At first sight married spoilers from Australia follow – including the finale and the final decisions of the sixth season

We’ve already learned that Married at First Sight brings a lot more drama and personality down under than its UK counterpart, but the series currently airing on E4 and featuring Noes-Nonsense Ines Bašić has made some headway

The pundits compared her to Bronson Norrish, and the couple was married (as the show format dictates) when they first met Ines certainly didn’t shy away from who she was and immediately told Bronson that she didn’t like his eyebrow piercing The writing seemed to be on the wall for their relationship, and the honeymoon wasn’t exactly the picture of a couple in love

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Sobinoff and Sam Ball, another couple in the experiment, were also struggling to get off to a good start.Sam received some exciting personal news the morning after his wedding and left his bride (and her honeymoon plans) to deal with it to take care of

After zero contact from her husband, and after spending much of her time after the wedding alone in a hotel room, Elizabeth was less than impressed. When Sam showed up at the dinner party, things came to a head

Both Ines and Sam opted for “vacation” at the first engagement ceremony, but their partners decided to stay in the experiment. At this point Ines increased her interest in Sam and decided to send him a private message behind Bronson’s back / p>

Ines and Sam’s flirtation intensified during a group trip to the Gold Coast. Since Elizabeth was gone due to illness and Bronson lived in a separate room from his bride, the way was free for Ines and Sam to have a suitable night to meet

The show aired scenes where they shared a bed and Ines spends the night in Sam’s room, all of which happened in secret, with none of the other participants knowing the couple had started an affair

It didn’t take long for the rumors to emerge, however, that all couples were staying in the same hotel, and the whispering of Ines / Sam sightings together began to ignite the flames. On an emotionally charged girls’ night, Elizabeth returned and learned of the possible betrayal Her husband she confronted Ines, who closed the rumors

At the next dinner party, the gossip continued to circulate. Ines again denied the group and later told the confession cameras that she and Sam had made a pact not to reveal anything to the group until they were both ready

Bronson appeared to be the only one left in the dark, which pushed some of the other boys to inform him of the rumor that was circulating (he chose to believe his wife, Ines)

That night, Ines and Sam sneaked away from the rest of the group together for some time.They began to discuss their future beyond the show – something Sam seemed to be considering

Married at First Sight Australia’s sixth series has already aired across the pond, meaning fans can already find out what happened to Sam and Ines after the cameras stopped rolling

For one thing, we know they are unrelated to each other, according to Instagram, Ines uses her following to do influencer work online and share her favorite beauty products.She is also an ambassador for a charity that works with Bosnian children and supports them and regularly shares activism posts

In contrast, Sam is said to have deleted his Instagram account after the show and withdrew from the public (an account for Sam is now available again) He also skipped the reunion episode of his series Married at First Sight Australia

During a recent interview with Daily Mail Australia, Sam stated that the producers “asked” him to do the reunion episode, but he couldn’t get it to work because the “timing was terrible”

Since the show, Sam has also claimed that his on-screen affair with Ines did not quite take place as it was presented. He has also claimed that the drama, while attracted to Ines, was “manipulated” by producers (according to a radio interview on The Sun) This question was also raised by viewers who noticed some continuity flaws in their scenes together

Ines also talked about her portrayal, as well as the online criticism and trolling she has experienced due to her “vicious” role “There’s only so much a performer can be held accountable for because we don’t have full control, “she said

Her MAFS husband Bronson seems to have found love outside of the show and shares many beloved selfies with his new partner on Instagram

Married at First Sight Australia airs on E4 weekdays and is available on All 4

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