“We said we would be careful and look at the dates rather than those dates”

The government should urge MPs to extend coronavirus restrictions for another six months so the vacation can continue even after all measures may have been lifted, a health minister said

When asked about the extension, Helen Whately told BBC Breakfast: “The roadmap is on the right track and we want these restrictions by 21 June pick up

“We said we would be careful and look at the data rather than this data

“There are also a number of things that need to be continued and continue over a longer period of time

“Such as the vacation program that the Chancellor extended to October and this law are required to have the vacation program

“Sick pay too, meaning you can get sick pay from day one and if you are isolated from Covid, for example, we need to have a few things in place beyond the dates in the roadmap””

When asked if she would agree with an assessment that social distancing and masking could go on for years, she referred to the work of a task force to report to the Prime Minister as part of his roadmap for publication of The Curfew / p>

Public Health England’s vaccination director Dr Mary Ramsay said Sunday that “lower” restrictions could apply for “a few years” until the rest of the world is better vaccinated against Covid-19
When responding to the comments, Health Secretary Whately told BBC Breakfast, “There is a particular work examining what social distancing measures we will need and I don’t think I should prevent the outcome of that work”

Ms. Whately said it was “premature” to book a vacation abroad with rising coronavirus rates in other countries

The Minister of Health told BBC Breakfast: “I know everyone feels like it’s time for a vacation, we all need it

“It just so happens that when I was on vacation last August, I actually booked my next vacation, a vacation in the UK, for later this summer

“But my advice at the moment would be for everyone to just hold back from booking international trips

“The Prime Minister has set up a task force that deals specifically with international travel and will report shortly It’s just premature to book international holidays right now ”

When asked if the international travel roadmap destination, which may be due on Jan. May begins, likely being pushed back, Ms. Whately added, “I don’t think it helps to say either way

“What I would advise at the moment is to be careful so that people hold back when booking, because as everyone can see we are in a situation where there are increasing rates in many countries in Europe and we know that something is coming As the rates rise, so do the variant rates, which is why it is so important that, as I have pointed out, we can test for variants of concerns more quickly ”


World News – UK – Why England’s lockdown law is being extended until October

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