Choosing a console can be tricky, especially if it’s your first with our guide explaining the differences and which ones are right for you

Video games have come a long way since the early 1970s. What were once idle distractions has grown into a global mega-industry for entertainment, education and communication

It’s an industry that defies definition almost at every turn.While you might think of the stereotypical gamer as a man in his twenties (possibly at home), women make up about 50 percent of all gamers these days, and that The average age of a player is around 35 years

Likewise, the games themselves run through almost all categories and genres. Just as English teachers keep telling hesitant readers that there is a book for everyone, it’s all about finding the right one I really believe there is a video game for everyone, whether you’re looking for high octane thrills, scary puzzles, mind-blowing puzzles, a relaxing simulator, or the desire to be a naughty goose wandering through a cartoon village wanders, there’s a game for you

Which brings us to the question: what format are you playing on? You can find video games anywhere from your smartphone to your PC, but most traditional gamers would recommend getting your hands on a dedicated game console – there are many competing versions of which

Enthusiastic gamers can get very nerdy very quickly about which console is the “best” A quick google can see that you’re quickly engrossed in conversations about terraflops, refresh rates, and virtual reality. Plus, it’s an incredibly subjective topic that has tribal loyalty ingrained

Here, I’ll explain the options to you as simply as possible, taking into account the differences between consoles, manufacturers, and games so you can make an informed decision about which game console is best for you …

Perhaps the easiest to start with is the console, which is arguably the most diverse unlike its competitors Sony and Microsoft (and to a lesser extent Google), Nintendo’s focus is not on cutting-edge graphics or high-performance processors, but the company’s entire focus is on Fun, pleasure and accessibility

The Nintendo Switch is a far cry from the most powerful console on the market, although it does offer HD graphics, compared to the 4K high-fidelity output on the PS5 and Xbox Series X (or even the PS4 and Xbox One) pale Similarly, internal performance means the console just can’t handle some more technically demanding games

Even so, the Nintendo Switch was the top selling console of 2020 in the UK, Europe and the US Why? Probably because the switch is the most interesting of the three

In terms of looks, Nintendo’s console is a little different: a half-inch thick, 62-inch screen with control buttons on either side, it’s comfortable to hold and with a battery life of between four and a half to nine hours, it’s great for gaming on the go, too there is a stand on the back, and the Joy-Con controllers on the sides can be detached and used separately, allowing two players to play at the same time without buying additional peripherals

But the real magic of the Switch (and the trick that gives it name) is that it can seamlessly switch between a handheld tablet and a TV console. Once you’ve connected the dock to your TV, you can be yours Simply slide the Switch into the holder and your game is immediately displayed on the screen. Anyone else want to use the TV? No problem, slide the switch out of the dock and just keep playing in handheld mode

As the proud owner of a Switch, I can tell you that my usage tends to vary between handheld and docked modes, although I know others who use it almost exclusively for one or the other, and those with poorer eyesight may prefer things on the larger one Screen to ensure visibility However, the backlit LCD screen on the handheld version is bright and easy to see, so this is not a major problem

What’s noteworthy is that the Nintendo Switch is strictly a game console unlike consoles from Microsoft, Sony or Google, this thing can only play games There is no way to surf the internet, stream TV programs or watch movies Given the fact that most people own a smart TV or streaming device these days, it’s probably not a huge loss

Another thing to keep in mind is that the Switch has a fairly small amount of internal storage, at just 32GB, which is roughly one-twentieth of the storage available on the PS5, meaning you run out of storage quickly have more when downloading games instead of using physical cartridges (personally my preferred option as the Switch is easy to carry around) A large game like Witcher 3 all at once consumes the memory of your entire console You can increase the memory with an additional SD Expand the map – at an additional cost

Anyway, the big reason to buy a Switch is the games.Each console has exclusive games that can only be played on that system, and arguably Nintendo’s are the best.If you’ve heard of a video game character, this is it are almost certainly a Nintendo character: Super Mario, Pokémon, The Legend Of Zelda, and Animal Crossing are just a few of the critically acclaimed series available exclusively on Nintendo consoles, for the context of around half of the best-selling video games became ever made, developed by Nintendo and its subsidiaries

These games are usually characterized by being colorful, approachable, entertaining for all ages, imaginative, and often (if not exclusively) cartoony in design, however, due to the limitations of the system, you won’t find the same vast worlds , photorealistic graphics and adult themes common on other consoles

This generally gives Nintendo consoles like the Switch a reputation for being an ideal console for beginners or families, but it would be silly to say that seasoned gamers wouldn’t enjoy it as much

Traditionally, Nintendo always had a handheld console and a home console at the same time.You may remember the Gameboy that was available at the same time as the SNES, or the DS that ran parallel to the Wii, all of which changed when the Switch mixed both camps together

It soon became clear, however, that there was still an appetite for a handheld, and so Nintendo created the Switch Lite

Unlike the standard version, the Switch Lite doesn’t have a dock and can’t connect to the TV The Joy-Con controllers are also fused to the console so you can’t pull them off and hand them over to a friend for multiplayer with the screen is slightly smaller (55 inches vs 62 inches on the standard switch) and you get a slightly more traditional shape of directional buttons on the left

Apart from that, it’s the same console, it can all play the same games, the graphics and processing power are the same, the battery is roughly the same

The tradeoff for losing the ability to switch with the Switch Lite is simple: it’s $ 100 cheaper, so in my opinion, the Lite version is ideal for families with younger children who may not be entrusted with expensive technology , or alternatively as a second console for families who already have a standard switch, but several players who want to play different things once

Even if it comes one step closer to a standard console than the Nintendo Switch, Google’s first leap into the console game world remains quite unusual

While the controller looks familiar, the “console” is anything but the only thing you can plug into your TV here is a tiny Chromecast dongle (the black circular thing in the picture above) So no big boxes or docks Stadia is capable of doing this because it doesn’t need a lot of things that make traditional consoles work: there are no hard drives, processors, fans, or such problems.Instead, games are played in the cloud and straight to your TV It’s like the Netflix streamed from game consoles

That brings us to the first disadvantage: you need an internet connection No internet = no gaming

There are two related things that you need to check before investing in a Stadia.First, that you have adequate internet speed, the minimum requirement is a download speed of 10Mbps (35Mbps if you’re in Want to play 4K quality) You should be fine, given the UK average of 64Mbps, the second is your internet contract, unless you have an unlimited offer, streaming these games will seriously hurt your pocket (you can limit the download amount to 4.5GB per hour, though You sacrifice the graphics quality)

Unlike other consoles, the Stadia doesn’t have to rely on what kind of technology it can cram into a physical console. All processing power and graphical output are managed by huge computers in a distant warehouse This means that as long as your streaming connection is up, games should look absolutely high quality and play smoothly with no lag or slowdown.It’s basically a game as game developers intended I played the famously sophisticated Cyberpunk 2077 and saw it stunning, while an old favorite of mine, Assassin’s Creed Origins, was such a noticeable step up that it felt like I was playing a different game

One of the biggest concerns among gamers when the Stadia was announced was latency – the time that elapses between pressing a button and your character’s on-screen reaction, ideally you want it to be as close as possible 1: 1 The concern was that given the Stadia essentially has to upload your push of a button to the cloud and then download the answer, the latency would be high, and I’m pleased to say that it doesn’t at all Fighting games where every millisecond counts is what colleagues who use Stadia have told me there aren’t any

If you like the concept of switching between TVs and other devices for portability, like the Nintendo Switch offers, Stadia is for you. You can plug your controller into your laptop or phone and play games right away Stream to this when someone else wants to use the TV

Speaking of controllers, this is your means of interacting with Stadia. Google’s design is simple in design and has a clean, uncluttered appearance that I think looks great I would argue that it might not be as pleasant to hold is like a PlayStation or Xbox equivalent, although honestly it’s not that much different. Those interested in streaming will also appreciate the controller as it has a very handy button that lets you record your games instantly and be able to upload them helpfully to YouTube with minimal effort

All of this has a “but” and it’s a big but: the price. At first glance, Stadia is incredibly cheap. At just £ 8,999 and frequently discounted, it’s five times cheaper than an Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 if you do, however To see those beautiful 4K HDR graphics, you’ll have to pay an additional € 899 per month. With an average console lifespan of around six years, you’ll end up paying a lot for the Stadia Pro

Of course, you don’t have to pay for this additional service. The basic version is free and the graphics go up to 1080p: Full HD, which, to be honest, is absolutely sufficient

And So About The Games While Google doesn’t make its own games, it does have a pretty good catalog of many critically-acclaimed third-party games, such as most of the Assassin’s Creed series, Red Dead Redemption 2, and many Far Cry -Title

The other thing to note is that the games will cost you the same cost as other consoles: around £ 50 Fair enough, you might think, but wait a minute, if you buy a disc or a cassette you can keep it forever and play it whenever you want.If you want to trade it in or sell it to a friend, that’s your prerogative.If you download a title and store it in your console’s internal storage, it’s similar to when you bought it to stream, license that software essentially, if the developer or Google decide to pull it out of Stadia, there is nothing you can do and your money will go down the drain

Such digital rights issues are by no means just an issue for Stadia.Most of the way we consume content these days faces the same potential danger – Netflix, Spotify, Disney I suppose the difference is that with Stadia you pay a flat fee for certain content

It undoubtedly seems that streaming games on platforms like Stadia will be the future of gaming. Whether or not you’re comfortable with it is basically up to you

Why we like it: A console giant with performance and graphics that will drop your jaw

I’m afraid this is the part where we have to start getting technical I’m saying this because the PlayStation 5 (PS5) and Xbox Series X (XBSX) are very similar at first glance

Both are powerful consoles capable of putting out some really good 4K HDR graphics powered by incredible processors and chipsets, physical giants that take up a fair chunk of TV cabinet space, and both are accurate available at the same price Likewise, they both have die-hard fans who are dying to convince you that their preferred console is objectively better than the other

Suffice it to say that figuring out which option is better for you is a serious challenge and I’ll try my best

Let’s start with the similarities.Both PS5 and XBSX are hugely powerful consoles that can display 8K graphics and are 16 times the quality of Full HD. 8K televisions are few and far between and cost a fortune at the moment This is probably an irrelevant detail, but it shows how powerful these machines are, and they can also output both graphics at 120 frames per second, which looks very fluid indeed, in my glossary below for an explanation of what that means I should be aware of that these features require a TV with HDMI 2 1 port, so check before you buy

The average Joe is more likely to notice a commitment to consistent 4K and 60fps performance available on almost all games.This should ensure your games look great and smooth on an average TV, and both consoles support a fancy one too visual processing that makes those graphics look even better Ray tracing is a term that has gobbled up many inch columns on gaming websites, but is essentially a very computationally intensive method of making the lighting more realistic, and it’s available for both PS5 and XBSX is

But it’s not just about graphics Computing power is a big deal for gamers Weaker processes = more time waiting for games to load And when a console is forced to load a huge, complicated, and graphically beautiful game world, it can Take a while to load Not so on PS5 or XBSX Despite their incredible graphical fidelity and huge virtual playgrounds to wander around, both Sony and Microsoft claim you will find next to no store in most games

Personally, I’m skeptical.Both me and my friends who have played the PS5 have found some examples of relatively long load times, especially in large games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla with a huge game world up to 30 seconds than the endless three-minute load times of an open world game like Skyrim on the Xbox 360 in 2011, but still it’s likely that load times will only increase when game developers thanks to the benefits offered by these new consoles Upgrades get a little more ambitious

Thanks to the use of a solid-state drive, the PS5 should load faster than the XBSX, but honestly, it’s not much in it

How is the PS5 different from the XBSX? The most obvious is the controller, the PS5’s dualsense controller is a revolution.While it looks like an old game controller from the outside, it contains what is known as haptic feedback.Rather than vibrating wildly like older controllers, the haptic feedback is in shape subtle vibrations that developers can fine-tune to immerse you in the experience, you may feel the texture of the ground your character walks on or the rainfall on them

The controller also has adaptive triggers that subtly adjust the resistance when pressed.For example, you can feel a bow tighten or two weapons strike back

Another big difference is how it looks.As mentioned above, both the PS5 and XBSX are big beasts PS5 is a tall white tower that looks like it’s been pulled straight from the Abu Dhabi skyline at 39cm tall, 4 ” wide and 10 ” deep Frankly, it’s one of the ugliest consoles I’ve ever seen so make sure you have a TV cabinet big enough to lock this thing up

Anyway, let’s move on to the games, while Nintendo is known for being colorful and family-friendly, the PlayStation library is more adult and more reputable.You can find exclusive products like The Last Of Us, a crude post-apocalyptic investigation into the nature of violence , or God Of War, a mythologically focused parable of fatherhood.There are fun things too, Sony’s Spider-Man games are engineering marvels where you swing through a beautifully crafted New York City, and Astros Playroom (included with the Console included) is an adorable cartoon frenzy with Nintendo stages of invention

There aren’t too many exclusive PS5 releases yet, but with the console only launching in November, it’s still very early and game developers will take care of everything.In the meantime, there are some absolute highlights from the PS4 days, that have been beautifully scaled up for the PS5

If you liked the sound of Stadia’s game streaming gimmick, you might also be interested in PS Now, which lets you stream a selection of games for a monthly fee of £ 899 or you can pay for £ 49 annually for the service includes 700 titles including PS3 and PS4 titles So it’s great for taking a trip back in time, and it’s worth noting that the games added to PS Now tend to be a bit older, unlike XBSX’s Game Pass option, which I discuss below, so you should also be warned as soon as You stop paying, can no longer access these games at all

All in all, the PlayStation 5 is an excellent console, especially for those who own a 4K TV.Sony has made some real improvements to its formula with haptic feedback, and the exclusive games keep getting more prestigious, in all honesty, if you’re between Choosing PS5 and XBSX, the differences will go unnoticed to all but the most die-hard gamers So I would really look at the lists of which games can only be played on each platform and see which ones appeal to you more

Like the Switch Lite, the PS5 also has its own budget-friendly version In contrast to the Switch Lite, there are not many differences to explain. In fact, there is only one thing: As the name suggests, the Digital Edition has no drive

That means downloading all of your games from the online PS store instead of buying them from your local game store.This approach has advantages and disadvantages: although you don’t have to be in If you have to drag the stores, you also lose the opportunity to pick up a used bargain. You also cannot play Blu-rays

If you’re looking to get involved with digital media and save a few pounds, there’s no reason not to choose the Digital Edition

Why we like it: It’s every bit as powerful as the PS5, and GamePass is a fascinating concept

Finally Coming to Microsoft’s Game Console, if you’ve skipped over here without reading my PS5 description above, I urge you to scroll up and read this too, these two consoles are very different in many ways , very, very similar

To recap, both are capable of creating stunning graphics, both can technically output 8K and up to 120 frames per second, although it’s more likely you’ll still get impressive 4K with all kinds of at 60 fps fancy things like seeing ray tracing Both have a ton of memory and processing power, so load times are kept to a minimum

The XBSX also lacks some of the more interesting features of the PS5, such as: B. On the positive side, however, the haptic feedback on the controller is that if you’ve already owned an Xbox One, Microsoft’s last console, your previous controllers will still work on the new console

Microsoft’s approach to updating its consoles also stands in stark contrast to the rest of the console industry, while Sony and Nintendo have taken the approach of introducing new games with each generation of consoles, Microsoft’s idea seems to be more console-ambivalent, in fact, the XBSX became exclusive without Launched titles you couldn’t get on last-gen Xbox One Instead, Microsoft is offering “Smart Delivery,” which updates the games to take advantage of the capabilities of the console they’re playing on. The game itself doesn’t change , but the graphics, load times and general playability are improved thanks to the improved technology

Another upgrade that will appeal to gamers is Quick Resume, which lets you pause multiple games in the background while playing something else, and then jump back in without having to start again

As with the PS5, I’d find that XBSX is pretty ugly, this one is shaped like a large black brick, 12 “high, 6” deep, and 6 “long It’s not as offensive to look at as the PS5, but it’s just plain boring There is no hint of design on the matter, I suppose Microsoft has focused entirely on the innards of the console …

As with PS5, Xbox consoles also have a lot of gritty adult games.You can enjoy exclusive Microsoft titles like the first person shooter series Halo or the sci-fi series Gears Of War Xbox has arguably the weakest line of exclusive First-party gaming, though that may change now that Microsoft has acquired Bethesda, the legendary studio behind legacy series like Elder Scrolls, Doom, and Fallout

Like the PS5, XBSX has its own game streaming service in the form of Game Pass This really bridges the gap between the Stadia approach and traditional game ownership for £ 1099 a month gives you access to hundreds of games from brand new ones Xbox One and XBSX titles, or you can take a trip back in time with titles from Xbox 360 and even the original Xbox, unlike PS Now, which typically doesn’t add games to purchase for a few years, many Games added to Game Pass at the same time as their full release, which means you can choose to buy or subscribe to a game and simply get it for as long as your subscription is valid

XBSX also has a system called X Cloud that allows you to stream games like Stadia between different devices, ideal if you want to play portable games on a phone or laptop, for example

Anyone responsible for naming the Microsoft consoles must be fired immediately, as XBSX isn’t the only new console from Microsoft right now, with a budget-friendly Xbox Series S also available

Unlike the PS5 Digital Edition, there are some significant differences between the X Series and the S Series, the latter being £ 249 first, which makes it the cheapest modern game console right now (I’m not counting the Stadia because it’s not actually a console in the traditional sense is)

Aside from the price and the slightly smaller S series, the main difference between the S series and the XBSX is the console’s performance.The S series has smaller memory and a weaker processor, which means the loading times are longer and the graphical quality While the XBSX hits true 4K levels, the S Series can only manage 1440p, which is between Full HD and 4K, which is a bit of a downgrade, but since 1080p TVs are still more common than 4K TVs, this may not have once affect you

As with the PS5 Digital Edition, the Xbox Series S lacks a drive, so unlike its big brother, it cannot be used as a Blu-ray player either – digital format that is not a big loss

Have you tried all of the links above and still can’t find anything with your console of choice? Fear not, everyone is in the same boat

Game console production lines have been dramatically impacted by the pandemic, and the few consoles produced tend to be snapped up incredibly quickly I’ve seen people wait until 4am after hearing a rumor that the new PS5 was coming -Share shares

Sony has announced that stock offerings for the PS5 will last well into spring, while Microsoft estimates the Xbox Series X won’t be available until June, while Nintendo Switches are easier to come by, but they’re also selling out quickly

Scalpers have been reported to use bots to buy a ton of PS5 and XBSX stock and then resell them at inflated prices Remember that the MSRP of these consoles is £ 44999; If you see one for sale for more than that, you run the risk of dealing with an unscrupulous person who doesn’t play fair

As I said earlier, there aren’t too many games out there that you can only play on XBSX and PS5 So there’s no need to be in a mad rush to these consoles right now unless you’re a die-hard fan

Some would argue that if you really want to experience the highest heights that the world of video games has to offer, then if you really want to do this on a gaming PC, these specialty computers are often capable of consoles in terms of graphics and compute power, and host modding communities that can edit games to add new features and capabilities beyond the original developers

That being said, specialized gaming rigs can cost thousands of pounds, and since they’re typically modular in design, you can easily continue to spend money on additional items

For beginners, I’d say a game console is a much easier jump to the point, but if the gameplay bug really worries you, this is definitely an option to consider

Slow down, grandpa; These consoles are old news! The PS4 and Xbox One launched in 2013, which means they were seven years old before being replaced by the latest models 4K TVs were barely heard back then, let alone 8K or cloud games

Apart from that, Sony and Microsoft’s relentless pursuit of ever more realistic graphics can only ever lead to falling returns So unless you have a really top-notch TV, there’s a good chance you won’t get much more with a PS5 than you could get from a PS4.As mentioned above, there are only a tiny number of games that are exclusively available on the PS5 , and none that can only be played on the XBSX / S So if you’re looking to save a bit of cash and buy a last-generation console, you won’t be missing out on much yet

I say this because the differences between this generation and the last generation become more apparent as the usage of this generation of consoles increases, and amazing new games will soon emerge that you can only play on a newer computer I think it’s best to yourself Future proof and simply buy the latest version with this technology

Plus PS5 and XBSX offer backward compatibility, meaning you can play PS4 and Xbox One games on them, and the Nintendo Switch is not backward compatible because Nintendo’s last console, the Wii U, used optical discs while the Switch used cartridges However, most of the Wii U games worth playing have been redesigned and re-released on Switch anyway

Essentially, it’s the time between releasing a console and replacing it with the next model.Traditionally, a generation of consoles takes about six or seven years, although it can be shorter on occasion The aforementioned Wii U was an example of how sales were so miserable that Nintendo pulled the console halfway through its lifecycle and replaced it with the Switch is rare

Unlike something like a smartphone, there is usually a couple of years between a console and its tracking So when you buy a new game console on launch day, you can be pretty sure that it will continue to be the latest for about six years

In the past few years we’ve seen some mid-generation hardware revisions, like the Xbox One X (not to be confused with the Xbox Series X) and PS4 Pro, that have added a few new bells and whistles and a bit more Increase in performance but still basically the same console and able to play all the same games

Virtual Reality Exists and It’s Very Cool You can hook up VR headsets to the PlayStation family of consoles, and Nintendo has its own virtual reality in the form of the Labo camera, but the best way to play virtual reality is a dedicated one VR unit we’ve rated the best here

Absolutely, although you will probably have to dig a lot to find them. In recent years there has been renewed interest in used classic consoles from NESs to Dreamcasts to Ataris, from both collectors and fans

This means that there is a thriving market for old-school consoles, eBay is a great place to start for those lost gems, as well as specialist game stores.Even more mainstream stores like CEX and GAME sometimes carry retro consoles, so it’s worth it to ask

One of the problems with collecting retro games is that the industry as a whole is spectacularly poor at remembering its history. Rare old game cartridges and disks can be like gold dust, especially for niche games

You can use emulators online to find some older games that can be difficult to find legitimate copies of, but legality is often questionable at best

You may also have a little luck with what’s already on your console, with a plethora of compilations and remasters of old games out there With services like PS Now, Game Pass, and Nintendo Switch Online, you can often find older games that can be played on modern consoles, just as they used to be

Frame rate: Measured in frames per second or fps (not to be confused with FPS, which means first person shooter, a popular genre of games), this term basically refers to how fluid the gameplay looks on the screen. Think about it Wallace & Gromit style stop motion animation The more images, the smoother the image becomes in motion.Consistency is key here, a frame rate of 30 fps, which is standard on a less powerful console like the Switch, may seem like compared to the 60 fps found on the Stadia, XBSX, and PS5 Defaults are fade, but it’s better to have a game that stays solid at 30fps than one that jumps between 40fps and 60fps while you are playing

Resolution: This refers to the number of pixels on the screen, the more pixels you have, the more detail you can see.In terms of modern consoles, you will hear, in order from lowest to highest pixel count: 720p ( Standard HD), 1080p (Full HD), 4K and 8K Of course, buying a console that can output 8K like the PS5 or XBSX is very good, but if you only have a Full HD TV you won’t see any Advantage in that

Latency: The time between pressing a button and displaying the corresponding action on the screen The term is generally used for online games. This is very important in competitive games where a delay of microseconds can tell the difference between defeat and Victory can generally affect your internet, but so does the servers that the game developers run

HDR: Abbreviation for High Dynamic Range (high dynamic range) This is essentially the breadth of color a console can pump out. HDR means more visual detail, especially if you’re playing on a 4K or 8K television

GB: Abbreviation for gigabytes. Usually you will find this term in connection with the amount of space a game takes up on your console. Games with larger worlds or more detailed graphics usually take up more space In general, you’ll find that games on Nintendo Switch are smaller than games on PS5 However, this can also depend on how well a developer can compress their game

First Party: Refers to a game developer or studio owned by the company that makes the console.These titles are often considered top hits on any console, especially Nintendo, whose game development studios are legendary

Second Party: A game developer or studio that is not owned by a console manufacturer but has contracts to make games for a specific console only Game Freak, who make the Pokémon series for Nintendo consoles, are second-party developers / p>

Third Party: A game developer or studio that creates games for a console of their choice. Examples include Ubisoft, CD Projekt Red, and EA Games

Processor: Sometimes referred to as a central processing unit or CPU, this is essentially the bit of the console that determines how fast the games load.It’s also about how many things the console can do at the same time. A better processor basically means more complicated and detailed games

Peripherals: A term that refers to the extra bits you need to play on a console that is not the console itself. Controllers are the main example, but sometimes there are others. Thankfully, the days of plastic steering wheels and controllers Tennis rackets largely left behind in the Wii days

Switch PS Plus / Xbox Live / Nintendo Online: These are subscription fees you have to pay to play online games.While it may seem annoying to have to pay to play online, there are some PS Plus sweeteners. and Xbox Live subscribers get free games to download every month, usually good ones too, while Nintendo Switch Online subscribers get access to a library of classic Nintendo titles from the nineties that are a real journey back in time to gaming

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