I miss those trite old kaiju films (KING KONG TAI GODZILLA / GOJIRA TAI MEKA GOJIRA) JAP, 1974, [] Director: Jun Fukuda, Keyword: Monster (Photo by FilmPublicityArchive / United Archives via Getty Images )

Luckily Godzilla Vs Kong seems to have taken some clues from Kong: Skull Island, with a lighter color palette, daylight battles, and some wonderfully silly action sequences

Watching King Kong slap Godzilla in the face on an aircraft carrier is exactly what we all expect from Godzilla Vs Kong – but are we expecting a winner? The slogan promises that “one will fall” but I think viewers have good reason to be skeptical

The original movie randomly infused Kong with lightning forces to give him an edge over Godzilla’s atomic breath, and ended up with both creatures falling into the ocean (although only Kong shows up)

Movies in which two famous characters compete against each other seldom admit a winner for fear of disappointing half the fan base I suspect Godzilla Vs Kong will do the same, despite director Adam Wingard’s claims to the contrary:

“I want there to be a winner,” Wingard told Entertainment Weekly that the original film was a lot of fun, but you feel a little disappointed that the film doesn’t take a definitive stance, people are still debating who is in this one Original film won So I want people to walk away from this film and feel, okay, there is a winnerâ ????

But when it comes to Godzilla and King Kong, there are a few complications; The recent Godzilla films have portrayed Godzilla as a literal force of nature protecting the earth from invasive species.He can’t really die unless Kong steps in to take his place

And the trailer clearly portrays Kong as a likable Kaiju; His best friend is a little girl He’s embarked to stop Godzilla’s mysterious devastating streak, and you can see the monkey’s facial expressions even during the heat of the battle

Godzilla’s spiky, illegible face does not invite the same level of empathy; We mammals are naturally prejudiced against Kong, and Americans even more so when you consider that the great ape is an American icon

Longtime Kaiju fans might be more interested in Godzilla though (personally, I’d like to see Kong’s head on the space needle) – but that’s not going to happen, I suspect the film will just declare Kong the final winner for the reasons above to show that Godzilla is really Mechagodzilla

The old Godzilla and the original Mechagodzilla (photo by FilmPublicityArchive / United Archives via [] Getty Images)

That would make sense, because that’s how Mechagodzilla was first introduced in 1974 – as a Godzilla impostor, covered in fake flesh, like a 50 foot tall Terminator.This would also explain why this version of Godzilla suddenly attacks human cities, like Godzilla and Godzilla : King of the Monsters portrayed him as a benevolent giant

Or maybe Godzilla is just fed up with ignoring humanity’s crimes against the environment – fed up with swallowing microplastics and swimming through bleached coral reefs

A tired old act is practically certain; Godzilla and Kong will team up to defeat a greater evil at the end of the film, and we will get the impression that Kong could defeat Godzilla – if he really wanted to

Hence, the American state of emergency and the superiority of the mammals remain – while Godzilla continues to be considered the hero of the franchise

Godzilla Vs Kong

World News – GB – There will be no winner in Godzilla Vs Kongâ ????

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