Former Labor Party Prime Minister said 5 million people a week should be vaccinated to ensure the virus is brought under control

It is because both Scotland and England will be on Monday the 4th January, lockdowns were thrown in to control rising cases believed to be caused by the new, more transmissible strain of the virus

So what did Tony Blair say about the introduction of the vaccine, when was he Prime Minister – and what is he doing now?

Tony Blair, 67, said half of the UK population could be vaccinated by the end of March if the government speeds up its stitch schedule

In conversation with Good Morning Britain on 6 January Blair said the government had to change its strategy and “throw absolutely everything at it”

He warned against a “cat and mouse game” with the new variants of the virus and said the “faster” vaccines are introduced, the better

Mr Blair said, “What we are learning about this disease – and I fear this will be a big problem for us in the future – is that it is a game of cat and mouse”

“The longer you delay this [vaccine rollout], the greater the risk that you will get another variant of the disease that is more difficult for us to treat

“So you have the one that most people consider developed here, but it was only just discovered here, but you have the one from South Africa that is far more worrying

“And you could have more mutations in the disease, the faster you go through this vaccination program, the better it is – not only to get us back to normal – but also to help fight the disease”

Mr Blair said people may not be able to lead normal lives if they haven’t been vaccinated and predicted that other countries may require proof of vaccination in the near future

He said, “I think you will reach the stage where it is very difficult for people to lead normal lives unless they can prove their vaccination status”

“I think you will find a situation where countries will tell you not to come here unless we see if you have either been vaccinated, had the disease and have antibodies, or had a recent one high quality test ‘

“People need to understand that vaccinations will be your path to freedom in the end”

The former Labor leader’s former non-profit organization, the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, recently released its own “Vaccine Accelerated Plan”

It has been proposed to set up “vaccination stations”, drive-through vaccination stations, pop-up and mobile units, and to use general practitioners’ practices and pharmacies to immunize people

In order to achieve high vaccination rates, the former prime minister said the current vaccination schedule should be “completely changed”

He added, “We estimate that you can get up to three million a week through January, up to four million a week through February, and up to five million a week in March, and then you have to every single one use available capacity to make sure these vaccines are used

“That is, I think we are completely changing the current plan we have We should think about it on a completely different scale now ”

Tony Blair was the youngest Prime Minister in a century when Labor won the 1997 general election at age 43

From 1997 to 2007 he was the Prime Minister of Great Britain for a full decade

Mr Blair has put the Labor Party from the left at the center of British politics, which many people have said has earned him its unprecedented three consecutive terms

In 1994, after the death of Labor leader John Smith, Blair became party leader and three years later won a landslide victory for the party

He was re-elected in 2001 and 2005, and resigned in 2007 to be replaced by Gordon Brown as Prime Minister

The former Prime Minister is perhaps best known in Scotland for being the chief architect of decentralization who enabled the country to hold a referendum on the establishment of the Scottish Parliament in 1997

Blair is currently Executive Chairman of his own not-for-profit organization, the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change

He has described the organization as a “new political platform to replenish the vast space in the middle of politics” in order to combat “terrifying authoritarian populism”

Since leaving office, Tony Blair has been helping governments “effectively care for their people, work for peace in the Middle East and counter extremism,” according to the institute.

He remains active as a speaker, but Blair got involved in politics again in 2017, saying he was motivated by Brexit

The former Labor leader passionately campaigned for a second Brexit referendum and called on the government to offer voters a hard Brexit or the chance to stay in the EU

Tony Blair also criticized Jeremy Corbyn when he was Labor leader, saying the party had undergone “profound changes” under the leadership of the former leader

He also said Mr Corbyn “alienated” both sides of the Brexit debate with his confusing stance from the EU, claiming the ex-Labor leader was a “Eurosceptic”

Tony Blair

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