Eamonn Holmes shared a positive post as he looks to “lighter days” pains “

just one day after detailed description of his secret struggle with” chronic ”

The This Morning Star went on Twitter on Monday saying, “So there you go, … another day, another week of deep breath Believe you’re closer to that light at the end of the tunnel

“Closer to New Beginnings & in some ways better versions of us. Not that there’s anything wrong with your existing version, but it’s nice to have goals”

The mail comes as the UK lifts some of its coronavirus restrictions – six people or two households are now allowed to mingle in outdoor parks or gardens

Earlier, 61-year-old Eamonn had expressed frustration at being unable to sleep and told his social media followers, “In that twilight zone between night and morning everyone else finds these hours at their worst, especially when you suffer from chronic pain? “

A fan also touched on his own experiences, to which Eamonn replied encouragingly, “Now that we’ve all talked about it, maybe more of us should talk and share experiences, tips & advice on chronic pain?

“Because many of us live with tweeters as if we just had to suck it up & carries on with things like we always have””

Other followers were quick to offer support and advice, and one told Eamonn, “Absolute nightmare @EamonnHolmes I have problems with all of my joints and I am very painful waiting to go back to the hospital next month, which always does worse at night I’m sorry to hear that you have problems too I know it won’t fix anything, but I send you a lot of love and a big hug x “

A second comment: “Yes, I have nightmares and worries and by tonight I’m sitting on the sofa ready to go to bed But when everyone is asleep I’m scared” Please do your best not to the TV star replied

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World News – UK – This morning’s Eamonn Holmes shares a positive post after detailing the fight against ‘chronic pain’

Source: https://www.hellomagazine.com/celebrities/20210329109904/eamonn-holmes-positive-update-after-chronic-pain-confession/