The Sonos Roam is the multiroom audio giant’s newest wireless speaker, and its promising specs suggest it might be the best portable speaker we’ve seen

It’s not the first portable Sonos speaker – that was the Sonos Move – but a relatively low price point, new connectivity features, a rugged and lightweight design, and the potential for great audio performance mean the Roam is the move in the world Shadow and wipe its crown as the best Bluetooth speaker on the market

Like the Move, the Sonos Roam also has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, a choice between Google Assistant and Alexa for voice control, and can be integrated into the wider Sonos ecosystem Additional features such as automatic switching and sound swap – both are detailed below – and the upgraded Auto Trueplay, however, mean the Roam isn’t just a smaller, cheaper version of its older sibling

The Sonos Roam seems like an excellent speaker on its own as Sonos makes clever design choices to mitigate the various sound tradeoffs often associated with more compact builds

There’s a lot to look forward to, and while we won’t talk to the Sonos Roam’s performance until we’ve tested it for ourselves, there are plenty of features we can’t wait to try out – features that might result from the Sonos Roam is the best portable speaker yet

The Sonos Roam is the cheapest speaker the brand has ever released, making it a relatively affordable way to gain access to the Sonos ecosystem

That doesn’t mean it’s cheap At $ 169 / £ 159 / AU $ 279 for a portable speaker, the Sonos Roam is definitely on the high end of the price bracket, despite being considerably cheaper than the brand’s last portable speaker, the Sonos Move

Sonos devices are rarely cheap, but their high prices are usually justified by great audio performance, reliable connectivity, and attractive design If the Roam can do all of this for a slightly cheaper price, the audio brand could be a real brand winner

When the Sonos Roam meets its spec, its integration with the wider corporate ecosystem allows it to do things that most portable speakers cannot

Not only can you use the Sonos Roam as a normal Bluetooth speaker, you can also add it to your existing Sonos setup and pair it with other Sonos devices at the push of a button

We saw the same thing with the Sonos Move, but the Roam’s new Sound Swap feature makes this integration even more complete. Sound Swap lets you “toss” the music from your Sonos Roam to the next available Sonos speaker, using the two devices Using Ultrasonic Frequencies to Communicate All you have to do is hold down the play button at the top of the roam and your music should magically play on your Sonos Arc, for example

No other Sonos speaker can do this, let alone other Bluetooth speakers on the market

Portable smart speakers are growing in popularity, thanks in no small part to the success of the Sonos Move and similar products from other brands such as the Bose portable home speaker and Sonos’ wizard-free approach to its speakers, Roam is becoming available to both Google Assistant and Alexa -Users will be an attractive offer

The ability to ask your speakers questions, check your calendar, and even control your other smart home devices with just your voice are features rarely found in Bluetooth speakers, even if they’re becoming more common occur

The Sonos Roam works over both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5, so you can use it at home or on the go Another new feature, auto-switching, should ensure connectivity with the speaker automatically connects to your Wi-Fi network when it’s in range and re-pairs with your phone when you’re on the go are

Most portable speakers on the market today only offer bluetooth connectivity So the inclusion of Wi-Fi support on its own is an excellent feature, and when you add in auto-switching and the latest version of Bluetooth, the Sonos Roam is possibly the best connected speaker we’ve ever seen

Design is hugely important when it comes to audio equipment, but outdoor speakers and home speakers inevitably look different.While an outdoor speaker needs to be sturdy, waterproof, and resistant to bumps and scratches, home speakers are generally made of higher quality materials, with an emphasis on aesthetics appealing lines lies

With the Sonos Roam, the company seems to have struck a happy balance between these competing design requirements by combining a sturdy build with a minimalist aesthetic

The speaker is IP67 water and dust resistant, as well as rubberized concave end caps to protect it from the elements, while its precision-drilled grille and sleek surface mean it should fit even the fanciest of homes

A far cry from the typically garish-looking waterproof speakers on the market, the Sonos Roam is a welcome change. It’s also much lighter and smaller than its predecessor, making it much better for playing your music on the go

We believe there will be a lot to love about the Sonos Roam, but there are a few downsides that we noticed

For starters, you can’t use two Sonos Roam speakers as two rear channels for your home theater system – we expected that to be because the same goes for the Sonos Move The company attributes this to synchronization issues and the potential for a directional soundtrack to lose focus if a speaker is not optimally positioned in a room

While we understand the reasons for this decision, it’s a shame Sonos hasn’t pulled out all the stops to make the Sonos Roam a speaker that can really do anything with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, Smart -Home integration and sound swap make it almost a speaker for almost any occasion

There’s also the fact that the Sonos Roam is unlikely to sound as powerful as the Sonos Move due to its smaller size So if you’re looking for the loudest portable speaker of the two, you might have to step out $ 200 extra for the Roam’s bigger sibling

However, we hope that compromising audio quality in favor of a more compact build is negligible – because if Sonos claims the speaker has “enough power to fill a room,” it has proven to be exactly what the Sonos Roam could do easily stand out from the competition to become the best portable speaker of 2021

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