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Wirral will face Tier 3 restrictions, according to Health Secretary Matt Hancock’s announcement in the House of Commons this afternoon,

As the “new variant” is driving cases up at the national level, Wirral’s coronavirus infection rate has risen significantly in the past seven days

There are currently 753 cases in the community at a rate of 232 per 100000 – the highest in the Liverpool City area and a steep increase from the rate of 137 per 100000, which was recorded just a week earlier

Along with the rest of the Liverpool City Region, including Sefton, Liverpool, Knowsley, St Helens and Halton belong, Wirral will be exposed to the stricter rules from 00 01 tomorrow morning

At Wallasey Gossip, many people said stricter rules were needed to prevent more deaths and more suffering

One person said, “We must do what it takes to conquer this terrible disease I agree to tier 3 We need to remember that people on the left, right, and center are dying and their loved ones cannot be with them”

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Another message in the group read: “Required I am sick with Covid on the fifth day and it is terrible”

One person pointed to the success of countries like New Zealand in dealing with the virus and said, “We should be completely locked down again, including schools with comprehensive support packages for everyone, with no gaps and without anyone missing anything”

Others were clearly frustrated with the new measures, claiming they would not work and that “rule violations” were responsible for the increased number of cases in the community

While the new restrictions could help stem the tide of rising infections in Wirral, they will inevitably impact companies that struggle after nine months of restrictions

Paula Basnett, General Manager of the Wirral Chamber of Commerce, said: “The recent increase in infections over the Christmas season in Wirral is disappointing

“Our companies, communities and local authorities have worked tirelessly to ensure that all of our local people are safe and that all appropriate measures are followed

“Now it is important that we review the causes of this increase and quickly implement the necessary changes to reduce the infection rate”

Ms. Basnett added that more support is needed for those companies that will be affected by the new rules

She said, “Our business world has also proven that it is resilient However, should [increasing numbers of infections] lead to additional restrictions, this must be bridged by the government with a substantial financial support package”

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On today’s news, Cllr Janette Williamson, Chair of the Wirral Council replied, “Despite all the hard work we are now seeing that the numbers are rising to very worrying levels and that just a few weeks ago we have very low rates, hundreds of cases every day ; Our numbers are currently the highest in the Liverpool City area

“As a result, we will be back under Tier 3 restrictions as of tomorrow. This is disappointing given the progress we have made in the region, but given the circumstances, it is the right answer

“I know this will be difficult for residents and businesses to do, and they will feel like there is no end in sight. However, today’s news about the Oxford vaccine shed light on the end of this tunnel”

She added, “In the meantime, we all have a responsibility to do the right things and respect the Tier 3 restrictions, which we will come back to

“This is especially true for New Years Eve, I urge you if you are planning any celebrations tomorrow night to do so safely and in accordance with restrictions which means budgets do not mix”

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