Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to give a public address on Monday afternoon The restrictions on lockdown in England are being relaxed

It will be Number 9 Downing Street’s first briefing after the creation of a multi-million pound briefing room

The briefing will take place across England as the Rule of Six goes into effect so people can meet outdoors for the first time in months

The rule states that up to six people from different households – or any number from just two households – can meet outdoors in a public space or a private garden

At the same time, outdoor sports and organized activities and weddings are returning, while a UK exit ban goes into effect

Boris Johnson stressed that “we have to remain cautious as cases are increasing across Europe and new variants threaten our vaccine introduction” while warm weather was excluded for relaxation

“Despite today’s relief, everyone needs to keep abiding by the rules, remembering their hands, face and space, and answering a call for a vaccine,” added the Prime Minister

He is expected to urge the public to take personal responsibility by adhering to restrictions while holding a press conference on Downing Street

Mr Johnson said he hoped the easing would “kickstart a great UK summer summer” as sports stars teamed up with the government to encourage the return to physical activity

A new tagline was also introduced to highlight the importance of ventilation in reducing the spread of the virus: “Hands, face, space and fresh air”

A public information campaign warns of the dangers of gathering indoors A psychologist gives advice on dealing with friends and family members who suggest breaking the rules, and says people may need to be “firm” and “gently remind” of distancing

The next step in the roadmap to easing the England lockdown is Dec. April, which is dedicated to the reopening of non-essential stores and outdoor dining, including pubs and restaurants

Boris Johnson

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