When we reach the end of a year like no one else, it is time to recognize those who have gone beyond

A children’s book author, a choreographer and a firefighter receive, among other things, the New Year’s award of a queen

Peter Thomas Wanless, Chairman of the Board of Directors of NSPCC, receives a knighthood for services to children, young people and the non-profit sector

The 56-year-old, who lives near Sevenoaks, has been the head of the nationwide charity since 2013 and previously held various positions in the Treasury Department

As the director of one of the country’s best-known charities, he has worked to improve the lives of hundreds of children in need

“It’s a great recognition for the charity To have wider recognition for the importance of our work is really outstanding

“The NSPCC has existed since 1884, so the charity’s founder would be quite shocked to discover that we still have to grapple with issues of child abuse and neglect”

The Canterbury author – a former Children’s Prize winner – has written or illustrated more than 50 books

His best-known work is the 1983 book Gorilla, which has already won several awards

His illustrations are spread around the world and are instantly recognizable. In 2000, Browne became the first British author to be awarded the Hans Christian Andersen Medal

Kevin Michael Aitchison from Eynsford is honored for his contributions to wheelchair rugby and people with disabilities

The 54-year-old was Chairman of the UK’s Wheelchair Rugby Board, the national governing body for the sport, from 2010 before stepping down in September

When responding to his recognition in the New Years Honors, Kevin said, “It’s really a little bit surreal It’s one of those things that, if I’m honest with you, I’m really happy about, but I think there are so many people doing so much more “

Kevin adds that he has only ever viewed his role as part of a large group effort with “supportive people”, but is happy to be recognized

The chairman has seen many ups and downs in his time to support the game

“After Rio [Paralympics] we lost our elite funding,” he said, a move he described as “heartbreaking” after seeing the progress the sport had made since London 2012

Despite that adversity, he said it led to one of his greatest personal achievements, which he believed to have overseen the growth of the game of grass

Hoping the sport will return soon after the lockdown, he adds, “For a lot of people who play it, it’s their life, it’s their friendship group, and it’s their normality”

Rajinder Tumber from Belvedere in Bexley was awarded an MBE for his services to the cybersecurity industry

The IT manager and businessman has more than a decade of experience in this field and counts the Cabinet Office, the Home Office and the & Commonwealth Office as well as Heathrow Airport among his long list of clients

But outside of his digital work, Rajinder is also an avid poet In 2017 he broke a centuries-old world record because he wrote the longest love poem in the world: “Divine Verse” ??

Rajinder says he was home working on his poetry when he received an email allegedly from the Cabinet office saying the Prime Minister was about to give his name to the Queen for an MBE

“I thought it was a settlement! I called the cabinet office to double-check and they said yes, the email is legitimate,” he said

“So then I thought I am asked if I would like to receive an MBE? Of course I would! “

It means a lot to Rajinder, who says he hit “rock bottom” a few years ago when he was unemployed and nearly died from meningitis

“Going from where I am today with an MBE from the Queen The MBE symbolizes that as you fight for your life, innovate, and help others, your life will become more enlightened and your efforts recognized and be rewarded “

He added: “It is an absolute honor to receive an MBE from Her Majesty the Queen. Today we live in a mobile, connected world

“Receiving the MBE shows that cybersecurity is increasingly recognized as an essential area and I am proud to represent the industry”

Laura Claire Bounds’ nomination is in recognition of her work at the Kent Crisps of Bridge company near Canterbury

The snack company’s flavors are made from real Kent products such as Canterbury Ashmore Cheese and Biddenden Cider

Packages include landscapes and county landmarks such as Leeds Castle, Canterbury Cathedral and Turner Contemporary in Margate

Since acquiring Kent Crisps in 2017, Ms. Bounds has been the driving force behind the growth of the business with an emphasis on exports

The company now supplies international airlines, trains and ferry routes as well as 10 markets worldwide such as Germany, America and Asia

Ms. Bounds, 34, owns several Kent businesses in addition to Kent Crisps, including the Kentish Oils and A Little Bit Food Co brands

She is also an Export Champion for the Department of International Trade, Kent Ambassador and Mentor for the Kent Business School at the University of Kent

Ms. Bounds said, “Being awarded an MBE is an absolute privilege, especially when it comes to working in a county that I’m so proud to be a part of

“Kent Crisps is a small but extremely passionate team, without whom I would not have had this opportunity

“I hope this proves to others that we can all make a difference and that anything is possible with hard work and determination”

Ms. Bounds attended Canterbury Secondary School and then Canterbury College, where she graduated with an HND

She then completed a BA in Public Service Management at the University of Worcester, shortly thereafter graduating with a Masters in Sociology

She initially worked in a sales development role at Kent Crisps, quickly rose to commercial director and participated in a management buyout in 2017

Kent Crisps is one of the few snack brands in the UK that has remained independently owned and one of the few, if any, all women-owned

Ms. Bounds has received a number of awards over the past few years, including Businesswoman of the Year at the Kent Women in Business Awards, with Kent Crisps also receiving multiple awards

Bethan Eaton-Haskins Director of Quality and Chief Nurse of the South East Coast Ambulance Service is honored for his services to nursing, particularly during Covid-19

Bethan from Sevenoaks joined SECAmb three years ago after having held a number of other roles in a career spanning more than 20 years

She has been leading the Trust’s Covid-19 response since the beginning of the year and has been officially appointed Covid Director of SECAmb in addition to her role as Director of Quality and Care

Eunice Norman, of Fairview Avenue in Wigmore, chairs Hospital Radio Medway and has been with the station since 1973, shortly after it launched in 1970 She is rewarded for services to the community

The 73-year-old has done everything this year to raise funds for the organization in view of the Covid-19 pandemic

In order to keep smiling on patients on the wards, Eunice and the team behind the show broadcast from their home during the pandemic, rather than their usual studio in the basement of the Medway Maritime Hospital

She said, “It was completely unexpected. It’s nice to receive this recognition You don’t do this for an award when you start doing these things You just do it because you enjoy doing it

“I didn’t do it alone, the support from the rest of the team and the League of Friends has been amazing

“Everyone just wants to get back in and do the programs we love to do”

David Pearson, born in Gravesend, holds an MBE in Services to Help Vulnerable People in the UK

The 75-year-old was a central figure in founding Swanley-based security organization Thirtyone: Eight that he built from scratch and that once ran away from a trailer on his driveway

Over the past 40 years, a team of over 50 employees and more than 10000 network organizations grew into the UK’s largest independent faith-based charity

Although the Swanley resident left school with no formal qualifications at age 14, he worked his way up to become a local social services manager

While at the Christian charity, David has represented children’s interests in legal proceedings, contributed to numerous national safety guidelines, and even advised the Laming investigation into the death of eight-year-old Victoria Climbie in 2002

In accepting his MBE, David said, “I am honored to accept this award on behalf of the extraordinary people I have learned so much from – survivors of abuse who have bravely shared their pain”the tireless efforts of leaders and workers with children and adults in churches and organizations; my colleagues for over four decades since I gave birth to the charity; to my family who stood and worked with me, and most of all, thankful to God” ??

The news that the successful fundraiser had been named a member of the British Empire (MBE) came when its number for charity-winning grants hit a staggering 100

It also came when the officer was ready to retire his brother, Deal’s self-styled “celebrity” Dave Smith, to whom the 57-year-old attributes his favorite fundraising memory and touchingly dedicates his award

He also dedicates it to the inspiring local charities he calls his “constants” – the Mental Health Support Group Talk it Out, the History Project in Deal, and the Dover Operatic and Dramatic Society (DODS)

Mr. Smith, who lives in Eythorne, said, “When I heard about the award, I was shocked and very humble about it

“I wanted to thank my wife Jackie and my son Daniel for looking at grants and events over and over again over the past 16 years”

During that time, his successes in securing grants have helped local, national, and international organizations 409£ 000 to earn – 35£ 000 of that came from events and the remainder came from exactly 100 grants

He recalled, “I started helping Eythorne Rovers FC football club. I got a couple of grants from Dover District Council, which administered a Bridging the Gap grant

“We got £ 900 for coaches so we could travel to Whitstable with a group of players and fans, and 3000 pounds to take to the David Beckham Academy in London “

From then on, Mr Smith also helped cricket clubs After regular articles in a football magazine about his fundraising campaign, he was contacted by a man in West Sussex which resulted in him helping Bosham FC and another club in Wales

Internationally, he helped Love Light Romania between 2014 and 2016 and secured a grant of £ 5000 from the non-profit foundation Allan & Nesta Ferguson The money that the charity uses to build a building for 3000 pounds and the remaining 2000 pounds was used to renovate it and turn it into a work school

Nationally, he worked with the Katie Piper Foundation after drawing inspiration from the model’s determination to help others after their face was disfigured by a malicious acid attack

Former student of Parochial, Warden House, and Deal Sec has been helping Age Concern Sandwich more recently, sponsoring the Deal, Walmer Community Association that runs the Landmark Center from 2015-17 during that time hosting an event and one big raffle, at the 2nd000 pounds have been raised for the building on the High Street

He said, “It’s all voluntary It gives me relief from my job as a civil servant”

Mr. Smith has successfully nominated three people for MBEs and two more for BEMs. Understanding the time and dedication required to apply for the honors, Mr. Smith humbly said, “So I’m shocked to do something like this I should have didn’t expect anyone to ever do that for me “

His best fundraising memory came in April 2018, and he lovingly attributes this to his brother Dave, a popular and well-connected builder

He said: “David supported me, it was his idea to apply for a scholarship for little Ellice Barr, a little girl from Deal who has cerebral palsy

“One day David told me she was 65I need £ 000 for an operation on her legs on Great Ormond Street in London

“Your father, Joe, was running a campaign to raise the money. At the time, he had a fair amount of support from the Rotary club, and he was running events

“Dave said, ‘Is there a way to get a scholarship for this?’ I said I would take care of it

“I have worked at the Kent Community Foundation, Administrator for 6000 donor, applied for £ 500 because they told me this is the best you can get, so I filled out the form

“Your dad had a big event and the day before I contacted the Kent Community Foundation to see if we got the £ 500

“They came back to me and said, ‘Are you sitting? Unfortunately the £ 500 application was unsuccessful, but we have 10 instead£ 000 for Ellice”

“We presented the check, and Ellice was so excited because she had just learned to write her name and she could see her name on the check

You would think Covid has put an end to his benevolent pastime. Conversely, 2020 was his best year for fundraising to date

He has received 17 grants that included funding from grantees to help keep organizations afloat during the pandemic

His advice is, “Don’t stop at the first hurdle.” This is evidenced by his persistence in asking the reasons for a grant setback earlier this year. He checked with Dover District Council and got okay later that day for a cash push of £ 10000 for the Dover Operatic and Dramatic Society

No chance. He said: “I already have two more scholarships ‘in the forest’ that I am waiting to receive answers from”

Peter Thomas Wanless CB Chief Executive Officer, NSPCC For Service To Children, Youth, And The Nonprofit Sector (Sevenoaks, Kent)

Christopher John Woolard Lately Interim Chief Executive, Financial Conduct Authority For Financial Regulation Services and Financial Technology Innovation (Otford, Kent)

Vivienne Artz Chief Privacy Officer, Refinitive and President, Women in Banking and Finance For financial services and gender diversity services (Headcorn, Kent)

Dr Malcolm Butler Chairman of the UK Onshore Geophysical Library For Services To Education, Research and Development (Paddock Wood, Kent)

Barbara Collins Director, Women in Leadership, Government Equal Opportunities Office For Contribution to Gender Equality (Gravesend, Kent)

Tanjit Singh Dosanjh Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Prison Opticians Trust For Contributing to Optometry in Prisons and Reducing Repeat Offenses (Rochester, Kent)

David Roydon Nachtigall Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University of Kent For Services To Higher Education (Canterbury, Kent)

Tracey Lynne Reed Lately Director, Historic Real Estate, English Heritage For Heritage Service (Deal, Kent)

Matthew John Stutely Director of Software Engineering, Parliamentary Digital Service For Contributing to Parliament during Covid-19 (Rochester, Kent)

Claudia Claire Sykes Chief Executive Officer of Social Enterprise Kent and All Seasons Community Support for services to Social Enterprise and the Social Care Sector (Whitstable, Kent)

Alison Judith Bailey Castellina Technical Standards Lead, Heating Networks, Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy For Consumer Protection, Diversity and Inclusion Services (Tunbridge Wells, Kent)

Jane Susan Comeau Chairman of the Board of Directors, Childcare and Early Years Association, Kent For Services to Education (Tunbridge Wells, Kent)

Bethan Eaton-Haskins Director, Quality and Head Nurse, Rescue Service on the South East Coast For services to nursing, especially during Covid-19 (Sevenoaks, Kent)

Justine Patricia Norris Community Occupational Therapist, Mental Health Therapist, Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust For Contribution to the NHS during Covid-19 (Deal, Kent)

David Frederick Pearson Lately Trustee and Company Secretary and Founder, Thirty-One: Eight For Services to Protect the Vulnerable (Swanley, Kent)

Martin George Pilgrim Trustee and Treasurer, Young Women’s Trust For Services To Disadvantaged Children and Youth (Canterbury, Kent)

Alexander Robert Taylor Assistant Director, Preparedness and Response, Civil Contingent Liability Secretariat, Cabinet Office for Public Service (Tunbridge Wells, Kent)

Harry Mario Aquilina Fireman, London Fire Brigade For contributions to the London community during the Covid-19 Response (Edenbridge, Kent)

Neil Ferries, for contributions to the Wakefield, West Yorkshire community during the Covid-19 response (Sittingbourne, Kent)

Dr Aminur Khosru Rahman Chairman of the Kent Area Committee, Institution of Mechanical Engineers For Services To Education (Chatham, Kent)

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