The couple recently reunited with former co-host Cat Deeley for a special’ The Story of SM: TV Live ‘celebration of the show and they revealed the decision to leave in 2001 That was extremely difficult

Ant stated, “We had talked about going for a while and then ITV came up to us and said we have a new show called ‘Pop Idol’ We knew the plans were to make this show huge and we knew we couldn’t do both “

Dec added, “It was nerve wracking to go because we loved the show, it was part of our lives

“We had spent three years on it, but we had also worked on it from the conception of the show to the last day of this amazing show. Even now I’m like oh god I hate the thought of us leaving”

Although ‘SM: TV Live’ was a huge success, the presenting duo surprisingly revealed that it was initially rejected

Ant said, “ITV says to you, ‘How about three hours every Saturday morning? Not just 28 weeks a year, 52 weeks a year, all year round?’ And we went no “

Dec said, “We thought we were doing the music show, but we’re not doing cartoons and stuff? Pfft ‘”

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