Boris Johnson will make an announcement for the UK’s Covid-19 response and Brexit on a dramatic day on Wednesday afternoon

The Prime Minister’s press conference follows an announcement of the UK system of coronavirus restrictions and MPs vote on the UK’s trade deal with the EU

Also follows the announcement that the Oxford-AstraZeneca has been approved for launch in the UK and an update from Gavin Williamson on the schools reopening in January

Find out when and how to watch the Prime Minister’s address live this afternoon and all he could cover

Mr Johnson’s press conference on Downing Street on Wednesday, Jan. December, starts at 5:00 p.m. This is the most famous date for important announcements during the Covid-19 crisis

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It is not yet clear whether the Prime Minister will appear alone or alongside relevant experts, as is often the case with updates with a specific focus

His address follows the vote on the Brexit deal, which is due to take place at 2:30 a.m. in the House of Commons

Matt Hancock will then announce the results of the last review of Covid levels in England at 3 p.m. before the Education Secretary briefs on the schools at around 3:30 p.m. or 4 p.m.

When is the animal review announcement today? When should Matt Hancock’s speech on the Covid levels update

be watched?

The Prime Minister may need to cover the key points in an unusually concise manner if he is to cover the key points of an action-packed day

Wednesday began with the announcement that the Oxford-AstraZeneca had been approved by regulators, paving the way for launch alongside the existing Pfizer brand in the UK

The new vaccine will deliver 100 million doses to the UK – enough to vaccinate 50 million people – and from April 4th Introduced January

Next on the agenda is the Brexit deal, where MPs will be called back to vote on the EU-UK trade deal, which is expected to go smoothly despite some rebellious noise

The focus is then on updating the Covid level system Mr Hancock explains which areas of England have stricter restrictions as Covid cases continue to rise across the country

The majority of England is expected to be subject to the strictest Tier 4 restrictions after the official number of new daily cases exceeded 50 for the first time000 has risen

Covid Tier Map: Full list of areas in all four levels of English restrictions, plus information on how to check your zip code

Mr Williamson’s address will then move on to the subject of schools, as there has been a growing demand for secondary schools to be closed after the Christmas break

Expect the Prime Minister to address all of these issues in his conference and provide a general update on the nation’s efforts to address the Covid crisis as a new variant continues to spread

Announcement by Boris Johnson

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