Live team news, results updates and analysis from the London Stadium as Liverpool take on Tottenham in the Premier League

Liverpool are hoping for two Premier League wins on Sunday afternoon when it comes to West Ham

The Reds had an excellent 3-1 win against Tottenham last time, but had played five games without a win before In this run they slipped to fourth place in the table – seven points behind leaders Manchester City

Jürgen Klopp’s team has suffered a number of injuries this season Key players like Virgil van Dijk and Joe Gomez have been sidelined with serious problems, and Joel Matip failed to prove that his fitness had decreased again at halftime, spurs and stand-in-center half Fabinho now also suffer from a wobble

Paul Gorst and Ian Doyle will be providing live updates while the action takes place in the capital So stay with us for the best analysis and response possible

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A few signs that Liverpool are stretching West Ham’s defenses a bit. Only the 72% ownership for the Reds so far

That was better from Liverpool with Salah catching up and blocking Shaqiri’s tied shot in the area, however West Ham is doing enough to keep the numbers behind the ball Content to play at break We have seen this pattern before, or?

Salah got on at the end of Henderson’s long pass and Balll broke to Shaqiri, who gave him a belt, but Dawson got in the way of distracting himself behind

West Ham closes for the first time but Liverpool defense make a number of blocks as Antonio and Benrahma get in each other’s way

Great reputation from “Brilliant Milly!” Who but Jordan Henderson as vice-captain, who washes a ball in his stomach near the center line That would have hurt, I’m sure Well, it would have stung me, Milner wiped it off

Liverpool are starting to investigate with a little more intent, particularly in the lower right at West Ham Origi and Robertson have both broken into the box in the final minutes West Ham is getting their blocks either way but it’s encouraging

At least for this Liverpool team a lot of fluid Origi and Salah looked like a couple with Shaqiri at the top of the midfield diamond at times

But then Origi sometimes drove to the left to bring Shaqiri to this No. Hopefully this kind of move can open up these defenses of West Ham

Liverpool are kicking the ball around with confidence but so far they haven’t really gotten too close to West Ham’s goal. Sign of promise,

Milner, Robertson and Origi are already showing signs of a connection on the left, and Liverpool could try to take advantage of this

Aside from Mohamed Salah, Liverpool have only scored four goals in the Premier League this season, with the players they have here on the pitch. Sure, then, where the pressure is on the net

This is going to be a little worrying considering how shy you have been over the past month. Someone needs to step up

Looks like a diamond in midfield for Liverpool, with Origi and Salah at the top and Shaqiri at the back

I suspect this will be pretty fluid I think West Ham is going back at five, but it’s hard to tell to be honest

Looks like the reds are in a diamond today with Salah and Origi in the front and Shaqiri in the back in role number 10

By the way, Nat Phillips and Jordan Henderson are the twelfth defensive pair in 21 Premier League games this season

It’s crystal clear where the problems for the champions lie Regardless of your problems with the lack of goals in the past few weeks

Soucek is the man Liverpool needs to keep an eye on. He’s imagining this for the moment

However, a win would give them another big boost that goes into another important series of games

It will be interesting to see what stake Firmino has in the end, because Mane’s physicality will be a big, big mistake

They offer Bovril to the media in West Ham What a club I will never have a bad word against them again

Mohamed Salah has played six games in the Premier League without a goal for Liverpool, which is his longest barren period.But there is some good news, he has scored seven goals against today’s opponents

Only Watford and Bournemouth have felt Salah’s wrath more. Without Mane or Firmino, the responsibility rests more with the Egyptians than normal. He won’t worry about that

West Ham v Liverpool

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