A salon owner who refused to close during the current lockdown in England was fined 27000 GBP occupied

Sinead Quinn, who runs Quin Blakey Hairdressers, was initially fined 1000 GBP because after the 5th It stayed open and further fines were imposed

She attempted to use the Magna Carta as a defense of her decision to remain open to the law she cited – Clause 61, which gave 25 barons the right to rightly contradict or rebel if they believed they were wrongly governed be – repealed and never incorporated into English law

The Kirklees Council asked them to do so on Saturday 4th000 pounds and the police imposed two more £ 10000 pounds fine when it reopened on Monday and Tuesday

Quinn had previously shared videos of herself on Instagram arguing with council officials and the police in a clip telling them she disagreed with the “illegal” fines and quoted her Defense “Common Law”

On Tuesday, Quinn shared a picture of a police car outside the salon and wrote, “This is what your tax dollars are used for. I sit outside of my business while I legitimately make a living”

Kirklees is currently among the most heavily infected areas in England at a rate of 446, 4 cases per 100000 people in the seven days up to the 19th November

The council said in a statement: “It is absolutely crucial for people’s safety that we all follow the latest rules and guidelines from Covid-19

“Kirklees currently has the fifth highest rate in the country: 135 people were hospitalized last week and 25 unfortunately died of a death related to Covid-19

“The law established by the government is there so we can lower infection rates, ease pressure on our health services, and save lives

“But it only works if we all stick to it and realize that no one is above the law. Frankly, the actions taken by this business are selfish and irresponsible

“We will not hesitate to take action against someone who violates the applicable rules in order to protect us all Repeated violations of the Covid-19 regulations result in ever higher fines of up to 10000 GBP and finally to law enforcement ’

Magna Carta

World News – UK – Salon owner faces a fine of 27Reckoned £ 000 after quoting Magna Carta to defy lockdown

Source: https://metro.co.uk/2020/11/25/salon-facing-27000-fine-after-quoting-magna-carta-to-defy-lockdown-13651107/