Posted: 10:50 GMT, 29 January 2021 | Updated: 12:10 GMT, 29 January 2021

A married teacher who had sex with a 15-year-old student kissed her husband as she was led to the cells to be detained pending her sentencing next month

Kandice Barber, 35, is said to have brought the underage boy to a field, kissed him on the neck next to a bale of hay and whispered: “What are you going to do now?” before he has full intercourse with him

She was found guilty yesterday, but because her defense attorney was out of court, she was given bail on her last night of freedom with husband Daniel

He was seen by her side while she was carrying her holdall as they went to court this morning

Miss Recorder Bal Dhaliwal sent you to the cells and said: “In making my decision, I am very aware that you are the mother of three young children, and I am also aware of the implications that this would have”on your children in relation to a detention

“You were given an extra bail night last night after being convicted of extremely serious crimes I trust and hope that this extra bail night gave you the opportunity to explain, prepare, and explain to your children what is to come to say goodbye for the time being

“There is likely to be a long prison sentence to follow, and to make sure you don’t surrender for your sentence, I am now going to revoke your bail and remand you until your sentence”

Barber, 35, was hooded as the rain pelted down ahead of today’s hearing

The former teacher faces five years in prison after being found guilty of having sex with the boy

Barber faces up to five years in prison after being found guilty of having sex with the boy she spotted on a school sports day and added on Snapchat to send flirtatious texts

The mother of three lawyer unsuccessfully claimed that at only 5 feet she was too short to have sex with the boy who stood up when the teacher lied that her packed calendar meant she was “too busy” was to sleep with him

She had bombarded him with messages, including one asking him, “Do you like boobs or butts?” and sent him a photo of herself on a bed surrounded by sex toys

But Barber – who was now bailed out before sentencing – was found out after a topless picture she sent to her victim was circulated so widely that it was passed on to her school’s headmaster

This was Barber’s second trial after she was convicted in September of sending the boy topless pictures of herself on Snapchat between September and October 2018, but being acquitted, inducing sexual activity to a child in a trust or to have caused

Yesterday, the Wendover, Bucks care teacher was found guilty of inducing or inducing sexual activity in a child under the age of 16 as the judge warned that custody was inevitable She was found not guilty of the same charges on two other counts

Barber showed no emotion as the judgments were pronounced after 10 hours and 39 minutes of deliberation by the jury, staring blankly across the courtroom

Her husband as a delivery worker, Daniel, who was observing what was going on in an adjoining room from a distance, was furious after the guilty verdict: “It’s a joke. When Barber showed up at the entrance to the courtyard, he took her hand as soon as he saw her.”

The two then walked hand in hand to a court office, where the judge ordered them to wait for a date to be set for their conviction

Nadia Chbatt, Barber’s attorney, had a different professional obligation yesterday, and the judge gave the teacher bail and released her from the court before her conviction

The judge had told her, “I will not proceed to judgment immediately. I fully accept that you should have Ms. Chbatt, who was your trial attorney, present.”

‘I will bail you until the next opportunity, either tomorrow morning or Monday morning, and you must attend Aylesbury Crown Court

‘If you are absent, if you do not surrender, you are committing a second crime It follows that the police can arrest you and bring you by force ‘

The mother of three arrived at court alone today in her gray Toyota car that had a leopard print steering wheel and a red love heart that dangled from the rearview mirror. Her husband arrived later

Previously, the court had learned how Barber, a supply teacher at Princes Risborough School in Buckinghamshire, reached out to her victim on a sports day when she added him as a “friend” on social media

Then she started texting the boy – supposedly “obsessed” with her – telling him when she “hopped in the shower” or “took a bath”

By then, Barber had dated him and had sex with him behind the back of her devoted husband, Daniel, who worked for the delivery company

In court that day she had lied to her busy schedule, which meant it would have been impossible

She also told the boy that she would “bring him with her” if the relationship was discovered and that she was pregnant with his child, the court heard

‘When I teach, let’s see if we can do our best without the others knowing’

In an earlier trial in Aylesbury last September, Barber was tried between 27 September 2018 and the 20 Sentenced October 2018 by a majority vote of 10 to 2 for sexual communication with a child relating to topless pictures that she had sent the same victim

She was also convicted by the same majority vote, having a child of 20 October 2018 to 31 Jan 1, 2019, where she sent a video to the victim of having herself engaged in a sex act while surrounded by sex toys when the victim was 16 years old

Barber had been acquitted for inducing or inducing a child to engage in sexual activity on the same dates by a person in a trust relationship

The jury at Aylesbury Crown Court previously heard how the teacher, who has school-age children herself, later met the boy about two other illegal trysts and sent him topless pictures of herself, which were then widely circulated the Princes Risborough School

Richard Milne, who opened the case to prosecutors, said, “It all started on a sports night on Jan. September 2018, when she came up to him and asked him to borrow his phone, she owned his phone and she put her details in his Snapchat account, he thought it was a little weird

Kandice Barber’s internet history and phone content were a huge part of her two attempts

Jurors who heard at their first hearing mentioned a password-protected Snapchat folder called “My Eyes Only” Her search history has also been rated significant by prosecutors

In September she googled, “What’s the name of someone you’re having an affair with?” She went on to search by the terms “alibi” and “when you have a plan where you’ve been”

Barber had claimed she was trying to find out the name Fatal Attraction, a film about a married man who has an affair with a woman obsessed with him

The teacher also searched for “a lie, where you’ve been”, as well as “good remote areas” and “Holiday Inn, Wycombe”

‘She would tell him she has a bath or shower and then ask him if he would like to meet’

The court was told that Barber had sex with the boy and later sent him topless pictures of himself which were shown to the jury

Earlier last year, the principal of Princes Risborough School had obtained one of the topless pictures that had been circulating along with rumors of the affair

Other kids at school said that Barber texted the boy asking, “Do you like boobs or butts?” and tell him that he had a bigger penis than her husband ‘

In another message she said to him: “When I teach you, we want to see if we can do our best without the others knowing”

Daniel Barber, Kandice’s husband, had appeared twice as a witness in their defense, calling them his “rock” and saying their relationship was “as strong as ever,” advising the jury that he was appropriate Tattoos with his wife of four years had

Barber’s mother, Dawn Green, appeared to be defending her in the first trial as well, stating that the mother of three had told her, “I know I’m a stupid mother,” but said she believed her daughter afterwards she berated her life that no sexual activity had taken place with the boy

A social worker visited March 2019 Barber’s house and examined her for living with young children, including her husband’s two from previous relationships, but during the visit, Barber accepted to have sent the boy a naked picture

Kandice Barber had arrived at Princes Risborough School just after 6 on December 12 March 2019 at 30 o’clock you can expect a normal class day

But she found officers and a police car waiting for her before one of the children arrived for the next day

They were briefed by Headmaster Nicholas Simms, who had spoken to the boy the day before to confirm rumors about what had happened

DC Parker shared how Barber looked like she was going into shock when she was arrested

The office told the jury, “I arrested her on suspicion of abuse of confidence and sexual activity with a child

‘She went white and shivered, I grabbed her cell phone and she was then taken for an interview’

In the interview, Barber had a written statement that said, “I categorically deny that I ever had sex with this boy, I never saw him naked and he never saw me naked ‘

Mr Milne told the jury: ‘She said that she went through a bad phase with her husband, that she was pregnant but lost the child, they wanted another one but it didn’t happen

‘Things were tense between her and her husband, the boy had paid her attention and she had let go of her guard and started talking to him’

The court heard the social worker visit Barber again and the defendant had asked that what she said not be included in official news coverage, adding that she would deny saying it was said have

In a video interview with the police on Sept. In March last year, the boy claimed that after he turned 16 Years of age sent messages for months and only paused because the school staff found out

The complainant added that when he was called to speak to his headmaster, he initially denied having sex with Barber

Speaking to a member of the child abuse team at the Aylesbury Police Station, the boy, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, said, “She said if I cheated on myself, she would basically snake her way, bring me with you her down i thought you wanna accuse me of rape? She was like dot dot dot Obviously I got angry and didn’t speak to her after that ‘

Barber was born on Dec. Arrested March last year, and during the interview, she made a prepared statement denying having sex with the boy, claiming her pregnancy was widely known at school – although she later lost the baby and the father was her Man

Barber has been found guilty of having a child between the ages of 27 September and the 20 Induced or caused sexual activity in October 2018

In a previous trial, she was convicted of sexual communication with a child between the same dates and caused a child to die from 20 October 2018 to 31 January 2019 to observe a sexual act of a trustworthy person

Jennie Laskar-Hall of the Crown Prosecution Service said, “Barber used her position as a teacher and a trusted member of the community to abuse a teenager in her care

‘The news was vital to our case as it showed that Barber had contacted the teenage boy and tracked him, and even threatened him, when the school exam began

‘Barber denies what she did and forced the teenager and his family to go through a lawsuit and I want to commend him for providing the crucial evidence we needed to back up today’s conviction’

After her arrest, Barber claimed the only reason she Googled the words “alibi” and “lie where you’ve been” was while watching the movie “Fatal Attraction”

She suggested doing “remote areas” searches online to find new places to walk her dog

She also claimed that a file on her cell phone was “for my eyes only” with topless photos for her husband

EXCLUSIVE: “Incredibly lively” teacher demanded sex “six times a day” and danced in the garage: the ex-boyfriend of the embarrassed Kandice Barber, who slept with her 15-year-old student, said he could not cope with her Sex drive ‘

Ashamed care teacher Kandice Barber’s ex-boyfriend revealed how their relationship ended over their sexual claims, stating, “It was too exaggerated”

Barber, 35, has been convicted of inducing or inducing sexual acts in a child under the age of 16 after becoming engaged to a student at the school he was working on from two other counts of the same Charge exempt

The teacher was found to have brought the underage boy into a field, kissed his neck next to a hay bale and whispered, “What would you like to do now?” before he has full intercourse with him

At a trial last year, Barber was convicted of sending the boy a topless picture of herself and a video of her enjoying a sex toy

The previous partner, who did not want to be named, spoke exclusively to MailOnline, saying details revealed during the two trials led him to draw parallels with Barber’s sexual behavior during their time together

Kandice Barber and her ex-partner snuggle up at a music festival in happier times in their relationship The ex-boyfriend said he couldn’t keep up with her “excessive” sexual demands

Costume fan Barber dresses up as a Ghostbuster next to Wolverine’s ex-boyfriend during their two-year relationship before they split over their sexual needs

He said, “When I heard about the video and picture she sent this boy and where they had sexual contact, it reminded me of our relationship I thought it sounded like Kandice

‘That was the kind of stuff she got into and it didn’t surprise me at all, but what shocked me was that she did it with a kid I can’t believe how stupid she was’

Barber’s ex says she did some modeling too and looked for the camera in this photo

He met Barber on the dating website Plenty of Fish and claimed that their relationship was dominated by their “big sex drive” with their demanding sex up to six times a day, often in unusual places

He remembered: “She liked to do it outside, sometimes in the car, in the garden or in the forest. We would drive somewhere and she would say,” Stop, I feel cool “It’s just become too much for me Everyone has Her personal needs and things like that upset her, but in the end I couldn’t take care of it, I just had enough. It was too exaggerated ‘

He added: ‘Kandice is a wonderful girl, a great mom and overall very law abiding. She never got a parking ticket during our time together, but when it came to sex she was just incredibly perky and that got her into all of these Difficulties’

He revealed that Barber was an avid pole dancer who performed regularly for him in the garage of their Kent home, where she lived at the time, and had set up a permanent pole in skimpy clothes

He recalled: ‘Kandice said she did pole dancing for fitness reasons, but it got more and more behind it. She wore hot pants and a sexy bra when she did and we made love a lot afterwards

The ‘playful’ care teacher at a party where she dressed up as Amy Winehouse. Her ex said their relationship was dominated by her “big sex drive,” which she demanded six times a day

The couple snuggle up in a bar before their relationship worsens The ex said, ‘We’d go somewhere and she’d say,’ Hold on, I’m feeling horny ‘It’s just got too much for me’

Rumors of an affair between Barber and the boy were circulating among the students after she sent him topless pictures of herself.The school alerted the police, and Barber was arrested on Aug. Arrested March

‘Sometimes she had her friends with her and they put on shows. They were all very sexy girls and I always enjoyed that very much’

The former boyfriend, who was with Barber for almost two years, revealed that the final nail in the coffin of their relationship came after discovering sexy pictures and videos of herself on her phone

In the pictures she posed either naked or in skimpy clothes and in a video she was having fun with a sex toy

He confronted her and she admitted to sending her to other men and also confessed to cheating on him with someone she met at the gym, causing him to end their two year relationship

He said, ‘I was really angry and hurt. Our relationship was already in trouble, but when she confessed what she was up to, I knew we couldn’t go on

‘We actually broke up on pretty good terms, but I was relieved that it was all over. I found Kandice a little freaky when it came to sex and that really put me off her’

Barber’s delivery driver Daniel’s husband is seen escorting his four-year-old wife to trial at Aylesbury Crown Court in Buckinghamshire during their three-week hearing

Barber (pictured with Daniel) always denied having an affair with the boy behind Daniel’s back, saying he made the story up to his friends and the jury didn’t believe them

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