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She recently spoke about refusing to appear at women’s class after hearing abusive comments about her

Kelechi, name pronounced Ke-leh-chee, is a black British actress, public speaker and podcast host of Say Your Mind

She also teaches pole dance and twerk in her Peckham Studio and writes articles for various publications

Kelechi is today (6 (Jan) on the news after refusing to appear on BBC Radio 4’s Women’s Hour, hosted by Emma Barnett

She was previously on the radio to discuss assertiveness as part of a How To series

Hi guys, I come from the women’s class because what I just had to witness is absolutely humiliating and mean

When Kelechi went on Twitter, she stated that she refused to attend today after hearing “hideous” comments about her, claiming she was “talked about like a bloody head”

She wrote: “Hi folks, I’m coming from the women’s class because what I just had to witness is absolutely humiliating and mean

“The presenter didn’t know her microphone was on when she spoke about me before the interview began I’ll just say “

She added, “If she hangs up that the microphone is suddenly on, it’s good Kelechi, you can just explain it to me because I’m trying to give you a chance to explain it”‘

“It was up to your producers to explain and conduct their research. It was up to you to check your microphone

“The need for me on today’s show was to balance these wayward women who think the MeToo movement is no longer needed”

It takes place every Monday and Kelechi gives her views on current affairs and pop culture

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Kelechi Okafor

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