Everton tonight, followed by Newcastle on Sunday – Sam Allardyce is happy to admit that the next two games will have a big say in whether or not Albion can stay in the Premier League

It all starts when Carlo Ancelotti’s men arrive at the Hawthorns tonight for a match that neither man believes should take place tonight

Originally for the 20th Scheduled for March March, the game had to be rearranged after the rise of the Toffees in the FA Cup

With a relegation six-pointer against Newcastle on Sunday, Allardyce made it clear what he thought of the Premier League’s decision to switch the game to this evening

He has described it as a kick in the teeth and has even gone so far as to say that it shows the forces who do not care that Albion ensures survival

The Baggies boss believes two games in four days will have a big impact on his players’ fitness

And the 66-year-old is desperate to beat Newcastle, which is sliding closer and closer to the bottom three places

As crazy as it sounds given their position, the Baggies are stepping into tonight’s game with a little verve in the last three games they have shown impressive performances against Manchester United and Burnley before beating Brighton

And then there’s the little thing that Everton last played on Monday night when they beat Southampton

Allardyce is understandably concerned about fatigue but his squad had an extra two days off before Everton went into tonight’s game, and that certainly makes an Albion result more likely if the boss sticks to his best XI

“Well that would let the cat out of the pocket, wouldn’t it?” Allardyce said when asked if he would make changes for tonight’s game

“I’ve been forced into a very difficult situation. I should just prepare for the game in Newcastle

“But unfortunately we have to face the task of winning the Everton wild card

“Some of our mistakes are due to the game load – three games in six days or three games in seven days

“We have to show that we can do it because the games are close and we need more points

“Whether this is done by switching players or by using the same players is a kept secret

“If we can get a draw with Everton, that’s a great result as it keeps our run going”

With Ancelotti being a tinkering boss – and Everton has a big squad to hand – Allardyce says it’s hard to know if the Toffees playing on Monday will have an impact on today’s game. ” / p>

“We watched a number of their games and there were a number of changes and a number of system changes

“I think Carlo, because they played on Monday, he’ll be looking at the burden of his players

“They have a roster so they can introduce different players who are better at another system, Everton seems to be more adaptable to change under Carlo”

With Allardyce looking to maintain his team’s momentum, Albion is expected to remain largely unchanged tonight

“If we get a draw with Everton we can give everything against Newcastle to get the win,” he added

“But I don’t think I want to give it all and then throw it all away by losing”

“I would like to have at least six points by the end of his week – the end of Newcastle

“When it comes to the end of Newcastle we have a better idea of ​​where we are”

West Brom vs Everton

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