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Dani Ceballos throws the ball over Ivanovic and on the way of Lacazette

Lacazette is in the box, putting it past Johnstone, but can’t handle it from a tight angle

53 Kieran Tierney has a head injury when Furlong bumps into his back trying to reach the end of a Robinson cross

52 O’Shea plays the ball over the back line of the arsenal looking for the run of Gallagher

The ball stays in the snow and Gallagher gets a foot but can only stick the ball out for an Arsenal goal kick

51 Arsenal broke through West Brom on the right, and Ceballos pushed the ball on the wing to Bellerin

50 The snow on the field allows the ball to hold when it runs across the ground

Robinson believes Bellerin is blocking him and preventing him from reaching the end, but the umpire disagrees and Waves continue to play

Callum Robinson has the ball in the back of the net, but the flag is offside

Pereira is played over the top and tries to recover from the post

It’s up to Robinson to shoot in the back of the net, but the flag is offside on Pereira

47 Only the two 18-yard boxes as well as the center line and the circle were cleared of snow

The home team has to climb a mountain if they want to get anything out of this game

This is their combined highest record in the first half of a league game this season, with six of those shots hitting the target

Since the beginning of last season, Bukayo Saka has been directly involved in 22 goals in all competitions (7 goals, 15 assists)

This is the second most common from a teenager who plays for a Premier League team after Mason Greenwood, 25

Here’s a look at the Gunners’ second gate, whose quick pass is reminiscent of the old arsenal

After a wonderful football, the Gunners take two goals for the better in the first 45 minutes

Kieran Tierney opened the standings with an exquisite curling hit before Bukayo Sako finished an excellent move by the Arsenal team to double the Gunners’ lead

46 A mix-up of the back between Arsenal’s center-backs almost allows Robinson to get in, but the Gunners recover to crawl the ball away

45 Two additional minutes will be signaled by the fourth official at the end of the first half

He collects the ball on the left side and cuts into his right foot and into the penalty area, while Ivanovic lets him run past him far too easily

He looks up and walks to the gate, but Johnstone is determined to keep Arsenal from moving any further

42 Ajayi has reached the end of delivery again, but his shot is not hit by any other Baggies player and Arsenal can clear

Bellerin is the first man in the book to have a late failure from Gallagher, and West Brom can get another ball into the box

Ajayi comes in at the end of the corner from Matt Phillips, but is unable to direct his header at the goal

At 52, Paul Merson will again be father of the eighth child when his wife is about to give birth

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