Nottingham Forest were largely disappointing with a 2-0 loss to Bournemouth last night to ensure a second straight loss

The reds were consistently the second best and dropped back after only three minutes in the vitality stage

Chris Hughton will be learning a lot about his squad all the time, and with a tough string of fixtures to come, there is no time to dwell

With that in mind, we’re looking at three players who are at risk of losing their shirts ahead of Swansea’s visit to the City Ground on Sunday

The Portuguese defender was largely to blame for Bournemouth’s opening goal last night with a pass from David Brooks that flattened him

It’s not the first mistake the 26-year-old has made recently, either The defense shows signs of a lack of confidence

There have been some conversations about Figueiredo being unhappy on the city grounds over the summer and that it might happen in the future to take him further

With Loic Mbe Soh waiting in the wings, it might be time for Hughton to do a reshuffle over the weekend

There has to be something in midfield and it has to be said that he’s not the only below average midfielder

Colback hasn’t looked this good lately, and it might be an idea to take him off the spotlight for a few games

The 31-year-old didn’t play a single minute in 2019/20, and that is clear at the moment

As the captain, it seems unlikely that he will stay out, but for the good of the team, Hughton might be wise to make the tough decision

Forest is dominated in the middle of the park and it just wasn’t good enough in the engine room

Yates has started 34 games for Forest and of these competitions the Reds have only won four times

Of course this may be a bit coincidental, but the 23-year-old is still learning his trade in the men’s game

Yates has to get up fast when it comes to moving the ball faster

The youngster shows a lot of persistence and he can’t be beaten for that, but Forest’s midfield demands more quality

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