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We’re counting down the days to the start of the UEFA Europa League quarter-finals and you can get the action on Paramount for all the fun on May 15th April Track The eight finalists remain, but you can start preparing your brackets now:

You can watch all Europa League games live and on request on Paramount while the road to the grand final in Gdansk, Poland on 26 May goes on

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Prepare your printable brackets for the last eight brackets ahead of Friday’s draw (they’re empty for now) and keep the bracket fever going by printing our “NCAA Tournament March Madness” bracket, it’s also worth noting that yourself Teams from the same country (such as Man City, Liverpool and Chelsea in England) could potentially score in the next round as opposed to the round of 16 We should have a lot of fun in April

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UEFA Europa League, Granada

World news – GB – Printable bracket of the UEFA Europa League: Manchester United-Granada, Arsenal-Prague, Roma-Ajax, Zagreb-Villarreal