It is not unlikely that the president’s exit will lead to the beginning of a political Trump dynasty

The Trump presidency was a family affair, and when Donald Trump’s star falls, his children also look uncertain about their futures

Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, were White House employees, senior advisors to the President and will be looking for new work after he leaves office

When Mr. Trump took office, he left his adult sons Donald Jr and Eric, who ran the Trump Organization, and if he decides to regain control of his business, they may also be less busy

It is not unlikely that Mr Trump’s exit from the White House will usher in a political dynasty for Trump

His children have all been consistently loyal and could try to take on the mantle by running for the Republican nomination in 2024

For some time it was believed – including by Mr Trump himself – that if the Trump torch were to be passed on, it would go to Ivanka, who would seek to become the first woman president of the United States

But for the past four years, and especially after the elections, Mr. Trump Jr highlighted as the most likely political successor of his father

The 42-year-old, the most conservative of the children, has embraced and reinforced the presidential branding style

In the weeks after the election, he called for an “all-out war” and a “fight to the death”

He’s almost as popular with the Trump base as his father and even more open on Twitter

Political candidates usually publish books before the Mr. Trump Jr runs recently released two – “Triggered” and “Liberal Privilege” – attacking Democrats and political correctness, portraying Joe Biden as a “swamp monster”

When they took jobs in their father’s administration, Ivanka and Mr. Kushner ended their life with their three children and moved from New York to Washington, where they rented a house around the corner from Barack and Michelle Obama for $ 5 million

Signs are that they could go back to their previous Manhattan lives, with Ms. Trump, 39, reinvigorating her lifestyle brand and Mr. Kushner, also 39, re-entering the real estate business

Ms. Trump’s fashion business could be boosted by her growing global fame, but New York City could find a cool social welcome and party invitations dry up.

They recently threatened to sue after billboards ran in Times Square linking them to the country’s coronavirus-related deaths

One lawyer for the couple wrote to the Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump Republican advertising group, calling them “false, malicious and defamatory”

After leaving the White House, Mr Kushner, who has invested much of his energy in the Trump administration’s peace efforts in the Middle East, should continue to work privately towards this goal

A month after the election, the couple bought a multi-million dollar vacant lot in Florida

In “Kushner Cottage” – your home on Mr Trump in New Jersey – renovations have been carried out suggesting they could spend more time there

Eric Trump, 36, Mr. Trump’s middle son appears to continue his role in hotel, golf course and apartment building development

His wife, Lara, was deeply committed to her father-in-law, and there has been speculation that she might run for a seat in the US Senate in her home state of North Carolina

That would make her the first of the next generation of the Trump family to run for office

The President’s 27-year-old daughter, Tiffany Trump, graduated from Georgetown University in Washington with a law degree in May

After graduation, Mr. Trump tweeted, “Great student, great school What I need is a family lawyer”

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