This was extensively reported on Wednesday night after his strike for Juventus against Napoli in the Italian Super Cup final

This was Ronaldo’s 760 official goal of his remarkable career As far as we know for sure

The Portuguese superstar overtook the long-standing record of Josef Bican, the prolific striker who played from 1931 to 1955 and died in 2001 at the age of 88

He is now three goals ahead of Brazilian legend Pele, who will always claim that all his 1282 career goals were valid and should be recognized

However, the Czech Football Association has done some research and believes Bican is still 61 goals ahead of Ronaldo

“The History and Statistics Committee of the Czech Association has counted all the goals of the legendary Josef Bican and we can explain that he has scored 821 goals in official games,” read a tweet from the Czech Football Association

“That means that Cristiano Ronaldo is not yet the best goalscorer in history and he’ll have to work harder to break that record,” explains Kolar

According to Sky Sports, a long statement on the Czech Football Association’s website 821 is the “most accurate number” when it comes to counting Bican’s goals

“Goals from games in the first and second leagues, national cups, the Central European Cup and the selection of the national team are included. On the contrary, with the exception of the national team, friendly matches are not included in the statistics

“It can in all seriousness be determined that this is a number that corresponds to the current status of the ability to review all data, so it is the most accurate number possible”

In the eyes of Ronaldo and his fans, the record has now officially been broken

In any case, you would certainly support Cristiano to score another 62 goals before he ends his famous career

Josef Bican

Weltnachrichten – GB – Tweet of the Czech FA article explaining why Cristiano Ronaldo did NOT break Josef Bican’s record