knowledge from working in the justice system

But it soon becomes more dramatic when corruption becomes apparent within the New Orleans police force and the cracks in their cover story show – with fatal consequences

Hunter Doohan as Adam and Michael Stuhlbarg as Jimmy Baxter star alongside Bryan in the drama Other actors who perform include Hope Davis, Sofia Black-D’Elia, Lamar Johnson and Carmen Ejogo

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