Tom Swarbrick

10 p.m. – 1 a.m.


Tom Swarbrick

10 p.m. – 1 a.m.

A local council meeting went viral after footage of a Zoom appeal surfaced on social media that went into chaos last December

Cheshire’s Handforth Parish Council was at the head of an unlikely Twitter storm Thursday after a video from its planning and environmental committee received more than a million views

The footage, originally posted on the local authority’s website, shows a heated meeting between city councils and members of the public that took place on Nov. December 2020 took place

It has since been shared by numerous social media users on Twitter and YouTube, with one person even creating a spoof account for the meeting clerk, Jackie Weaver

During the committee, flames led to three of the council members being removed from the chat room for “disruptive and aggressive” behavior

The chairman of the council, Cllr Brian Tolver, who was originally invited to take the chair, “refused to acknowledge the legality of the meeting,” as posted on the council’s website

I’ve never missed more face-to-face meetings than I’ve seen this ward council get into chaosTwittercom / I75zi1fIK5

Annoyed by the clerk’s presence, and after being told he could be removed, Cllr Tolver is heard saying, “Only the chairman can remove people from the meeting

Ms. Weaver was obviously frustrated with his behavior and kicked Cllr Tolver out of the meeting, irritating another member of the committee

“She just kicked him out,” Cllr Aled Brewerton said repeatedly without turning on the mute button

In an attempt to bring order to the process, Ms. Weaver said, “This is a meeting that will be called by two councilors”

“No, you can’t because the Vice-Chair is here I’ll take command,” said Cllr Brewerton before shouting out, “Read the Rules of Procedure, Read them and understand them!”

If you’ve had a long day and need a laugh, pour yourself a glass and watch the first five minutes of this ward council meeting Quite simply, the best TV I’ve seen on Lockdown https: // teco / 3F9fGfwE1n

Cllr Barry Burkhill repeatedly asked the clerk where the chairman (Cllr Tolver) was, accusing Ms. Weaver of not knowing what she was talking about

Another member of the committee then asked Cllr Burkhill to be respectful of Ms. Weaver, who refused Cllrs Brewerton and Burkhill from calling

Johnny Mercer MP responded to the footage: “If you’ve had a long day and need a laugh, pour yourself a glass and watch the first five minutes of this ward council meeting

Six-time Olympic gold medalist Sir Chris Hoy wrote on Twitter, “Seeing This Made My Night Who Needs a Netflix Subscription when you have a Handforth Parish Council Zoom meeting?”

TV presenter Richard Osman jokingly said, “I’m busy writing Jackie Weaver in Thursday’s next Murder Club novel”

Seeing This Made My Night Who Needs a Netflix Subscription when having a Handforth Parish Council Zoom meeting? 😂 Have fun https: // tco / EpttMBcCHX

Minutes published on the Council’s website read: “This meeting was duly convened by two Councilors after the Council President refused to convene such a meeting

“Since the Chairman of the Council (Cllr Tolver) was present, he was invited to take the chair

“Cllr Tolver refused to acknowledge the legality of the meeting and went on to disrupt the proceedings

“He was again asked to continue the meeting but was still engaged in a disruptive and aggressive matter and was therefore removed from the meeting and placed in the virtual waiting room

“Cllrs Brewerton and Burkhill behaved similarly and were also taken to the waiting room

“In the waiting room they were told that they would like to return to the meeting if they stopped their disruptive behavior. There was no answer

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